The brother of Kratos

Sky: Hi guys, since no one read my first story called "Souichiro's devotion and love" I decided to discontinued it until I get 10 reviews.


Sky: So I decided to make a God Of War fanfic with Kratos's brother as the main man

Leonidas : Ever since my brother was always the great Spartan I was deemed as the weak brother, and when my brother left me for dead he was busy running from general to the new god of war, but little did Kratos know I have learnt the powers of darkness in my time in the underworld. With this new power I am equal to my brother with everything from fighting to magic now I (ha ha ha) can even manipulate my brother to deep guilt complimentary from Hades himself, as you can see ever since Kratos killed his own wife and daughter Hades given me a job to torture him, ha ha ha it is time for vengeance big brother, but ever since Kratos killed Ares and become the god of war the gods see no further use for, when cast me to the souls of the forgotten I the souls starting mock me over and over saying how weak I was and Kratos will always be better than me and that was the last straw , my built up rage had awaken for the time and start fighting back and then everything start going back, and when I woke up I found my own journey was about to begin ......

Sky: Note this, that Kratos's brother's name so I deside to name him after King Leonidas I

Kratos: I hope you ain't going to make me dead

Sky: Maybe, well any way please read and review