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Moving to a new town is hard.

You have to leave your old friends behind knowing that sooner or later they'll forget about and stop being in touch with you. My friends from my old town said they would always keep in touch with me. But that's never the case. I never wanted to move in the first place, I wanted to stay with everyone. But my dad's job was transferred somewhere else, so now I am here. Wherever here is. At the moment I am standing on dirty mud, I am soaked in it all the way up to my knees. I don't mind it; I'm not the kind of girl to get squeamish about something like this. But I've been standing here, caked in mud for at least an hour. My mum's car broke down near a muddy field so now we are waiting for someone to come and take us back to our new house. I think it would be better if we had just stayed home. I crossed my arms pouting as I stared down at my wellies. Stupid mud.

"Amu, don't worry, they said they would be here soon," My mum said reassuringly.

I looked at her rolling my eyes. Yeah, right.

"Ok, then when is soon, 'cos Ami and I are both tired and want to go home," I picked up my little sister Ami up as she wriggled in my arms.

My mum and dad both sighed in unison before the AA came and saved us from Muddy Hell.

The ride home was fine though we didn't get back for a while. But at least we're here now. The new house isn't too bad. Actually, it's pretty big. I looked around admiring it but trying not to let it show. Well, I have to keep my cool, right? I walked up the stairs as I arrived at what was now my bedroom. I went in and smiled, it was perfect; everything in it was exactly what I wanted. It wasn't a big room, but it was perfect for me. I collapsed on the bed as I looked up at the ceiling. Tomorrow, I would have to go to school. I'd have to go and introduce myself to a whole new bunch of students. Will I still not be able to show the real me? Will I act cool, again? Probably, it will be the same as before. I sighed as I closed my eyes and rested my head on the pillow. I wonder if anything will be different.

"Amu!" Ami squealed as she jumped onto the bed and sat next to me.

She looked at me noticing that my eyes were shut.

"Is Amu asleep?" she wondered as she poked me in the eye.

My eyes jolted open as I felt pain searing through my eye.

I looked at Ami who was smiling at me.

"Is Amu awake," she asked me.

I sighed hugging her.

"She is now," I said.

I pinned the red x-shaped clip onto my bubble gum coloured hair as I walked hastily towards my new school. The bad thing was, I was late. My parents had forgotten that we were starting school so they didn't wake us up at the appropriate time so Ami and I are both late for going to school. Also, to make it worse, it's my first day so I'll probably make a bad impression. Great, that's exactly what I need. I sighed as I rushed forward, through the gates of my school finishing the final touches on my hair. As I was rushing too much I bumped into someone who was walking my way. My head must have hit something because it was throbbing. I stumbled backwards as I stopped on the spot. I looked up ready to say sorry when I saw the person I walked into. He was incredibly good looking. He had sapphire coloured hair and the same coloured eyes. He was quite tall and he was carrying a violin case. I must of hit the violin case, I touched where it hurt and winced. I bet I had a bruise there now.

"Sorry," I apologised to the boy.

I looked at him wondering what age he was, he looked a little older than me but I still wasn't sure what precise age. I rubbed my head trying to ignore the pain in my forehead as he stared back at me worryingly.

"Are you ok?" he asked me.

I nodded and smiled, "Yep, I'm completely fine,"

He smiled back at me as my heart skipped a beat. Wow...

"Well I'll see you around..." he said wondering what my name was.

"Hinamori Amu," I answered for him.

He nodded as he grinned again and walked away from me leaving me a little star struck. I stared at his back, if there were other boys like him in this school then I didn't care about leaving my old life behind. Shit, I'm still late! I realised and ran forward this time trying not to collide with anyone else who would make my heart beat so rapidly. But there was one thing I forgot to ask. He didn't tell me his name. Oh well, I'm sure I'll find out sooner or later. Hopefully sooner, it would be good to meet him again. I sighed dreamily and shook my head. I can't be any later than I already am. I ran to my classroom with haste as I stood outside the door where my new teacher seemed to be waiting. He stared at me as I smiled weakly back.

"Himamori Amu?" he asked.

I shook my head; shouldn't he know what my full name is?

"No, erm, its Hinamori Amu," I said.

He nodded apologising for getting my name wrong.

"I'm your teacher, Nikaidou Yuu; I hope you enjoy your new school," he smiled.

I smiled back at him as he opened the door to the classroom and stepped in. He indicated for me to follow him as I stepped into the room. All heads turned to me as I smiled rather sheepishly.

"Everyone, this is Himamori Amu," I stared at Nikaidou- Sensei; he still hasn't got my name right.

"It's Hinamori Amu," I sighed.

Nikaidou- Sensei smiled scratching the back of his head. He apologised again as I rolled my eyes.

There was a loud gasp as someone in the classroom shouted out, "She's so cool!"

Not again, I sighed as Nikaidou pointed me to where I was to sit. I sat down as the girl beside me known as Rima Mashiro smiled at me.

"Hello," she greeted.

"Hi," I leaned back in my chair as the class started.

So I still couldn't get rid of the cool personality could I. Oh well, at least I got to meet him. But I really wanted to know who he was.

"Mashiro- san, do you know a boy with sapphire hair and blue eyes?" I asked Rima Mashiro.

Rima looked at me and nodded with recognition.

"Yes, I think its Tsukiyomi Ikuto you're talking about," she said.

Oh, was that his name?

"But shouldn't you know him, he's quite famous," she asked.

I looked at her with confusion.

"Famous?" I questioned.

Rima nodded playing with a pencil in her hand.

"Yeah, he's a famous singer," she stated.

I stared at her in bewilderment. I've never heard of him before I bet he thought I was some kind of fan girl or something. Was he any good though? I sighed, maybe seeing him again would be harder than anticipated. Tsukiyomi Ikuto, was he really as nice as he seemed to be?

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