Title: Remembering the Memories

Fandom: Anime – Digimon Adventure 02

Summary: He can not and will not remember. [Takeru-centric]

Warning: Random-ness. Almost angst, but not really. Blink-and-you-will-miss-it BL.

A/N: I'm sorry for this lame excuse of a story. I can't get it out of my head, and I failed at writing chaptered fic, so here goes.

Disclaimer: Mine? No way.

He wonders how long he has been here.

A few days? A couple of weeks? Months? Or maybe, years?

He does not know. He looks down to his hands, trying to judge the time that has passed (He does age, right?). There is nothing there that can tell him of that. For him, his hands look the same, no matter how many times he looks at them.

He then examines the chain around his wrists, attached to bed he is sitting on. He can not remember when it got there, nor how he got there in the first place.

He can not remember anything since he woke up in the room.

Maybe he did remember; a long time ago. Who he is, how he arrived here, why he is here, when he is going to be released.

One thing for sure now, he can not remember why he wants to be released at all.

Apart from the chain on his wrists and the weird equipment around his head, he is not, in any way, feeling trapped. He does not get to go out from the room, but he feels that he does nor have the reason.

He wonders if those people in his dreams can tell, if he is given any chance to meet them.

He can not remember or see the faces, or even their voices. But they are always smiling at him – even when they are blurry in his dreams –, and if he dares to come closer, they will hug him so tightly as if he is important to them.

He tries to remember if there is anyone like them who are important to him, but no one comes to mind.

The bright, blond hair with a caring smile; the short, brown hair, a hairclip in it with a loving smile; the spiky, messy hair with a wide grin; and the round, flying… thing with a cheerful smile; he can not remember if he knows their owners from somewhere.

Each time he seems to be able to put a finger on it, a sudden headache will hurt him. And as quickly as he remembers, he will also forget.

And the process continues in cycles.

But there is one thing that he does remember. His name.


He looks up from his hands, a smile appears on his face as he looks at one by the door and he promptly ignores everything else. "Daemon."

"How are you, my special one?"

He never knows what the term is meant for. Nor does he care.

"I have a headache just now. But I'm fine."

Daemon shakes his head, and when he comes closer, lifts Takeru's chin with a gentle finger.

"Were you trying to remember again, Takeru?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't stop it for some reasons."

The other sits by his side, the bed makes a small creaking sound. "You don't have to apologise. But I don't want you to be in pain."

With a small frown, Takeru leans closer. "I sometimes wonder why I can't remember, Daemon. That's why…"

Daemon put a gloved finger on his lips, effectively stopping him from continuing. "Your memory is of no use now. You were lost and in pain, Takeru. I don't want to see you like that ever again."

Deciding to let the matter drop, the blond boy hugs him by the waist, mouthing a silent 'thank you'. He knows he will not get the answers he wants today, just like the day before.

And the day before.

And days before.

And as always, he fails to see the dark, cruel smirk on Daemon's face as he hugs him back.

A/N: Reason why I choose Daemon? Because I think he's a totally cool and random asshole. Then I read on Digimon Wikia that he is said to be the fallen form of Seraphimon, HolyAngemon's final form. There, that sealed my love for him.

My third Digimon after a long time. Don't be harsh on me.

Thank you for reading and C&C are well appreciated.