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Allen panted as he ran frantically ran down the stone cobbled alley, followed closely behind by an equally exhausted Lenalee, Kanda, and Lavi. When they had accepted the mission, never in any of their imaginations did they even think that there could be the remotest possibility of facing a Level Nine Akuma. In fact, until that dreadful moment, they hadn't even realized that an akuma could evolve to a Level Nine in the first place.

They had realized something was wrong when the akuma had shown and took several hits of innocence without the slightest hint that it bothered it at all. They had been shocked, and bewildered about why their weapons had no effect on the creature they had been destined to fight. Instead the abomination had laughed at their desperate attempts to destroy it as it continued its killing spree in the town in had chosen.

It laughed. "You can't kill me! I am a Level Nine akuma, and your puny innocence has no effect on me! I will kill you four last, after I am done, and you have seen everyone else killed. You rotten exorcists."

And it had done so, making quick work of the remaining citizens in the slowly destroyed town, then turning its attention to the exorcists. "Was that painful? Don't you want to die? Come, let me destroy you…"

The exorcists, who hadn't stopped attacking the creature since it started it's killing spree, despite the unsatisfactory impact their innocence had on it, stared at each other to share a moment of absolute horror, on which they felt their feet begin to flee.

So they found themselves running desperately along the back alleys in an attempt to live another day to continue to fight. That was all that was on their minds at the moment when they were fleeing the Level Nine. As they ran around a corner at top speed a bright flash of light suddenly blinded them causing their speed to slow to late, as they ran through the silver flash, and found themselves in brand new territory.

Their eyes widened, and they stared at the shelves upon shelves of glass balls that surrounded them. "Where are we?" breathed Lenalee.

Lavi gave a weak laugh. "I have no idea."

Kanda "che'd"

Allen just started. "Um… I think we have bigger things to worry about." He said.

Lenalee looked back at Allen, but saw him staring the other way, following his gaze, she understood why. There was a numerous amount of adults dressed in robes pointing sticks at them with shocked expressions on their faces.

"Who are you?" they demanded, "How did you come here?"

The four looked at each other, silently deciding that Allen was going to be doing the talking. After all, he was Cross's apprentice, so he must have some experience in such situations. And he did.

Allen had a look of blank confusion on his face that the other three knew was at least partially faked. Knowing Allen, he probably had some idea of what had happened to them, but not enough to share, just a glimpse of an idea, so to speak. "Um… you're asking why we're here, but we don't even know where here is. Last we knew, we were running from a Level Nine in London's back alleys."

A man in ornate elaborate robes stepped forward. "I am Cornelius Fudge, and you are in the ministry of magic."

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