Hi everybody. This is my first story, so I really want to hear what you think about it.

Love From Kristine

Chapter 1 – The little bundle

Rosalie's p.o.v.

I could smell the blood in the air. I followed it reluctantly, it didn't really smell good. But my throat was burning, and I needed to get something warm down, before I got mad with this thirst. I saw the source of the smell, a mountain lion. It was just finishing a deer. I sneaked up behind it, and it didn't even notice me before my teeth were in the lion's throat. The creature kept struggling to get free. It's claws tried to rip my face off, but I could barely feel it. If I had had my eyes closed, I would probably have thought that it was caressing my face. The animal's legs finally went numb, and the warm moist blood ran out.

I left the drained carcass on the ground, and rose to clean myself up again. I smelled another mountain lion nearby, and leapt towards it. I ran for a short time, when a way better smell filled the air. I turned for the scent, but then stopped instantly. I immediately knew what it was, a human. I wasn't going to hunt the scent down, but I was a bit curious. There didn't come many humans this far out in the forest, and I knew that I could handle it. I had a brilliant amount of self-control. I followed the scent, it was very sweet. It smelled like freesia. I came nearer. No human was in this area. I wondered if I could have been mistaken, but that was very unlikely. Then I spotted a little basket on a cliff. I looked very closely around, tasted the smell in the air. That's when I heard it. A sound that pierced right through me, a sound I would recognize anywhere – a baby crying. I froze in pain. I wanted a child so much, I would give up anything to get one, but I couldn't. I was frozen in my never changing body; this cold, hard, and beautiful, vampire body. I wasn't supposed to have children. Oh, I had tried a lot, but it was impossible.

I jumped over the river, and ran up to the top of the cliff, to where the basket lay. In the basket was a beautiful little baby. She was screaming, probably hungry, scared or cold. I looked around again, but she was completely alone. I bend down, and took her up in my arms. She fitted there perfectly. I rocked her back and forward, and she stopped crying.

She was the most perfect child I had ever seen. Her skin was pale, almost as pale as mine, but still human looking. Her cheeks were flushed red, and her lips were full. Her hair was dark brown, and her eyes were the most beautiful chocolate-brown. She looked so wise, for such a little thing. Then she closed her eyelids. I immediately got afraid. Maybe I had hugged her to tight and hurt her, but her mouth relaxed into a little o, and she was breathing normal. She was just sleeping. My motherly side took completely over. I loved her right away, as if she was my own.

I loved her more than my own life. I couldn't let her stay here alone, so I took a blanket from the basket, and wrapped it around her. Then I ran straight home, without even looking back.

Alice sat on the stairs, waiting for me. When I stepped out from the trees, she ran to my side, bouncing up and down. "Oh, can I see her, can I see her?" I smiled at her, and unwounded the little child. Alice's face changed at once. She cooed at the sleeping baby in my arms, and looked like she might cry, if it was possible. I had never considered her for the motherly type, but when she looked at the little girl, it looked like she finally understood my sorrows for the last century. She and Jasper hadn't really… Then it hit me. "Jasper," it wasn't more than a strangled whisper. Jasper wasn't as good to the Cullen vampire-vegetarian diet as the rest of the family. Would I really expose the little child to such a big danger? Alice knew what I was about to say, but stopped me at once. "Oh, come on Rosalie! Jasper is doing really well. I will see if he can't control himself. He won't harm her." I sighed. I trusted her, I really did. After all I just couldn't give up the baby. I loved her so insanely much already and I was far too selfish to let her go. "So.. What are you going to name her?" Alice looked really curious. I thought about it a little. No name was pretty enough to do this beautiful baby justice. "Isabella - Bella," I mumbled. Bella was perfect. Bella meant beautiful in Italian.

Alice danced inside the house, probably to give the others a fast warning. I waited outside for a moment, then sucked in a big breath and walked in. Esme was the first one to greet me. She smiled at me even warmer than usual; I hadn't thought that was possible. Her eyes were glistening. She would definitely have been crying if she was able to. Her voice was really thick and hoarse: "Can I.. Can I hold her?"

If there was anybody who knew exactly how I had been feeling, how I had wished for a baby before, it was Esme; and of course Edward knew too, but that didn't count. It was just because of his stupid mindreading. I carefully gave Esme my little beautiful Bella. I was so afraid of dropping her, although that was nearly impossible in my strong and firm vampire hands. In that exact moment Bella opened her eyes. She looked at me, and I was completely lost in her chocolate-colored eyes. She seemed so clever and so innocent. Then she smiled at me. I couldn't believe it, she smiled at me. I felt like I was about to burst of happiness. I had never seen anything so miraculously beautiful in my entire existence. Esme smiled at me, and then looked down at the little girl in her arms. We just stood there, watching the little creature looking at us, and shared our feelings of lost motherhood.

Someone cleared his throat, and I looked up meeting Jasper's gaze. He seemed fine, but didn't come closer. He looked very concentrated, probably tasting my mood, which was horrified. He took one wary step closer, and he didn't need his gift to sense my feelings. I could feel the horror-struck feeling in every cell of my body, and I knew that it was plain on my face too. "Really, I am fine," he whispered. Alice got up and took his hand in hers. She gave me a confident and encouraging look, and I relaxed a little. Jasper took a few more wary steps, never breathing. Then he was here, looking down at the little girl in Esme's arms. She smiled up at him, and he smiled back. He took a little breath, and then retreated. He was in control of himself, but he didn't want to push himself – or me - too far; a very smart move of him.

I heard a car turning in at the little pathway, which led to the Cullen house. I recognized the sound of Emmet's jeep immediately. He had been out buying a gift for me. It was our wedding anniversary in a week. I quickly grabbed Bella from Esme's arms, and went to the front door. I heard the tires of the jeep come to a halt, and Emmett jumping out. I filled my lungs with air and spoke his name. "Yeah babe, what is it..?" he looked up, and trailed off when he saw the little bundle in my arms. He was at my side in a second looking down at Bella. "Honey, what did you..?" I interrupted him quickly, I would explain later.

He looked down at the little girl again, grabbed me softly around the waist, and kissed me very sweet on the cheek. He tickled Bella on the cheek, and she took his finger in both of her hands, and started sucking at his finger. He looked down at her warmly, and I knew he was won over. He loved her as much as I did. Well, almost as much as I did. It wasn't possible to feel as much love towards this little human girl as I did.

After a lot of explaining and talking, and feeding the little girl, I finally got some alone-time with my baby. I stood looking out the big glass façade of the house, and rocked Bella from side to side. Edward and Carlisle had been on a hunting trip for the whole weekend, and I could now hear the car pulling up the path. Bella started playing with a lock of my hair, and I smiled down at her. She was so absurdly cute, and she was mine.