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Title The well deserved holiday.

Friday the 8th of October 2011.

Alice Christine Lacey was sat on her mom and pap's sofa cheaking her emails on her laptop.

Hervey Lacey had came throw the door and he had taken his work boots off.

The time is 3.45pm


( Typing away on her laptop.)

" How did you get on pap mending Mr Basil's burst pap?"


( Slipping his feet into his slippers.)

" Alice love how come you here?"


" Mom and Christine they gone shopping."

" They asked me to stop here and listen out for H and Alex next door."


" Ok love"

" The bolt that joning the pipes together under the sink cubard."

"The bolt had came loose and only needed tighting ."


" I'll stick the kettle on and make us a nice cup of tea."


" Pap sound like Joe and Lisa arrived next door ."

Mary Beth and Chris just appered out of now were.

Mary Beth.

" Hay ya Alice."


( closing her laptop shut popping it on the coffee table and getting up.)

" Hi mom."

" Hi Christine would you like a coffee?."


( pulling one of the kitchen chairs out

To set on.)

" I would love a nice mug of coffee."

" Alice was there any problems next door."


( now leaning on the joning door that was half open.)

" No problem Lisa and Joe there now."

Mary Beth had move to where Alice Christine was standing and had opend the door fully.

She shouted to H Alex Lisa and Joe to come and have a drink with them.

H Alex Lisa and Joe are now in the lacey's flat and Lisa Joe are sat on the floor.

Alex was sat in the chair H who trying not fall of the arm of the chair.

Hervey and Alice Christine where sat on the sofa with their drinks

Mary Beth.

( Walking around with a tray of drinks for everyone.)

" Christine and I have been to see Romeo and Mark."

" To get our tickets that have arravied this moring."


( waving his arms about nearly knocking H's drink out of her hand.)

" I really can't wait to get away."


( Who was sounding cheerful.)

" Never can I Alex."

" The only word could describie this holiday."

Alex Joe both shouted out load road trip before H could say it.


" H was you going to say road trip."

H moved from here she was sitting and had moved near Christine and Mary Beth the three of them where chating to each other sat around the kitchen table.

Alice and her pap where talking to Lisa Alex and Joe in the living room area.

Tomorrow H Alex and the others will have to start packing their clothes because the day after tomorrow they will be going on their holiday.

Mary Beth and Christne they didn't tell the kids that they are not taken them on holiday to spain but to france to the other villa that Romeo and Mark Colin owns becouse they want have fair to travel.