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Chapter 26 - Epilogue

Edward's p.o.v.

(8 years later)

I smiled as the sun rose, and the sunbeams slowly lightened the room. The sun caressed my wife's body, and it started sparkling. She was so beautiful, as she lay across my body playing absentmindedly with my hair. The soft curve of her naked body made me think about all the wonderful nights we had had since she had become a vampire. I took her in my arms, and shaped her body so it fitted perfectly with mine. Her skin felt so soft and warm, and she quickly caught my mood. I started kissing her throat hungrily. And her slender arms folded around my waist to hug herself closer. I marveled over the beauty of my wife once again. I felt like I was the happiest person on earth. I kissed every inch of her face, until I reached her lips. They parted immediately, and I started massaging her tongue with mine. I was so occupied with her, that I didn't hear the thoughts or the footsteps just outside the door.

Renesmee peeped in, and not even a second passed before she was gone. Bella hid under her duvet, although it was way too late to hide anything. She would have blushed bright red by this point if she was human. I was very irritated with Renesmee for interrupting what Bella and I were doing, but I couldn't help laughing at Bella's reaction.

Suddenly a loud roar of laughter sounded from the first floor. I could see Renesmee's shocked face through Emmett's thoughts.

That's what happens when you get children Edward.

Rosalie shielded Renesmee as if to chase the terrible mental pictures of her parents having fun away.

A little chuckle slit out between her lips, but her thoughts weren't friendly.

How could you let her see that, you idiot? She's just a child. I so not raised Bella to be like this! It must be Emmett's influence – you two just can't keep your hands from each other for 2 seconds can you!

Alice quickly tapped on the door.

Edward, you are going to be late. It's the first day. We have to make a good impression. I've spend a long time making Renesmee really cute this morning, and I want the satisfaction of seeing the guys drooling over her, when she goes through the corridor.

I sighed, but stood up. How Alice could do this to me was out of my knowledge. She should know that I don't want to hear improper thoughts about my barely grown up daughter.

I dressed fast, and so did Bella. She wore a midnight-blue v-neck shirt, which clung to her body delightfully and a pair of worn-out light jeans. She looked absolutely gorgeous. At last she put on a pair of white flats, which she knew would irritate Alice to death. Alice wasn't pleased with Bella's constant lack of fashion-interest. She had begged Bella to wear heels for weeks, until I had finally threatened her, if she didn't stop. Bella weren't supposed to wear heels, make-up and pricey dresses. She was so cute in nature.

She looked up to smile at me when her face suddenly went blank. Although we had been through so much, it was still an unspeakable pleasure that she was just as dazzled by me, as I was by her. She crossed the room in one stride, and jumped into my waiting arms.

Six years had passed since she had given birth to our beautiful daughter – almost dying in the process – and become a vampire herself, and I still had as big a craving for her as I had in the beginning. If it wasn't for the fact that I knew what we would be doing as soon as we got home from school, I wouldn't bear to see her get dressed now.

I flew down the stairs, still with Bella cradled against my chest.

The others stood there waiting, Renesmee in the front, with a look of impatience plain in all of her features.

Her mind was screaming one disgusted word after the other at me.

Really, really gross dad! I shot her a sour look, and her thoughts silenced quickly, before they switched course to more impatient ones.

It was her first day of school ever. We hadn't been able to start before because of her fast growth. So we had all been hiding till know.

"Let's get this circus going," Emmett shouted.

I leaned over the desk, and unleashed the power of my eyes on the school-secretary: Mrs. Miller. Her face went blank and dizzy and her heartbeat rose.

He is to young Jenny! Way to young! Just 15

My attempt at being persuasive clearly worked. Small giggles sounded trough my family, but nothing loud enough for human ears to register.

"I suppose you have talked to our father Dr. Carlisle Cullen."

She cleared her throat, and flushed: "So you are the Cullens and the Hales." She stammered a little bit, and found our schemes. She mentioned each of our names, and then handed out each scheme.

She looked down at her hands, where Bella's scheme lay. She looked up at Bella with apologetic eyes and said: "Oh, and a Swan-girl too. Sorry. Here you go dear."

I was a bit sad that Bella had decided to keep her own last name. But she was right when she said that a supposedly unmarried couple with the same last name would be weird. So I just called her Mrs. Cullen every chance I had at home instead.

Mrs. Miller saw my arm around Bella's waist and enviously thoughts began swirling around in her head. Thoughts about how pretty Bella was, and how pretty I was. Then she looked around at my family, and her face turned hot.

Holy Crap! Why do they all look so beautiful? How is it possible? Oh I wish I was that Swan girl. The way he is holding her. Umm.. and then..

I started tuning out her thoughts, as she began her little fantasies. Emmet was about to burst into laughter, but he tried to hold it back. Renesmee rolled her eyes, Rosalie was pleased, and Bella… Bella was absolutely adorable and embarrassed.

Hmm.. Mrs. Jenny Miller Cullen.. Mrs. Jenny Cullen.. Mr. Edward Miller.. TOO YOUNG JENNY!

We walked through the corridor, where people stopped to watch us. They were all staring as they took in our pale skin and beautiful features. One girl's mouth even hang open.

Holy Crap! They look gorgeous!

Oh my god, that boy looks buff. I bet those arms could lift even me.

That Blonde girl is really beautiful. God she is sexy

The brunette looks really sweet. I hope she has the same classes as me.

Shit, that black-haired girl has some fabulous clothes. Where did she get those shoes?

Why are they all so pale?

OMG! The bronze-haired guy looks gorgeous. I wonder if he is single.

That blond guy looks really cool. I bet they are really rich.

That bronze-haired girl looks gorgeous. She would look so hot on my bed.

I focused on the last thought, which came from a big guy, with brown hair and flat brown eyes. Once again I got really annoyed with Alice. Why did she have to dress Renesmee up in low-cut t-shirts which emphasized her new curves?

I had taken care of Bella's scheme, so we had all of our classes together. I just couldn't stand being away from her, any length of time. Renesmee didn't want to have every class with her parents, so I kissed her on the forehead and on her cheeks, and wished her good luck. Bella wanted to make a big deal out of her goodbye, so I went to class alone.

When I stepped into the class, the thoughts – especially girls – started swirling around me, all about how gorgeous I looked. The guys looked around the class, and their self-confidence crumpled, except for one self-satisfied guy in the front who thought of himself as every girls dream.

There were two chairs left, and I chose the one in the back besides a guy with dark skin and even darker curls.

Come on Ethan, say something! He must think that I am a freak. Wow, all the girls are looking. I wish I was brave enough to speak with him. But he just looks so confident. I bet he has a lot of funny stories. Why do I always have to be so shy?

I looked around, and met a lot of curious gazes and girlish giggles. One girl - a cocky blond - rose from her chair and walked to my seat. "Hi, I'm Lisa." She looked me right in the eyes, and fluttered her long mascara-eyelashes, probably an attempt of flirting.

"Hi Lisa" I said, not really bothering to sound as enthusiastic as her. Where was Bella?

Hmm.. He looks a little anxious. Probably just nerves. I hope he is single. I bet he would like me. I am sure he thinks I am hot. That explains why he is so nervous all of a sudden.

I'm sure she would look pretty to any other male in this room. But she was plain next to the girl who stood in the door right now, with the cutest look of embarrassment on her face - the reason for my existence, the only reason for living through each day, my Bella.

The girl Lisa turned her head to she looked for the object of my attention. In the same second, the teacher arrived, and Lisa flicked her hair and went to her seat, right next to Bella's.

The class dragged slowly. It didn't last long before Bella got tired of it too. She was totally oblivious to the fact that Lisa glared at her now and then. She turned in her chair to look at me. The curve of her body made me think improper thoughts, and I was longing to be home again. She pushed her shield out from herself, and she showed me a mental diasshow of thoughts, which matched mine perfectly, and I could hear the longing behind every one of them. This day was going to be torture.

When class ended I went to Bella's side in seconds. I followed her out of the classroom to her lockers where I laid my arms around her. "You little teaser" I whispered in her ear, and she vibrated in pleasure.

A group of boys saw us and instantly started having fantasies and drooling all over my Bella.

Growls and snarls erupted from me, and Bella followed my gaze. Once again she pushed her shield away:

Edward Cullen! You are not getting jealous because of a bunch of hormonal teens are you? You know I love you, and only you. We are inseparable.

She touched the necklace, which hung around my neck. She had given it to me on our first anniversary, and I had worn it ever since. It was a leather string with a golden ring in it. Inside the ring was the word: 'forever' written.

"Forever" I agreed and kissed her lightly on her lips. She threw her arms around my neck and her hands grabbed my hair, pulling my head closer to hers. She folded her legs around my waist, and I pushed her against the lockers. She kissed my throat fiercely, and I let my head fall back with a little groan. It was really hard not to forget that we were in a public place. She grabbed my collar, and then started to undo my buttons. She was half way done, when I had to pull myself away. I could hear the children's thoughts in the hall. Her mouth made an absurdly cute pout. Her eyes were burning with desire, and I imagined mine looked exactly the same way. That's it! I swung her over my shoulder and went towards the parking lot – there was no way that I was going to make it to the end of the day!

We walked pass Renesmee on the way to the car. She winced when she figured out where we were going.

Eew Dad, gross!

The End

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