Well hello, fellow 2011ers... Welcome to the next year. I realize I haven't

really been working on this story (at all lately) but now I hope you welcome

me back (that would be cool...not really...yeah it would). Anyways, I am

thinking of making this story, that is clearly not finished, into a finished

book, hopefully before 2012... I thank you all for reading my uncompleted,

weird story. And without further adieu, I welcome you back to this story, that

is really still in 2010. I'm just too lazy to change it. LOVE YOU.

Now ghost of Sparta leave and go to The Ellen Show!

"Who's there?" Krato's says while he gets in the elevator. He notices a small

child curled up in a ball in the corner of the elevator. "Stand, silly

mortal!" Kratos demands and puts down the head of Teletubbie. He stares at the

child for five minutes and then decides it's useless. He squeezes through the

doors and stands on the opposite corner from the child. The doors slowly close

and then Kratos pushes the number one button. The child slowly brings his head

up and stares at Kratos, the young, creepy kid starts laughing and stands up.

"Who are you?" Kratos demands in shock.

"I know you are but who am I!" the child responds.

"Uhh..." Kratos mumbles in confusion. "I asked who are you?"

"You're Mom!" the child sneers.

"You are not my mother!" Kratos yells. "I will ask one more time! WHO ARE


"The better question is who are you?" the child responds and does a Count



"Sorry, my mom told me not to talk to strangers. Or loonies," the kid says and

it reaches the first floor. The child bolts out of the elevator and then

Kratos slowly exits as well.

"Hello sir, can I help you?" someone says, tapping Kratos on the back.

"Yes where is The Ellen Show?"

"What do you mean sir?"

"Where is this Ellen?"

"Ellen Degeneres?"

"YES! Where is it!"

"It is usually taped in Warner Bro Studio in Hollywood."

"Thank you! I must leave to find the Hollywood!" Kratos demands and leaves

Tree House. "Funny name for a place, since it is not a tree house or a tree,

or a house!"