If Tony and Ziva got their shot at a momentous kiss, what would it be? Just a little something I quite literally dreamed up. Maybe a one-shot, maybe a couple of other chapters, not sure yet.

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His chest heaved as he struggled for breath. As if he was running a marathon. But he stood still, his every muscle tense and alert. She was so close he could see the quivering of her pupils as she regarded him intensely. He was so close she could feel his breath on her nose. Could they? Should they? They did not have to. They could not totally hide. The late afternoon sun backlit them against the sheet like bizarre, life-sized shadow puppets, but their forms were obscured just enough that their target would not know any differently if they stopped mere millimeters short. Yet to the two agents, those millimeters would feel like miles. It would not be the first time. But much had changed in four years. Then, his 'not knee' response was purely physical. Then, he had barely known her. Now, the very core of his being responded to her in an entirely different way. Now, it would mean so much. Too much.

The instant hung, frozen in time as each considered the impossible number of memories which had brought them to this moment. Time froze, the afternoon air hung heavily around them and the crisp white linens rustled in the breeze. The instant stretched and they both knew that their time had come. Their separate lives had led to this moment and they instinctively knew that they would regret it if they let it slip by.

In perfect synchronisation, the partners closed their eyes as one stood on tip toe and the other bent forward slightly. Their lips met and it felt like the most natural thing in the world. Despite the enormity of the action, despite the momentous implications this kiss held over the rest of their lives, he could not help but wonder if this counted as ending the office pool...When would Tony finally get his ninja between the sheets?