A/N: Harumi x Tatsuya is the most underrated pairing ever. Just sayin'. I don't own Mars.

It really, really sucks when the guy you're in love with is in love with a girl who you admit is a saint.

Boy, was it much easier back when you could hate her and act like a total bitch without feeling like a bitch since she was technically the bitch. Because now that you actually LIKE her and know she's sweet and completely innocent, you can't be bitter and NOT feel like a total bitch.

The complicated world of being a spurned lover. (Not, that, Rei was ever 'hers' to begin with - Harumi was still working on this no-more-in-denial thing.)

"… we can go see those college guys from the goukon. Hello, hello? Earth to Harumi, are you even listening?"

Glaring, Harumi slapped her book down on her desk. "Please, why can't you be quiet for a change."

"God, are you actually studying?"

"No, she's just mad because that little slut Kira is off with Rei again…"

Harumi felt like her head was ready to explode. "I told you I'm over him. And don't call her that." She stood up, noisily knocking aside her desk, and strode out of the room, ignoring the flood of resentful whisperings from her friends (if they still were her friends, because they've been annoying her hell of a lot lately - but then a lot of things were).

Outside, she saw that guy - Rei's friend, Tatsuya or what's-his-face - walking up in her direction. Great, not that complete dork. Then again, he lost Kira to Rei so that put her on the same level of the Loser scale as him, didn't it?

She sidestepped him, but he definitely saw her because he grabbed her arm and when she shook him off, he hurried to catch up. (This guy could not take a hint.)

"Have you seen Rei? There's a - "

"Obviously he left school ten hours ago," snapped Harumi, aware that she sounded like she was seriously PMS-ing. "Don't bother asking for Kira either, because they're obviously together on a romantic escapade to the tropical islands or something."

Tatsuya seemed taken aback, although Harumi couldn't see why her bitchyness would come as a surprise by now. "Hey, are you ok?"

"I'm fucking fantastic."

Harumi expected Tatsuya to shrink with fear or look uneasy and awkwardly excuse himself. She didn't expect him to take her hand, palm-up, and deposit a strawberry-flavored candy in it.

"It helps when I'm having a bad day," shrugged Tatsuya. "Don't be too hard on yourself."

He patted her on the shoulder once, then waved slightly and went away.

Harumi, who hated sweets, somehow ate the candy and didn't mind the taste.