Fifty sentences on the Hero of Sablier: Jack Vessalius.

I do not own Pandora Hearts; everything here is fictional, no profit intended.

#01 - Motion

The spring was wound, and the lock released; and for a moment, Jack was blinded by how bright Alice's smile was when the music started playing.

#02 - Cool

Keeping cool these days were such a pain, really - that was what he told Glen when his best friend caught Jack shirtless in the former's bedroom.

#03 - Young

He died so early and so wasted, people lamented, like a sunflower fading as night fell.

#04 - Last

"This is my last request," he murmured, clasping shaking hands, "Please, Arthur."

#05 - Wrong

"Now, now, hush, Vincent - they just don't know how beautiful your eye is."

#06 - Gentle

He had incredible hand-eye coordination, Gilbert observed, from meticulously creating timepieces, to gently cleaning up a papercut.

#07 - One

One hundred years, and all he had to show for it were mottled hands and shattered memories.

#08 - Thousand

"A thousand curses," he said muzzily, hearing Gilbert stammer worriedly as the boy stole away with the bottle of whisky, "On - on - on - ribbons. And raindrops."

#09 - King

He may be the white king, but he never really liked using his pawns.

#10 - Learn

There was nobody who taught him how to take things apart and put them together again; it was just a hobby that got really out of hand.

#11 - Blur

His vision is blurring and the edges are patching black as he feels cold steel slice through his chest.

#12 - Wait

"Wait, Jack!" Alice cried, and as always, he turned back with a smile and arms wide open for an embrace.

#13 - Change

A century could change the landscape so much, Jack reflected, but not the people.

#14 - Command

The only time he held any air of authority was after he had slain his best friend; the very act had made the blood in his veins turn into liquid steel.

#15 - Hold

"To have and to hold, to love and to cherish - no, Gilbert, I am not marrying your brother and Alice."

#16 - Need

"Really?" He asked, hands fisting into his sides as his best friend smiled up at him from the table. "I don't think you do."

#17 - Vision

Lotti caught him with a blindfold one sunny afternoon, and wouldn't take it off until Jack realised he was two seconds away from falling into a puddle of water.

#18 - Attention

She commanded all of his attention, even when she was gone.

#19 - Soul

...he really didn't expect that his soul shattering into pieces entailed exruciating pain.

#20 - Picture

There hadn't been cameras back in his time, so when Oz and his friends take a picture after a tea party, Jack feels like he doesn't quite belong.

#21 - Fool

Everyone called him a fool, nowadays - and he was okay with that, so as long as he was a happy one.

#22 - Mad

"We're all mad here," the Intention cackled in Alice's body, and Jack merely sighed fondly before pouring her another cup of tea.

#23 - Child

He'd never dreamed of having children, but watching Gil and Vince sleep, curled up in each other's arms, sometimes made him think otherwise.

#24 - Now

There's only the now, he'd like to tell Oz, you cannot change the past, nor can you peek into the present.

#25 - Shadow

Glen once left a five o' clock shadow, just to see, and Jack couldn't stop laughing at the look on Lotti's face when she saw.

#26 - Goodbye

He never said goodbye to any of them, to the people that mattered; he never had the chance.

#27 - Hide

"Good heavens, Gilbert, come out, it's just a kitten."

#28 - Fortune

Jack's first reaction when seeing the Baskerville estate's extravagant fa├žade: "I think I'm going to pass out."

#29 - Safe

He'd paid with his eternal peace for this, and like hell is he going to let it go that easily.

#30 - Ghost

"You know what's more frightening than ghosts?" Glen asks, nudging him with a shoulder as lighting arces over a stormy sky, "Real, live people."

#31 - Book

Inaccurate, he wants to scream, as Oz leafs through one of the historical tomes in the Vessalius library.

#32 - Eye

"Don't mind them," he tells Vincent, soothingly, as he takes the boys out to the market for a spot of shopping.

#33 - Never

He writes letters, sometimes, to Glen, to Alice, to Lacie, and then stuffs them under his bedroom mattress where he can't see them.

#34 - Sing

Jack can almost hear Lacie sing with how much effort his best friend puts into his newest composition.

#35 - Sudden

The rainshower catches him by surprise, and reminds him how much of a pain it is to unbraid wet hair of that length.

#36 - Stop

He hopes and prays and begs to whatever deity watching over them that his sacrifice is enough.

#37 - Time

The last time he visits the Vessalius sanctuary, he is alone, bandages trailing over marble - and he watches as the clock runs and stops at five minutes before noon.

#38 - Wash

Vincent is giggling, and Gilbert is staring up at him with faint reproach as he looms over the both of them with a bar of soap in hand.

#39 - Torn

He's running, trying to hide from a certain pink-haired girl once again, and then his waistcoat catches on brambles; the ripping sound gives him away.

#40 - History

"Everybody lies," Jack tells Oz in his dreams, when the boy asks him about his 'supposed' title - the Hero of Sablier.

#41 - Power

Jack is painfully aware of what power is: monsters that draw blood, chains that bind tight, and betrayal that cuts deep.

#42 - Bother

"I really do hope I'm not a bother," was Jack Vessalius' favourite phrase for some time, until Glen told him to stop it - and stop he did.

#43 - God

He doesn't believe in any singular god, but he still takes the time to kneel over his precious girl's body to pray for her soul.

#44 - Wall

"I really don't believe that there's a secret opening in this wallaaaaahhhhh - "

#45 - Naked

Jack is really, really looking forward to the time when he can tease Gilbert and Vincent with 'But love! I've seen you naked.'

#46 - Drive

Nobody understood the real reason that drove Jack Vessalius to raise his sword against Glen Baskerville, and Jack was, really, quite content with that.

#47 - Harm

He sometimes wondered what had driven Vincent to take up his hobby of murdering stuffed toys; what had happened to the younger boy, to want him to harm such innocent things?

#48 - Precious

Jack held all that he knew close to his heart: irreplaceable, unmovable, unbearably precious - and it hurt so much when all of them were torn away.

#49 - Hunger

He doesn't feel humanly pangs, not anymore - but the things that his soul longs for (completion, forgiveness, peace) hurt so much more.

#50 - Believe

Believing in happy endings is foolish, this he knows full well, but he's still hoping for Oz to get his - the boy deserves it.