Well, I'm back after a couple of months. Sorry bout that. I was suffering from acute writer's block. Anyway, I'm over that. I was reading over this the other day and I've decided to do a rewrite and make this into a very long story. Here is the prologue and I will hopefully have the first chapter out soon unless I get called back to work. Anyway, here it is. Read and Review!

"Rouge One is hit. I'm going in. Sorry, Jake."

Trudy braced herself for the explosion that was sure to come. She grabbed her exopack and slipped it onto her face. After securing it and activating the seal, she flipped a switch on the bottom of her command chair.

The cockpit shook violently as explosive charges detonated all along the glass. The glass shattered and exploded outwards, giving Trudy a clear shot to the outside. She strapped a back pack onto her back and jumped from her beloved craft.

A second later, a massive heat wave washed over her body, scorching her skin to the point of catching fire. She hastily pulled her ripcord as she felt unconsciousness clawing at her.

The chute deployed and gently began to lower her to the ground.

A few minutes later, she hit the ground. She crumpled to the ground, too weak to support herself. She looked up right as she was about to lose consciousness. The Dragon gunship that Quaritch had been on started to fall from the sky, smoke trailing it to the ground.

Trudy just smiled. "Serves you right, you bastard."

Unconsciousness clawed at her mind even more fiercely and this time she succumbed to it. The last this she saw was the blue Pandoran sky then blackness.