"Get off me you fucking apes!" I screamed at the two police officers gripping onto my arms, trying to stop me from murdering a stupid boy about my age.

His slicked back blond hair shifted and fell into his eyes as he leaned against the lockers clutching his nose as blood ran down his neck and arm. His chubby face squished in pain as he tried to hide the bruise across his face from where I had beaten his face in.

If you ask me, which most don't, he deserved it. As soon as I stepped out of my gorgeous black Lamborghini Reventon, my baby, he decided to stroll up and place his fat ass on the hood of my baby, Raven.

Ignoring the quick glare and "fuck off" I sent his way, he took it upon himself to follow me around the school as if he was a puppy just waiting to hump my leg. Taking every opportunity to open doors, put his arms around my shoulder or waist and even going as far as to try and carry my purse and he asked countless times about going out for coffee or movies or anything that popped into his tiny little head.

The final stray was the moment he apparently lost all common sense he might have had and tried to kiss me by shoving me up against a wall of stale blue lockers on the way to another class that he was following me to. Biggest mistake he could've made, I don't take kindly to being man handled.

"Let go of me you fucking morons!" I yelled as I struggled against the two young officers struggling holding me back. The blond boy's eyes flashed with fear and cried out, try to crawl away as I got out of the little piggy's hold and lunged for him once again. Quickly diving on top of him I continued to beat his face black and blue. Suddenly I was being lifted off the arrogant dipshit, before I was dragged out of reach I slammed my black Sergio Rossi pumps as hard as I could into his thigh causing my heel to snap. Having one heel half way broken off made it difficult to get away as I struggled to stand up with one heel falling out from under me and the other sinking into the muddy ground of the Fork's High courtyard.

"Isabella Marie Swan!" It took me a moment to realize it was my father who was holding me above the ground now. Looking up I sneer as his bushy mustache twitches in irritation. Chief of Police Charlie Swan dragging his sixteen year old daughter out of school in effort to stop her from murdering in the hallway, what a great first impression to make on this lonely little town.

Charlie quickly handed me off to three slightly larger officers of the law as he makes his way over to a man in a suit. Seeing I was caught I stopped struggling against the arms holding me down and allowed them to start putting handcuffs on my slim wrists. Glaring at everyone in the near vicinity I started listening on the conversation my dear old dad was having.

"…sending her to boot camp is the only thing I can think to do." I only heard the end of the sentence but it was enough to make me freeze momentarily as I processed what was being said. Anger filled my entire body as I went off again.

"BOOT CAMP! Are you fucking mental?" I started to scream and cuss again as I renewed the struggle to kick somebody's, anybody's ass. One of the apparently inexperienced officers didn't have a good hold on me as he thought I had given up, so I dropped to the ground tearing my black and grey plaid skinny jeans.

I twisted under a truck causing the man to loose hold of my feet. As I jumped out the other side I kicked off my shoes and started back for the school's front doors as best I could with my hands clasped behind my back. Before I could get ten feet I had hands on me again, dragging me to the police cruiser.

"Yes boot camp. Your bags are all packed and the men are at the house ready to take you there. I'm sick of you attitude and you have only been here for a few days!" Charlie said as I was shoved into the back of the black and white car.

I am Izzy Swan and this is going to be one hell of a ride.