Tosh was dying. She couldn't help it as she listened painfully to the screams coming though the intercom. He was killing her. She had longed for him for so long, sitting in the shadows, quietly waiting for him. Ever since he first joined. But he never noticed her. She had tried to tell him and it seemed like the rest of the team knew perfectly well. She kept telling herself she was just a computer geek, he would never be interested in her, whereas someone like Gwen for instance, she had everything, the looks, the personality. Tosh kept her hands pressed against the bullet wound. She told him to stop. He was breaking her heart. Recently Tosh felt as though he had begun to notice, but they still never got their date. Tosh knew what was going to happen to the man she loved. He asked her to tell him. How could she. How could she tell him he would soon be coated in radiation and reduced to billions of floating particles? Not dead. Not alive. She explained what would happen. She began to cry. He comforted her. It was her fault. Her fault that he was soon to meet the terrible fate and she could do nothing. She was also dying although she did not care. He reassured her that it was in no way her fault. And they spoke. Tosh cried as she listened to his voice. "Its starting" he said. She heard him speak for the final time, picturing the scene. Then there was silence. The rest of the team rushed to her aid. No use she thought to herself. They tried to help her but she knew they could not and with that, Toshiko Sato, computer geek let go. She was ready. Tosh and Owen. A match made in heaven