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Yes, I know I haven't been going on for a while. But this is what I've been working on. I decided I'm going to finish stories, then publish them. I am going to rewrite Angel Child and fix up Angel Love sometime or other, but for now, I'm writing this trilogy. I'm about half way through this sequal.

If you want to know I wrote this whole story (31 chapters) in 5 weeks. Now that has to be a record. I've never been so into a story like this one before. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I hope you enjoy this and the more reviews, the quicker I'll be posting.

Heart of Diamond

Max: The War Eagle

Chapter 1: Hiding


My eyes opened slowly. Long lost memories from my dreams faded and I was thrust back into the real world.

I sat up rubbing my tried eyes with one hand and gazed around me. That's right. We were in some cave in the Amazon. I sighed. And yes I was still alone.

I stretched slightly admiring my little home. It was home. I had a mattress to sleep on, with a pillow and a blanket, a table and a chair to eat on and an underground cupboard where I stored food.

Who was I kidding? This wasn't home. Home was with my flock.

I felt tears start to build in my eyes. No Max, don't go there. You can have your crying fit tonight. Once a day is enough.

A small cry filled the cave. It made me smile.

I got out of my bed/matrass. I staggered tiredly over to the small white cot. I leant over and gazed at my daughter.

She was beautiful. In every way. Her dark deep brown eyes, her small mob of brownish blonde hair, her grey/white/black multi coloured wings, her gorgeous little hands that cut off the circulation from my finger every time she griped them. I loved her so much.

She looked so much like her father.

No, bad Max.

"What's the matter baby?" I whispered gently lifting her out of the cot. She whimpered softly as I cradled her. I placed a kiss on her forehead. She sneezed.

I laughed slightly, my voice coming out more as a croak than anything else. I walked over to the edge of the cave and sat down watching the sun rise.

The cave was a lucky find really. It was fairly large, but not really as deep as I would have liked, but it's on a plant less cliff and I most defiantly scared all the bats away.

I silently rocked my daughter in my arms. Independence. I call her Indi for short. She is a lot like me in some ways. She is stubborn, especially when she doesn't want to go to sleep. She loves to explore. She loves to fly with me, but I can tell it will be a few years yet before she starts her first flight.

I looked down at Indi. She was asleep again. I sighed.

I wish I was home. I wish I was back in his arms. I regret leaving. I regret not having the courage to go back. But one thing I don't regret is Fang.

I let the tears come out now. They came out rhythmically. Slowly wetting my cheeks. But I continued to stare at the sky.

I hadn't been to civilisation for a month. I had found this place when I was around 5 months pregnant. I stocked up on everything. I stole so much from stores, houses, people, but I was desperate. I knew once I had Indi I couldn't go anywhere. If I was found by an Eraser or Flyboy or worse, I would be done for, trying to protect my daughter.

I did everything by myself. Went into labour by myself. Gave birth, by myself and yes I had to cut the umbilical cord... by myself. I wasn't proud I had no-one. I wasn't proud that I was hiding.

I looked down at Indi. But my baby was beautiful. And I love her so... so much.

I stood up. I should probably make breakfast. It might be a while before Indi wakes up again. I stood up making my way back to the cot. I gently laid her down in it again and placed the blanket over her softly. I sighed and walked over to the underground cupboard. I pulled out a can of chicken soup, a bashed around metal saucepan, a metal spoon and a plastic bucket. Placing them on the desk, I walked to the edge of the cave and jumped.

Using my wings I suspended my fall, I landed lightly on the small fallen rocks. I picked up some dry sticks lying around and tucked them under my arm as I walked. I arrived at the small stream. I dunked my bucket in the tea water and jumped to the sky.

I took some effort to climb, but I glided back to the cave, landing on the edge. Tucking my wings in I walked inside and placed the bucket of water on the table. I took my sticks to the burnt out spot near the entrance. I made a pyramid of sticks before lighting them up with matches. It took a while, because they were fairly damp on the inside, but they were eventually up in flames.

I walked back to the table. I walked past my mirror on the wall. I paused, before facing the mirror.

I looked horrible. I did. My hair was tangled and knotty. My face was cover in grime and dirt, no matter how many times I washed it. My eyes were blood shot from the constant crying, and hardly contained any life anymore. I looked older. Wiser. Well I knew I had to be at least 15.

I flopped my head in my hands. God I was stupid. I left everything. I guess to my credit, I was scared. Scared of what Fang would think. Scared of what the flock would think. Scared that I was going to become vulnerable and a weakness in the flock.

Pregnant Maximum Ride. Perfect target.

It was only a couple of days after I left, did I realise I was being pathetically stupid. But I knew I couldn't go back now. The damage was done.

The thought killed me. The damage had defiantly had its toll on me.

I sighed. "Build a bridge," I whispered to myself. "Get over it."

I tell myself that every day! It doesn't get any better.

I sighed graving the rusted can opener and began to open the can of soup. It wouldn't work, stupid thing. I threw the can opener on the table and graved the top of the can twisting it. The metal snapped off, leaving me with bloody hands and a torn open can.

I quickly graved a dirty towel and dunked it into the bucket of water before whipping my hands with it. The blood flow stopped quickly, though I felt no pain. I hardly ever feel physical pain any more. It just doesn't exist. Not when the mental pain is ruling my body.

I sighed placing the towel on the table. I poured the soup and 2 cups of water into the pan and stirred it before walking to the fire. I used a stick to move the burning logs aside so I could place my pan on the coals. I watched the red hot ash burn silently under the pan.

It didn't take long to cook, and began to steam fairly quickly. I dug into it quickly, taking up every last drop. I wasn't hungry, I never am anymore, but I knew I needed it. The can was for 4 serves, but to me it was one.

Yes, I know, I never cook. But this was necessary. And I could read instructions.

I cleaned up, washed. I finally sat on my mattress and looked at my wall where one photo was situated right above my head. I stole the camera we had brought a couple months before I found out I was pregnant. We took heaps of photos, too many probably. We printed them off, so each person got a set of photos each. I was outside at the time and boy was I cross at Angel for doing that. But now I don't regret it.

I plucked the photo of Fang and I from the wall. My forehead against his, with the sunset rays streaming through us. We both had our wings slightly unfolded. We were both smiling. We were both happy.

I wonder if he was happy now.

I wonder what the flock might be doing. Where in the world were they? Was Angel still trying to convince the flock that controlling minds was a good thing? Was Gazzy still stuffing bomb material in his backpack? Was Iggy still asking if he could drive? Was Nudge still blabbering? Was Fang still posting up on his blog? And how could I forget total. God, even if I could have him with me, I would be jumping for joy.

I clutched the photo to my chest. I loved Fang. I loved my flock. No matter how mad and stupid they get sometimes. They were family.

I didn't even notice my tears until I looked down at the photo again. I growled at myself as I whipped the fallen tears off the photo with my sleeve. I place the photo back up on the wall and stared at it.

Indi gave a wail.

I stood up quickly and was by the cot in an instant. I picked her up and rocked her gently. I began to think she was hungry, but the tone of her cry made my muscles tighten and my feathers twitch.

She was scared of something.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here boys."

I spun around quickly. I was greeted by two men. Humans. Dressed in full black accept for the slits in their eyes. I crouched and growled protectively.

"Oh, this ones feisty. Maybe we'll have to..."

I was too alert. My muscles were desperate for a fight. I jumped at the first guy at lightning speed, slamming my foot into his chest, since my hands weren't free. It sent him flying off the cliff. God this felt good. I almost felt like old Max again.

The other human charged at me, but I slammed my foot around to hit him on the side of his head. His eyes rolled and he fell unconscious on the ground.

I knew we needed to get out of here. Something wasn't right. It was like I was being pushed out of my world I had created. A world that only existed of me and Indi. But the humans arriving gave me signal.

It was time to leave my world and face reality.


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