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Still Afraid Of Letting Go Of The Past?

Pairing: Cloud and Tifa

Genre(s): Romance/Drama

The light crescent half moon gleamed upon the surface of the pitch dark room through the window. It was only around six o'clock and everything was already so peaceful for him. The tranquility was too good that it made him relax even just for a little bit. He never relaxed, especially his mind. His mind, which would always wander somewhere in the past instead of the present.

"Cloud?" the voice of his childhood friend, Tifa, interrupted his thoughts. Her tone of voice was a mixture of confusion and surely slight of irritation.

Cloud was staring again outside the window, silent, deep in thought while Tifa was sitting on the bed looking at him. She looked like an idiot, all this while talking only to herself since Cloud wouldn't just listen to her. But.. she couldn't blame him and she knew exactly why he became like that. It was because he was still blaming himself that he couldn't save a friend. Their friend.

Tifa heaved a sigh. "You're still blaming yourself... Don't be like that!" she yelled at him as she couldn't take it anymore. Yes, she couldn't blame him but she couldn't either accept the fact that he still held onto the past memories when there was something more that was awaiting for him in the present and future. Further more, she hated seeing Cloud in total despair.. It made her so mad and at the same time, sad.

Cloud didn't answer her, staying silent and still staring outside the window. But he heard her, she knew that. That's it.. Tifa snapped, and so she lifted her hands and let them flop in the bed sheets hardly. Her eyebrows were clashing each other like two swords as she yelled once again, "Fine! If you want to be like that, then be it!"

Tifa then stood up from sitting on the bed and stepped outside the room, slamming the door shut.

Cloud then turned in the direction of doorway wherein Tifa disappeared behind it. He had a painful expression on his face as he slowly looked down on the ground.

"Tifa... you wouldn't understand... how I feel," he thought aloud to himself.

Cloud's POV

I looked outside the window again, the cold breeze of the sleepless nights made me remember those two, I was in despair. I lost them. Those two were very important to me. And what's worse, I couldn't do anything at all! I was there, but I was only there, I couldn't held out my hands to them, I wasn't able to help them. I couldn't save them when I was there, seeing them dying in front of me.. It's the worst and I'm the worst. I can never forgive myself... But..

I clenched my fist as I closed my eyes tightly. I really..can never forgive myself ever but.. whenever I saw Tifa's painful expression, it pierced through me. It was even more painful to me.. I then opened my eyes and walked away from the window towards the door and twisted the knob to open it, shutting it as I left the room.

Tifa's POV

I hate it... I hate it! Why can't Cloud forgive himself already? It wasn't even his fault! Not that I couldn't understand him, it was just that I couldn't really take it whenever I saw his hardened facial appearance..

As I was thinking about him, I found myself standing in front of a big door, it was the church. I let out a sigh as I pushed the door open and walked slowly inside. I saw the flowers blooming on that certain spot in the ground and resumed walking towards it but suddenly, a sound of a speeding motor ruined the calmness of the surrounding.

The motor came rushing inside the church and when I quickly turned my head to see who that was, I saw a guy jumped off right in front of me. I widened my eyes as I sensed that he was an enemy. And for sure, he was after Cloud.

But there was no way I would let him get to Cloud. Not that easily. I gripped my fist firmly as I stood in a battle position, bending both my knees a bit lower, my eyebrows knitted together, and I swore, I saw him smirking.

I made the first move and launched towards him readying my fist to land on his face but he suddenly disappeared. When I realized it, he was already behind me then I felt a great force pushing me, he kicked me! Damn, but I wouldn't just give up. I quickly recovered from his kick and used half of my strength as I jumped towards him. This time I was able to land my fist on his stomach, and so he flew off a few meters away by the impact.

We fought for a long while, kicking and punching each other. Because of that, I was already tired. I wiped the side of my mouth by the back of my hand when I felt a blood dripping. Shit, he was too strong. I regained my composure but my head was becoming blank and my eye sight had already become blurry.

-Normal POV-

Tifa lost her consciousness and fell down, landing on her back. The flowers in the ground served as comfortable sheets to her. With this, the guy seemed to be satisfied and left her with a smirk on his face implying his victory.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~

On the other side, Cloud was thinking of Tifa again. He was trying to think things through. He knew from the very beginning that he wasn't to be blamed on the death of his two precious friends. But it was the only way for him to cover his weakness. He was ashamed of himself. To blame everything to him, was also another way so that he wouldn't have to let go of the past memories that he and his two precious friends shared. The memories were too important for him to just let go... It was so important... It became, no doubt... a part of himself but now..

Cloud knew that the decision was on his hand. Maybe... The time has come... It was whether to keep on clinging on the past or to let it go and live the present and future then eventually, treasure the memories that were about to be created by him, Tifa and other friends he still had.

He recalled Tifa's painful expression. It kept on replaying on his mind like a movie, and soon realized what he should have done a long time ago. To stop clinging on the past, go to Tifa and apologize to her. He shouldn't hurt her anymore, he couldn't afford losing another precious person to him. He couldn't even imagine it.

Cloud thought of having a last look at the church where one of his two friends had spent most of her time. Thus, he went there.

Just a few while passed, arriving at the church, Cloud stepped inside and immediately felt nostalgic. The scent of the flowers quickly traveled through the air and overflowing memories flashed rapidly on his head.

Then his surroundings abruptly changed. Flowers were everywhere, and white fogs blocked everything. Where was he?

"Cloud," a very familiar sweet voice echoed in the silent place.

Cloud widened his eyes, instantly knowing who the person was. It was unbelievable but he kind of felt a thorn took out from his burdened heart. It was her..

"Cloud, don't you think it's time for the forgiving? Him and I never really blamed you. You don't have to feel bad anymore," the woman behind Cloud continued to speak.

Both their backs were filled with warm of each other. Maybe... Now, Cloud could really forgive himself and let go of the past.

"You see? Someone's waiting for you. You don't want to lose her too, right? Now go and bury the memories of your past into the deepest depth of your heart then try not to dig into it again." The woman smiled. Cloud knew she was smiling and he could only nod.

When Cloud blinked his eyes slowly, he found himself back in the church. Then an unbelievable sight met his blue eyes.

"Tifa!" Cloud yelled, calling her name as he rushed onto her unconscious figure.

Different thoughts filled his mind; confusion to why Tifa was unconscious, anger to how it happened while he wasn't there to protect her;yet again, and then fear, fear of losing her. That was right, he didn't want to lose Tifa, not her and not anymore.

Crouching, Cloud held her in his arms and called her name again, then again, several times and to his relief, finally, Tifa slightly opened her eyes revealing two beautiful brown pupils that soon locked with his gaze. Seeing the most important person to her, she heaved a light sigh of satisfaction.

"Cl..Cloud... You're safe," Tifa said in a very small voice that was barely above whisper. After managing to speak few words, Tifa fell into a deep silence. She totally lost consciousness once again.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~

The next thing Tifa saw when she opened her eyes was a ceiling. It was dark. 'Oh... It's still night,' she thought as she tried to sit up, holding her stomach that was still in pain by the earlier fights she had with that short silver haired guy. How long had she been sleeping anyway?

Allowing her eyes to look around, she saw someone beside the bed standing and staring outside the window. 'The same scenery again... Cloud would probably stay like that for a while..' she thought. But to her surprise, Cloud turned her way and asked if she was already fine. She couldn't help but blink her eyes as she nodded. He went near her and stared at her which lasted a minute long of silence between them.

"Um... Cloud?" Tifa was the first to break through the awkward silence.

"Follow me. You're really alright now, right? Come," he said, more likely a command than a request to her ears but none the less, she stood up from sitting on the bed and followed him.

Tifa glanced at the nearest clock on the desk before leaving the room with Cloud ahead of her. So it was eleven forty... Wait, where are we anyway?

Tifa's POV

I had no idea what has gotten up to him so suddenly. But I still followed him.

He was quiet and so I only stared at his broad back while thinking that he had really become even more muscular, and I knew it was because he was a soldier. He had to maintain the masculine figure and all. Anyway, for men to not be muscular would be not-so-attractive right? Oh, just now, I thought Cloud was attractive, didn't I? I mentally slapped my forehead.

Alright, he was really cool. What was the use of arguing with my own self after all. I smiled as I was thinking of happy moments with him while walking. I felt like going to the fantasy world and leave the present but it all disappeared when I bumped my forehead on his back. Ow, mentally slapping myself is really better..

Then I noticed that Cloud purposely stopped, and when I realized it, we were already in the middle of crowd. Women were wearing evening gowns and all men were wearing tuxedos, they were dancing in the rhythm of waltz with their own partners. Only me and Cloud were the ones wearing such fighting clothes! My face turned slightly red, I could feel the blood rushing in my head, I was embarrassed by our appearance but mainly because of the thought that Cloud brought me to this kind of place. What was he really up to?

"I'm sorry, Tifa.." Cloud was staring at her and she stared back at him. 'Ah, so he wanted to apologize... How cute..' she smiled, seeing Cloud's serious expression then changed into sign of being relieved.

"Well?" Tifa said as if teasing him whether he would dance with her or not.

But a huge wall-clock caught her attention and she looked at it, it was almost twelve midnight, just after few seconds maybe. Suddenly, sounds of fireworks echoed through the whole place and everyone including her and Cloud looked up above the open roof. Tifa smiled widely as reflection of the fireworks surfaced on her brown pupils.

Tifa noticed that Cloud was holding her shoulders and so she looked back at him again. Probably a friction was created between them. And before they realized it, the two of them felt each others' lips touched one another.

For Cinderella, twelve o'clock might have meant a temporary ending for the moment she had with her prince but for Tifa, it was only the beginning of a moment that she was sure both her and Cloud would treasure, impermanently forgetting the possible dangers that would come between their way as the tick of clock continued on.

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