Fifth in the "In Our Time of Dying" Series. A man in Milwaukee, Wisconsin's fiancée goes missing, and the Sherriff, who is a close friend of the man, calls the BAU for help. Can the team find her before the Unsub kills her? And also, the case is all too familiar for Jennifer Jareau, but does she find comfort in a certain someone named Derek Morgan? And does that comfort…go a little too far? And also, David Rossi just wanted to go to the bathroom…what he doesn't expect, faces him right in the face. So what does he do about it? Don't own CM.

A/N: Hey guys! So, the much anticipated fifth story is here! Now, I've kinda got the characters sorted out, or so to say, who in my mind's eye, would play them. The man who's fiancée goes missing, as I kinda always saw while devising this story, is gonna be Jensen Ackles. Cause, well, it's Jensen Ackles and he's fudging hot! And the fiancée I saw is Katie Cassidy. If you don't know her, she's in the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie, she plays Kris. And she also played Ruby on Supernatural, alongside Jensen, and they had chemistry like you won't believe, so that's another reason why I'm using these two as my man and fiancée. Hope you guys like it, and here it is! P.S this story is set about 5 months after the last story.

Chapter 1

"Don't forget the-."

"Extra salt on the left side, I know!" Sam Rockford yelled out to the lounge room, laughing.

"That's right, cause if you do, I'll kick your butt!" His fiancée, Isabel popped her head around the corner, grinning.

"You think you can kick my butt?" He said, raising his eyebrows. She laughed.

"Yep." She walked right up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Punk." She said, grinning goofily. He laughed.

"I'm the punk? You're the punk…punk."

"Can we stop saying 'punk' now, I feel like an Emo couple." She said, laughing. He picked her up in his arms and she squealed in shock. Sam set her down on the bench and looked at her.

"I love you." He said lightly. Isabel smiled, looking down at him.

"I love you more." She whispered, smiling. Sam kissed her then tapped her nose with his finger.

"I bet you any money, you don't." He said, grinning. She snorted.

"Whatever." She said, grinning. Sam laughed and Isabel leapt into his arms, making him laugh more. She kissed him deeply then pulled away.

"Ew, you smell." Isabel said laughing. Sam smelt his shirt.

"Wow, I do. Sorry." He said. She laughed.

"Go take a shower then, Mr. Stinky."

"Only if you'll join me." He said, raising his eyebrows. Isabel laughed.

"I don't smell. You do. So you can take a shower by yourself today, mister." She pointed up the stairs and he pouted.

"Go on." She said in a semi-serious voice. He sighed, but grinned.

"Fine." He kissed her then ran upstairs.

"Don't start the movie without me!" He yelled. He ran to their room, took his clothes off quickly and hopped into the shower. 10 minutes later he hopped out of the shower, smelling strangely like a mix of flowers and men's cologne. He put on some stay at home clothes and bounded down the stairs.

"Isabel, baby! I'm ready! And I smell good!" He said, laughing. He entered the lounge room. She wasn't there.

"Isabel!" He yelled out in a sing-song voice. He walked into the kitchen and saw the popcorn bowl knocked down. His heart started racing.

"Isabel!" He yelled seriously now. He looked to the floor and saw something that looked suspicious like…


"No, no, no! ISABEL!" He followed the blood trail and saw the door to the laundry open and swinging, almost off its hinges. He grabbed a torch and ran outside.

"ISABEL!" He yelled out again. He saw blood leading all the way up to their driveway and then…it disappeared. Sam tried not to cry.

"ISABEL!" He screamed.

"Isabel Taylor, aged 25 went missing 3 days ago in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Sherriff in control there contacted us and asked us for help. She was engaged to be married to a man named Sam Ashford, they were going to watch a movie at night on the 29th of September, Sam went to take a shower, came back, found the popcorn bowl on the floor and blood trailing outside. The trail ended on their driveway, Sam called the Sherriff for help." J.J finished, looking at the team.

"This is only one person. Why are we being called?" Morgan asked.

"The Sherriff believes their may have been a motive behind the kidnapped, he's asked us to try and find it." J.J said. Hotch looked at her.

"You don't sound convincing." J.J sighed.

"More so, Sam called us. The Sherriff said to me on the phone that he believes he can find her by himself, without the FBI's help, but Sam's demanding the FBI be involved and, the Sherriff's a good friend of Sam's so…"

"He called us in because Sam wouldn't stop badgering him?" Rossi said.

"I wouldn't stop badgering him either, if my fiancée went missing." Prentiss said. Hotchner gave her a look that Morgan picked up on. He looked between the both of them and Prentiss eventually averted her eyes, clearing her throat.

"Did Sam say why he believed their was a motive behind the killing?" Reid asked.

"No, he didn't. But I guess if we go there, we'll find out." Hotch nodded.

"Okay, wheels up in 20."

"So, the police have no leads as to who could've done it?" Sitting down next to J.J on the plane.

"None at all." Morgan sighed, looking at the photo of Isabel. He shook his head.

"She's an extremely beautiful girl. There could be thousands of suspects."

"How do you mean?" Reid asked, confused.

"Oh come on, Reid. A beautiful girl engaged to be married?"

"Morgan's right. Heaps of men could be extremely jealous over their relationship, they're like the perfect couple, I mean look at Sam, he's not exactly unattractive either."

"So we could be looking at someone who's jealous over their looks or…"

"Jealous over their relationship." Rossi said. Prentiss nodded.

"Exactly." Hotch sighed.

"Alright, Morgan, Reid you head over to the crime scene, the rest of us head over to the police station. Sam and Sherriff Donaldson have agreed to meet us there."

"Agent Jareau?"

"Yes, Sherriff Donaldson, these are SSA's Hotchner, Rossi and Prentiss. SSA Morgan and Dr. Reid are at the crime scene." J.J said, shaking his hand as they walked past his desk at the Milwaukee police station.

"Hi, pleasure to meet you." He said, shaking their hands.

"Are you guys the FBI?" They all turned and saw Sam Ashford walking toward them, big bags under his eyes and a cup of coffee in his hands. J.J smiled sympathetically.


"Please…Please, help me find the guy who took my fiancée."

"We're gonna do everything we can, sir." Prentiss said. He shook his head.

"No, the guy. I know who did it. I know who took my fiancée!"

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