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Still Afraid Of The Blue Sky?

Pairing: Zack and Aerith

Genre: Romance

Aerith's POV

I used to be afraid of the open sky. It was too wide for me that I felt like I was being suffocated and the fact that human beings were really nothing more than like small ants walking in this huge planet scared me. I was afraid of that huge surface above, that covers this whole city, whole country and whole planet. But that was.. until I met him. Everything had changed, my surrounding, my mood, my beliefs and most of all, my feelings..


Aerith's POV

It was pitch-dark. Only different lights that gather from different stores and bars were illuminating. It was already night but there are still lots of people walking around. Sounds of different kinds of vehicles that passed by and people talking nonchalantly were the only ones that could be heard. I was standing in front of a huge white billboard with black paint of which it said 'Welcome to our city'. But as I remained silent for a while, I suddenly realized that there was someone standing beside me. He was tall. Maybe about one head taller than me. Hm, let me guess..

Oh, I knew it. He was probably a traveler who happened to pass by our city. But why was it that my heart beat was skipping in an unusual manner when this was the first time I have seen him? Yes, he was a cool guy, with a good-posture as he stood still, chin raised up, black hair which was a bit long but spiky, really.. almost all good compliments would fit him perfectly. But for some reason, the most part that attracted me was the blue-sparkling ray of light in his eyes. He had blue eyes. The same color of the open sky when the weather was good. I couldn't understand why I wasn't afraid of him when I was afraid of the blue sky. It was just so beautiful that it left me in a daze..

Then I suddenly saw my reflection on those blue eyes, two reflection of mine.. Realization struck. His blue eyes were staring at my own brown pupils. I looked away as soon as I felt really embarrassed but I had to say something. I gathered my courage and once again, I turned his way.

-Normal POV-

"Flower?" asked Aerith as she took a bundle of it from the brown basket hanging on her left arm.

He chuckled and took it from her hands for a small cloth bag of money.

"Oh.. This is too much, only half costs the flower bundle.." Aerith said but was startled when he reached out his hand onto her hair above her ears. He placed one flower there and the rest that he had in his hand was given to a little girl who passed by them.

The little girl giggled as she took it and smiled happily before saying, "Thank you." The smile on the girl's face also made Aerith smile wholeheartedly.

"The flower won't fit me. It will just quickly wilt in my hands, I prefer it to stay beautiful in your care until it wilt on its own." He smiled.

"Oh, thank you," replied Aerith as she put the small cloth bag of money inside the basket.

"No problem. Anyway, this city seems to have something interesting. Would you mind keeping me accompanied while I'm here?"

"Eh? Alright. I don't have much anything to do these days anyway." Aerith widely smiled.

"Now, let's get going."


"Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. A famous traveler, Zack Fair!" he said proudly, pointing his two thumbs up at himself.

"Famous traveler?" Aerith giggled.

"Yeah! You don't believe, do you?"

"No, no. I do believe, it was just interesting and funny the way you said it." Aerith continued to giggle.

"Haha, glad it made you laugh." He grinned.

"I'm Aerith. A flower seller."

"Nice to meet you, Aerith."

They both smiled at each other as Aerith told him that there was a nice place near where they were. Her favorite place, the church which can no longer be used due to its damage received when some rebels attacked their city. No one would fix it but as time had passed, flowers started to bloom in one certain spot on the ground inside the church. She treasured it and never let anyone step on them.

As they headed towards her favorite place, Zack started to look around thinking that it would have been a beautiful church if given a chance to be fixed but because of these thoughts that he didn't notice the flowers and so he accidentally stepped on some of them.

"Nooo..! Zack, please don't step on them!" Aerith said hurriedly.

"Uh, sorry. I didn't notice." Zack withdrew his steps quickly and knelt down, his left knee touching the ground and right knee was bent up high. He looked at the cute, little, beautiful flowers blooming.

"It's okay, next time please be careful." Aerith smiled at him.

"Alright, but why are they here?" asked Zack.

Aerith shook her head implying that even she didn't know why. But she treasured it, kept it and made them bloom beautifully, even more.

Zack noticed Aerith was dazing off and so he thought of an idea.

"Say, Aerith. As an apology, let me treat you out," said Zack.

"Eh, treat? But it's really okay. I'm not mad at all," replied Aerith bashfully.

"You don't want a date with me?"

Aerith's cheeks got redder when it was already red. She could feel butterflies growing in the pit of her stomach that she didn't know what to reply so she stayed silent. Zack gave her a gentle smile, taking her hands onto his. Aerith then looked at his back as he walked ahead of her and looked at the big sword hanging on his back. She was amazed. 'How could he carry that?' She could only thought.

"Even if I rejected the offer, you would still have taken my hands and bring me out for a treat, right?" asked Aerith amusingly.

"How did you know?" Zack didn't turn to her as he replied. But she could hear his chuckles.

After a few moments, they arrived in front of a little restaurant but instead of looking at it, Aerith was looking at the vendor near them. Something had caught her attention; It was a pink ribbon. Perhaps for some people, it was very plain looking but to her, it could be described as simply beautiful.

Zack's POV

I noticed that Aerith was looking at something so I walked near her and took a glance of the thing she was staring at. It was a pink ribbon. I thought it was too plain without the laces or designs at all but I imagined it clung in Aerith's hair. 'Hm..Not bad. No.. in fact, very cute. It would look cute on her.' I thought then I walked towards the vendor and took it. I grinned as I told the vendor that I'd buy it. There was a grateful smile that lit up the vendor's face as if I was one of the rarest people who have come to buy something from him. I even more smiled at the thought. Then when I turned to Aerith, she was looking at me weirdly. Maybe she didn't expect me to buy it for her.

After I paid the vendor, I closed the distance between me and Aerith as I gave it to her. She only stared at me when she took it then finally after a few while, she smiled at me. I couldn't describe in words how warm her smile was, all I knew was that.. I was starting to like it. Her smile, that is.

Aerith then tied it in her one-pony tailed brown hair as she giggled and thanked me. She looked beautiful. Uh, did I just say 'she'? And not 'it?' I was left in a daze, and when she noticed me staring at her, she waved her hands in front of me. I really thought, she was beautiful, not just the ribbon.

-Normal POV-

"Zack?" asked Aerith.

"Uh, yeah?" replied Zack as he snapped his mind back to reality.

"Does the ribbon look okay on me? You.. really didn't have to buy it but I'm happy. Thank you again," Aerith said softly as she didn't stop on smiling.

"Not really a problem, Aerith. I wanted to buy it for you. Well, shall we go to that restaurant?" asked Zack pointing at it.

"Oh but.. I'm not that hungry and you'll be spending too much on things you shouldn't have. You're a traveler, remember?"

"Hey it's really okay. Although if you say so, then let's not go there. What about a park?" A slight sparkle in Zack's eyes could be seen.

"Oh, a park! That would be nice," replied Aerith with full of excitement.

"Well then, let's go." Zack grinned at her.

"Un." Aerith nodded perkily.

As they started walking, she had took the lead and was walking ahead of Zack. He was only following her, silent until she spoke first.

"You know, I'm afraid of the sky," confessed Aerith which confused Zack.

"You're..what? Why?" replied him as he was surprised by what Aerith just said.

"Yes. Ehm.. I guess, it's because the open sky is too wide, especially when it is blue. I.. feel like suffocated, under the water."

"I see. Well, you gotta see that open sky is actually beautiful," Zack encouraged her.

"I..guess?" Aerith's reply sounded more of like a question than a statement of agreeing.

Then she turned to Zack, her brown eyes staring at his face, specifically, eyes.

"Beautiful.." she mumbled.

"What? My face?" Zack teased as he chuckled.

"Your eyes," answered Aerith while smiling.

Zack stared at her for a while then he went closer towards her, bringing his face near hers and arms folded over his chest. Aerith was too dazed at his beautiful eyes that she didn't realize his face really closed to her face. When she did, her cheeks were suddenly painted with slight red apple color. She pushed Zack away playfully being embarrassed by their sudden closeness which only made him chuckle even more.

"Aerith, how about we go outside tomorrow morning before I leave this city? Or come with me. I'll take you to a place where you would see the open sky along with green fields. The best combination of nature for me," asked Zack cheerfully.

"Oh! Would be nice! But.. that would be far from here, right?" Aerith asked hesitantly.

"Well, yeah. ..Oh, I see, you can't leave this place?" asked Zack while staring at her petite form.

Aerith nodded as she looked down. "I'm sorry.." Then Zack chuckled again reassuring her that it was okay. That, it couldn't be helped.

"That's alright. Although Aerith, I promise you that when I think you're ready to leave this place and ready to see the beauty of the open sky, I'll come back here and I'll be taking you there," stated Zack as he continued, "So promise me too, that one day, you'll be ready to come with me. Okay?"

"..Yes," replied Aerith with a sweet smile on her face.

End of Flashback

Aerith's POV

We parted from that park and the next day, Zack didn't show up. I was kind of hoping that he would on the next day but it never happened. The next other day too and after days, weeks, months, time has passed. He never showed up again.

I was sad, thinking that he probably already forgot our promise too. Four years has passed and I turned twenty-one. And as much as I tried to convince myself about him not coming back here ever again, the more I found myself holding onto that promise. Now here I was, still waiting. Picking up the flowers, I looked up at the now-no-roof-church and saw the blue sky outside.

The sun ray reached my flowers and I smiled at it. Then I slowly stood up still looking at the sky as I put my hands just below my chin, with left hand towering over my right hand. I closed my eyes, gripping my hands firmly. I wished that Zack would come back again soon.. I was prepared to leave the city. I was ready to face the new surrounding that would envelop me if I were to go with him. If only second chance would be given to me.. Maybe... Maybe, I should have said yes to him that day..

It was peaceful in this church. This was the only place I found myself relaxing. Without doubts, worries and everything seemed to flow correctly. If he wouldn't come back, I won't ever regret not leaving this place too, right? But still.. Part of me dearly hoped and longed for him. A longing that I've been bottling up inside me ever since he never came back anymore.

There was a silence, and I enjoyed it. Then I heard footsteps. I quickly opened my eyes and calmly turned my head to the direction where I heard it coming from. As soon as I saw the figure of that man who I was longing for a very long time, walking towards me, I couldn't help but widen my eyes and gasp.

-Normal POV-

"Yo, Aerith." It was Zack, the Zack she had met four years ago, the Zack who loved to grin and the Zack whom she had longed for until now.

"..Zack..!" called Aerith, then she continued, "It really is you.. I thought you left me and that, you'd never come back again.. I also thou-"

Her words were cut off. "Aerith, I promised you, didn't I? That once I think you're ready to leave this place, I'll take you to that beautiful place. I gave you four years you know. I supposed it was long enough for you to be ready to come with me?" Zack smiled at Aerith as he held out his hand to her.

'He hasn't forgotten.. Four years had been too long for me though, he had no idea, but..' Aerith smiled from the bottom of her heart at the thought. Then she looked at him and at his hand that was waiting for her to hold to.

Soon after few seconds, she held his hands, tightly as ever and saw Zack gave her his most genuine smile she had ever seen.

I'm ready. To see the open blue sky.. if with him, by my side.

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