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Chapter 1: Entregarme — Surrender: To give oneself up to the leader's lead.

Kazahaya sighed, letting his head bounce against the car window he was currently leaning against, watching the scenery blur by. Next to him, in the back seat, was his twin sister; Kei. She sat facing forward, albeit slouching a bit, but seemingly just as bored as her 17-year old brother.

The year was 1993, the start of July, and sky blue pants were just starting to die out in teenage style. Car radio tuned to an oldie station, "Green Onions" by Booker T and the MGs played at a considerable volume. Kazahaya thought that somehow, this song fit perfectly in the background; what with the lack of activity in the stuffy car.

Mr. and Mrs. Kudo occupied the front seats, the former attending to the steering wheel and the latter checking her makeup in the visor mirror.

Kei was currently playing with the ends of her long blond hair. Kazahaya peeked over at her and mentally congratulated his mother for not cursing him with boobs. Kei, being a girl, and thus Mom's favorite, wore a frilly pink and white dress that looked more suited for an Easter Sunday service than a welcome ceremony. Although he didn't have to wear a tux, Kazahaya did wear a button down dress shirt, tucked into black slacks, and polished black dress shoes completing the almost-penguin suit. The dirty blond had undone the first two buttons to give his neck some fresh air. His dad hadn't complained yet, so Kazahaya left it as edited.

The Kudo family was spending their summer vacation at an old ranch, one that belonged to them, and thus held the family name. Kazahaya had never been there, never really wanting to go, but unable to protest under his strict parents decisions to "have a family vacation for once!" And so it was done. Almost immediately after the school year was done- well, home schooling year- calls were made and everyone knew that the pristine Kudo name would be on there way, from California to Colorado… by car.

Kazahaya resisted the urge to sit up and rub the feeling back in his rear. He instead crossed his long legs in the little space between his seat and the back of his father's.

Kazahaya felt sympathy for his sister, watching her finger the course lace at the ends of the dress collar with a frown. He poked her in the arm, giving her a reassuring smile when she met his honey golden eyes. She smiled back, half heartedly. Kazahaya took one of her fumbling hands in his, squeezing in a comforting manner.

Kazahaya lugged his suitcases into his new room, dropping them at the door way and running down the hall to the bathroom, checking himself out before running back outside to meet with the rest of the family. They were running a little late for the orientation breakfast.

Some mediocre cover band played "Save the Last Dance for Me" originally by The Drifters, as people ate breakfast in the largish cafeteria area. Kazahaya poked his eggs with a fork and decided he was sick of sixties music. But looking around, the boy noticed that the majority of people staying at their huge ranch consisted of wrinkly skin and white hair, or just middle aged weirdoes. A handful of those middle age people were dancing conservatively to the music with a partner.

"Sit up, Kazahaya," his mother commanded. Kazahaya sat up.

When they were invited on stage, Kazahaya stood next to his sister, hands clasped in front of him, and trying to keep a bored look off his face. He heard his dad saying something into a microphone, but tuned it out, instead scanning the crowd as something to do. Kazahaya did notice some kids around his age and internally sighed in relief; maybe this "family trip" wouldn't be so bad.

On a second overview of the crowd, Kazahaya did a double take at a pair of striking green eyes that were focused right on him. Kazahaya fidgeted where he stood, darting his gaze to the wall immediately, but still feeling that stare on him. In that brief glance, Kazahaya had noticed a strange sort of resentment… was it just his imagination? Kazahaya dared another peek at the green-eyed man.

He was still staring at him, Kazahaya noticed with a sharp pang of curiosity. Did he have something on his face? Kazahaya didn't think so… he brought a hand up to scratch his nose. In a peripheral glimpse, the boy on stage saw the green-eyed man in the crowd grin.

Kazahaya grumbled, finally swallowing the lump in his throat and staring back.

The man in the crowd stuck out like a sore thumb. Instead of wearing a dress shirt, he wore a tight black shirt (from the way it clung to his body, it must've been a muscle tee) with a denim, sleeveless vest. In favor of slacks, a pair of dirty blue jeans, caked with mud and ripped in several places, hung on his hips, as if he was just out working in the pasture and came in without having thought about changing. And of course, finishing the ensemble was brown cowboy boots.

Kazahaya met the green eyes again, his father's voice becoming background noise. The incredibly sun tanned skin had been hard to miss, and it was so evenly toned, from his hairline (sooty, unkempt hair, with messy bangs just hovering below matching eyebrows), down the neck and arms… Kazahaya caught himself staring again and mentally slapped himself in the face.

He was about to look away once more, when movement caught his eye. Kazahaya watched as the green-eyed man brought a hand up, gaze never faltering, pressed his five fingers together, as if holding a zipper, and dragged them down his neck to the middle of his torso, eyebrows raised and a wicked smirk ghosting over his lips.

Kazahaya's eyes squinted, unsure of what to make of that gesture. The man tapped his chest, so Kazahaya looked down at his own, remembering that his first couple buttons on his shirt were undone, revealing pale, unblemished skin and the sharp angles of his collar bones. Kazahaya felt warmth creeping up his neck and quickly buttoned the shirt up to the collar, only casting one last gaze to scowl at the man in the crowd, who he found had an enormous smirk on, throwing a wink that Kazahaya did not catch.


Kazahaya turned around, half expecting to see a creepily familiar pair of green eyes. After he had darted off the stage, Kazahaya hadn't seen the strange man in his floor scan. But as he turned now, he instead came face-to-face with a blue eyed boy, maybe a few years older than him.

"Hello," Kazahaya greeted back, the syllable having been uttered so much it had lost meaning. A small wave of disappointment rolled off Kazahaya. Not that he was intentionally looking for the strange man, more like bumping into him and demanding what his deal was… the young blonde fingered his tight collar, haven't undone it since.

The introductions and applause had been over for a while now, and the Kudo family had separated, greeting people and supposed family members for the last thirty (forty?) minutes now. Kazahaya was ready to go home and have an actual summer vacation. Oh how he missed the California sun…

"My name is Fai, I think we're cousins," Fai stuck his hand out. Kazahaya automatically took the offer and shook his hand customarily, smiling just minutely, putting thoughts of the green-eyed man aside.

"Flourite?" Kazahaya smiled when Fai nodded, actually remembering his mother's maiden name.

Their hands detached. "Didn't we visit you when I was like… six?"

Fai beamed. "Yup, I was nine. I remember pushing you into the swimming pool," he giggled, Kazahaya nodded, looking elsewhere, obviously remembering with distain.

"Any way," Fai gesticulated as he spoke, as if waving off the past. "I'm inviting you, and your sister if she'd like, to a dance us 'young kids',"- here he did air quotes- "are hosting in the brown barn tonight. With real music, food and stuff."

"Oh…" Kazahaya looked sideways, ignoring as a lady walked past him and said hi. He had never been to a dance… not even a real social gathering… Kazahaya was always stuck in the house. He couldn't even recall going to a birthday party without parental supervision.

"I don't know," Kazahaya smiled politely, but sadly. His parents would automatically decline the request before it was even out of his mouth.

Fai's smile faltered. "Well, think about it. It's great fun really."

I bet it is…Kazahaya sighed inwardly, but shrugged outwardly. "I'll think about it," he agreed.

Fai smiled again and Kazahaya followed suit. His smile was really catchy…

"Cool. Well, I'll see you around, Kazahaya, it was nice meeting again."

Kazahaya nodded. "It was."

That night at the dinner table, as the usual silence hovered, Kazahaya considered asking his parents to go to this dance. He bit his lip, looking up from the seasoned spaghetti on his plate to glance around the table. As utensils clinked against dishes, Kazahaya came to the decision that no, it probably was not wise to ask his parents permission to go… when he had decided to attend himself.

Kei shouldn't know, Kazahaya thought, looking over at his sister. She was currently nibbling on her garlic bread. Out of the two, Kei was the most law-abiding child. Even if she did swear to keep her brother's independence a secret, she would still be cautious about it and beg him to stay home… which Kazahaya couldn't bear declining to.

Kazahaya excused himself once he was done, cleaning off his plate and taking a long shower to plan his rebellious escape… heart pounding with anticipation. Sure he had snuck out before… but that was always knowing for sure that he would be alone, no witnesses to rat him out.

At midnight, Kazahaya quietly stepped out of his bed, already dressed, pulling his shoes on. He quickly checked Kei's and his parent's rooms before sneaking out the front door, clicking it closed behind him, and running to the barns. There was no reason to run, but the night air just felt so good through his hair, smelled so clean and crisp… and Kazahaya could not deny a good run if he couldn't help himself. He grinned as he pumped his arms, sneakers making contact with the grass and breathing through his nose with a practiced pace.

He slowed down once he crossed the bridge that led to the farm, walking now and wrinkling his nose as the scent of hay and cow patties filled his nostrils. Up on a hill he saw a barn, alight with activity. Kazahaya jogged up the slight hill to make the strain less on his knees and hesitantly meandered to the entrance, the music becoming louder and louder with each step.

Leaning against the wall, Kazahaya recognized Fai, arms crossed and shifting from one foot to the other in rhythm to the music. The escapee walked up to his cousin, tapping him on the shoulder and smiling when Fai beamed.

"Hey, you made it!" Fai wasted no time in taking Kazahaya's arm and leading him in the rest of the way, much to the younger boy's dismay.

Once Kazahaya got a look around, he noticed what these teenagers were actually doing.

Kazahaya wasn't sure if it could be defined as dancing that the couples were performing. As hip hop music reverberated though the speakers, bodies were being bent, fondled, caressed, in ways that made the blond stare in utter horror. Fai was speaking to him, but Kazahaya didn't seem to notice, instead focusing on the provocative displays of dance. Legs were bent over waists, pelvic thrusts were initiated, and hips being rolled in such a way that made Kazahaya shiver. This was so out of the realm of conservative normality that he had been raised on… the youth didn't even know you could twist your body like that.

Oh, God…

"I think I should leave," Kazahaya interrupted Fai's ramblings, who stood, dumb-struck.

"Leave? You just got here," Fai frowned.

"I know… but…" as Kazahaya tried to search for an acceptable reason to take off, the song ended, and applause were heard.

"Oh oh!" Fai jumped up and down, grabbing Kazahaya's arm again. "Before you leave, at least check out Rikuo and Tsukiko's routine."

"Who?" But before he could get an answer, a new style of music began dripping through the speakers, making Kazahaya's ears perk. It sounded… Latin?

Suddenly, a tall woman, dressed in a revealing green dress and high heels marched to the center of the room, where dancers had cleared to make a circular dance floor. Her long black hair, half done up and half swaying about her hips, moved with her like ripples on water. Kazahaya caught movement on the opposite side of the room and almost choked on his own spit when he recognized the strange man from this morning, with the green eyes. He also strutted in time to the music, meeting her in the middle and automatically seizing her hips and pulling her to him, almost forcefully, eyes burning with something that made Kazahaya's breath hitch in his throat.

Clad in all black, the man, Rikuo, eased up on his hold as the music tempo dropped to a flitting acoustic guitar solo. The lady, Tsukiko, lifted her knee up to Rikuo's waist, and slithered her foot down the back of his leg, slowly, sensuously. The crowd hooted and cheered as her stiletto once again made contact to the wooden floor.

And like a snap of the fingers, they were moving again, hands clasped together and around each other, moving with the music, as it too increased furiously. Their eye's never faulted from one another. Kazahaya's jaw dropped. The way they moved across the floor was insane. Her leg was constantly kicking out right as his stepped out of the way, and vise versa. Their feet moved so fast it was almost a blur, and yet once again, eyes never reflecting hesitance. The pair almost looked angry at each other, as if it was a power struggle. But Kazahaya quickly erased that from his mind as Rikuo bent Tsukiko back in a low dip, his hand sliding down her thin frame, eyes glinting something mischievous while hers reflected desire.

Rikuo snapped her back up, almost nose-to-nose before spinning her out and bringing her back in a complicated way that made Kazahaya tilt his head in confusion and wonder. As Tsukiko spun, her heels were kept fasted together and arms bent over her front until Rikuo halted her in a vise grip, lifting her and spinning her once again before sliding her down his front. He preceded to lift her leg again, wrapping it around his hips and groping her rear as he dragged her back and, to Kazahaya's intense surprise, lifted her up, bare legs kicking in the air, and set her back down.

The dance continued in this intricate manner, leaving Kazahaya stunned and totally immersed. As they posed in their finale, an eruption of applause, cat calls, and hollering vocalized throughout the barn, assaulting Kazahaya's ear drums. The couple took their bows. Soon, the hip hop music was back and the reserved space was once again filled with young bodies.

"Intense, huh?" Fai spoke loudly in Kazahaya's ear.

"Yeah," Kazahaya found himself at a loss for words. "What was that all about?"

"Tango competition in Denver in a few weeks. They've been at that routine for months, and promised us a sneak peak when they were finally done with the chorography."

Kazahaya blinked. He had heard of tango from his sister, who took ballet as a child. The erotic, sinful dance style that he parents frowned upon.

"That was a 'sneak peak'?" That was ridiculous, Kazahaya thought.

"Not meeting your standards, Kudo?" A low voice came from behind Kazahaya.

The young boy managed to hold down a screech of surprise, whirling around to come face-to-face with the green-eyed wonder himself. He scowled to himself when he found he had to tilt his head up to meet Rikuo's eyes. Damn this guy was tall!

"What's it to ya?" Kazahaya spat unnecessarily, frustrated at being snuck up on.

"Down boy," Rikuo smirked, using his hands as emphasis. Kazahaya frowned.

Fai stepped in. "Oh, you two have already met?"

Kazahaya felt like rolling his eyes.

"No, but I'll introduce myself," Rikuo flashed a stunning smile, Kazahaya quirked an eyebrow. "My name is Rikuo Himura," he extended a brown hand. "And you are…?"

Kazahaya swallowed his pride and took Rikuo's hand, shaking it. "Kazahaya."

Rikuo hummed in approval, not letting go of Kazahaya's hand. "You have such soft hands," he stated. "Don't you work?"

Kazahaya flushed crimson, noticing now how rough Rikuo's skin was; a result of his farm work no doubt. "No, I don't," he replied icily, yanking his hand back.

"Ooh, I like 'em fiery," Rikuo winked, Kazahaya scowled in disgust. Who did this guy think he is?

"Care for a dance, Kudo?"

Kazahaya thought he was joking, even coughing out a short laugh. He examined his surroundings yet again, taking in the grinding flesh and met Rikuo's eyes, speaking with distain.

"I'll pass."

He had meant to walk off then, with some dignity remaining, when his wrist was harshly snagged back, yanking him to Rikuo's chest.

"What are you in a hurry for?" Rikuo almost purred, his arms slithering around Kazahaya's waist like two snakes.

The blond sputtered, feeling heat rush up his neck and frantically looked around, horrified at the lack of Fai. When did he run off? The little shit! Kazahaya wriggled in Rikuo's hold.

"Stop fooling around, let me go," he attempted in a calm voice, to convince this mad man to stop the prank.

"Hm… no," Rikuo grinned wickedly, beginning to move. Kazahaya gasped.

Never mind that they were both guys, if Rikuo began to dance like the others were, Kazahaya would personally see to it that this bulky man would never bear children.

"Relax… sheesh, you really aren't a dancer, are you?" There was a trace of humor in Rikuo's voice, innocently moving them back and forth.

"No! What kind of man dances?" Kazahaya kept his eyes pointed over Rikuo's shoulder, fumbling with his feet, trying to keep up with a simple two-step.

"Don't look at the floor," Rikuo tilted Kazahaya's chin up, when his gaze had fallen to watch his feet, to force him to look into his electric green eyes. "Always keep your chin parallel to the floor."

Kazahaya grumbled, glaring needles at Rikuo and still messing up his footing, eventually stepping on Rikuo's foot by accident.

Rikuo sighed. "Dancing is just moving your body to the rhythm." He gripped Kazahaya's hips, making the smaller male gasp, and pressing their pelvises together.

"Like this," and Rikuo moved their hips together, side to side. Kazahaya stood awkwardly, feeling a bead of sweat slide down his face in nervousness. "Move your hips… smoothly, like a circle instead of a square."

Kazahaya looked down at their connected fronts, gulping and looking back up to focus on Rikuo's neck, experimentally rolling his hips effortlessly.

Rikuo grinned. "Yes, like that."

Soon, guided by Rikuo's body and hands, the two moved in motion, connected at the hip. When one moved, the other followed. Although still a bit awkward, Kazahaya found that he was actually enjoying himself, settling his arms around Rikuo's shoulders and moving his feet again.

"I'd bet you'd make a great dancer," Rikuo murmured once another song started up. Kazahaya shook his head.

"I can't even do the Macarena," he admitted sheepishly, sliding his hands down to Rikuo's chest.

Rikuo shrugged, preparing for the next song when Kazahaya suddenly became stiff.

Wait a second… I'm dancing… with another man… and I'm ENJOYING it?

"I, uh… have to go now." And before Rikuo could protest, Kazahaya slipped away from the embrace, bolting to entrance and running back to his house, his thoughts clouded.

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