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Contains references (and plot details) -"The Dying Detective"

Watson`s POV

Unprepared ?

"I wouldn`t waste an hour in coming to see him ,sir,or you may not see him alive."

Nothing had prepared him for the depth of fear and sorrow,

As he heard the frantic message ,and he learned his comrade's fate.

And he knew that time was precious, and he knew that hope was fading,

And he prayed beyond all reason that he would not be too late.

He had followed, to the letter, all his ailing partner's wishes;

And ignored unworthy insults to his competence and pride.

He'd endured enforced inaction, at his fevered friend`s insistence,

And had raced to fetch the stranger he had needed at his side.

Nothing had prepared him for the helplessness and horror

As he waited, in concealment , for the final, dreadful scene.

And he heard the Great Detective at the mercy of a madman,

And he struggled with the overwhelming urge to intervene.

He could sense the mocking triumph as the villain told his story,

And he learned the shocking details of his twisted vengeful plot.

His reaction was instinctive; to defend his stricken comrade,

But he`d promised to stay hidden,and be still, no matter what.

Nothing had prepared him for the rising indignation,

As his friend`s impressive game-plan was revealed to him at last.

He had merely been an actor in a staged and managed drama,

With the role of "useful witness", just a bit-part in the cast.

His friend took full advantage of his true and trusting nature

To create the perfect picture of a grieving, desperate man.

He had counted on his actions to intrigue and trap a killer.

But the doctor's battered feelings weren't included in the plan.

Everything prepared him for the absolute forgiveness

He was able to bestow upon his partner and his friend.

For he knew, despite frustration, that their years of shared adventure

Had long ago determined what would matter in the end.

He could deal with gross deception, and his partner's worst excesses,

In the clear and certain knowledge that their friendship would remain.

He recalled his comrade's comment that he'd never get his limits,

Sure that each time they were tested, he'd forgive him yet again.