"What do you mean I'm in Big Apple?" Roars Kratos to the tourist guide, now that Kratos has gotten over his anger management with his so called shrink. He is no longer picking people up by the neck till they say what he wants. "Now tell me how do I get back to Olympus?"

"What? Dude for the last time, this is 2010 the Greek gods do not exist and there is no such place called Olympus..." The over panicked tour guide says. As Kratos grabs the guide neck and strangles him to death.

"Puny little man... Now who can tell me where I am?" Kratos shouts in the Burger shop.

"Hi, welcome to Kandy. Can I take your order?" The Lady behind the desk asks.

"....Err.... Could I have a roasted pig?"

"Sure umm.... SO that would be a pork chop burger?" At that moment Ares bursts into the burger restaurant.

"Ares, have you come once more to try to win the fight?" kratos laughs.

"No kratos I have COME TO KILL YOU!" Ares yells and pulls a ketchup bottle.

"Ah I see you chose the liquid flame? Well I choose the yellow liquid!" Kratos pulls out a mustered bottle.

"Can you to umm.... Kids bring your fight and small skirts outside?" The lady behind the desk says.

"Gah you puny mortals. The hands of death could not hold me, the sisters of fate could not control me, and you Ares will not ESCAPE ME!"

"Whoa man this is some intense stuff..." Kratos and Ares hear some random dude say in the back of the room. That just so happened to be wearing a "go Gods" shirt.

"Kratos we all know you had some problems growing up, but stop your bragging and fight me!" Ares hollers and squeezes the ketchup bottle. The ketchup sores across the room and splashes Kratos in the face. Kratos unleashes the might of yellow liquid upon Ares.

"You a disgrace upon the name God of War! I am the best!" Kratos yells.


"I will defeat you and after that ARES I WILL GET my pork chop Burger!"

Ares and kratos run outside and pull their most fears weapons.

Ares pulls out the liquid fire lollipop and Kratos pulls out the Ice-cream stick. Ares crumples in fear,

"How could you gain such a weapon? I thought they were banished to fairy land..."

"I went through much torture to get it. But anyways I will kill you!"

"No, I will kill you."

"No I will kill you."

"Noooo! I SHALL KILL YOU IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!" Ares yells and swings his red fire lollipop.

"Gah I am SO sticky!" "You will die now!" Kratos slams into Ares with the Ice-cream stick. "Ares you must die!" Ares falls down.

"Curse you Kratos even though I taste yummy.... I will get my revenge once more!" Ares yells and dissolves into a puddle of Ice-cream.

As Kratos walks in triumphantly back into the Burger shop.

"I see you have my Burger ready? For that I shall pay you one golden drachma." Kratos says while handing over his golden drachma and taking the burger.

"I wish Ares dude won... Here's my money mate..." The guy in the corner that has the "go Gods" shirt.

"Who is that I hear cheering on the Fallen God of War?" Kratos yells and turns around to see the guy. "Who would cheer on the gods when all they can do is send me into this torture, this Big Apple..."

"Yo Punk do not dis New York! Or I will send you on a jet plane!" Kratos bursts out the door and runs to a random person.

"Where are these Jet Planes?" Kratos demands.

"Umm... There right over there. Good luck... They will probably search you..."

"I do not care I just want to get out of this Big Apple!"

"You my friend are some messed up dude..."

An hour later Kratos makes it across the street without getting hit by a car, burst through the front doors and walks towards the counter.

"I want to get on the next Jet Plane. How many Gold drachmas will that be?"

"Did you say gold?"


"Okay just give me one and you will be on the next plane Greece....

"To Greece? Good... There I will get my ever going revenge on the gods!"

"Um whatever you say Mr.?"

"Kratos! Now get me on that plane!"

Two hours later Kratos steps on the plane and sits down.

-Where am I? This is bad get me off of here... He thinks to himself.

Kratos closes his eyes and falls asleep. He dreams about his earlier fight with Ares.


"Hello passengers we are landing in Canada. Please buckle up and remain calm for those first flyers."

"Were those voices coming from? They are attacking me. No..."

As Kratos lands in Greece the plane starts to shake... This is not Greece this is some cold place....

"The temperature is 20 degrees outside perfect for swimming. Thank you for flying U.S.A. to Canada air lines and have a nice day."

Kratos bolts up and makes for the door. He walks out the plane, as Kratos looks around he can't see anything because he is surrounded by walls. As he walks outside he feels cold that he has never felt before. He goes to a very tall building that says rooms, that Kratos is very tired and walks in the front room.

"Hello, can I take your bags?"

"What? No I have no "Bags" as Kratos goes to the counter. "I would like one room. Here is the gold."

"Okay here's your key..."

As kratos goes into the square box he looks around and sees a family huddled in a corner. Kratos shifts over giving them more space but they do not move. As it is his turn to get out of the elevator he walks down the hall way and opens a door.

He grabs a paper and starts writing two letters:

Dear Athena.

I have no idea where I am. Please send me a dream to help me. –Kratos.

Dear Zeus's dead body and spirit.

I beat you and I am coming to get my revenge again. –Kratos.