Sunday the 17th of October 2011.

Lisa Penn and H Newt where collating their clothes from the college laundrette.

The time is 5pm.


(Lifting the big blue laundry bag that had her clothes inside it.)

" Alex and Mark seemed in love with each other."


"I know they been in love since they meet for the first time."


(Who was passing H her bag and she were smiling too.)

" H here your bag for you."


(Now who had hold of her green laundry bag."

"Thank you Lisa."


( Opening the door with her free hand.)

"Even you and Romeo are close.)


( Who Gone all bright red in her face.)

"Me and Romeo are just good pals."


(Nodding her head and smiling.)

"Well if you were then you two would make a lovely couple.)

H Newt and Lisa Penny left the laundrette along with their belongings.

The end please feel free to let me know what you think of this story and my other stories too or even given them a reviw