Missing Moments…

"But from that moment on Hermione Granger became their friend. There are some things you can't share with out ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve foot mountain troll is one of them."

There was no doubt in Ron Weasley's mind that Hermione Granger was the most insufferable know it all he had ever met, and that being friends with her was a real pain especially when she lectured him and Harry about the rules or stopped their hang man game in History of Magic. Yes life had been better when Hermione Granger had not been their friend.

Still right now in the common room with Hermione checking over his homework while his knight defeated Harry's queen on the chessboard Ron couldn't help but feel just a little grateful. He probably would've failed that potions essay without he. He spared a glance in her direction as Harry finished resetting up his chess pieces.

Her bushy hair was falling down over her eyes as she poured over his essay, crossing things out and looking through her notes. She took one second to lift her head from the homework to push a strand of hair behind her ears, and shot a quick glance over in Ron's direction. She shot him a quick tired smile as she noticed his gaze, and then went back to her work.

Perhaps Ron thought homework help isn't the only thing good about her, her smiles are pretty nice too. But that was absolutely it. There was nothing else good about Hermione Granger.

Ron turned his attention back to the chess game. Harry really was pathetic, and a sore loser. After two more games he announced he was heading to bed as they were the last ones in the common room besides Hermione who had now moved on to fixing Harry's essay.

"Almost done with that?" He asked Hermione, after he had finished picking up his chess set, and going to sit in the chair next to her. He really wasn't that tired afer all.

She yawned and looked up at him putting down her quill and sitting up. "Yes I'm all done." She said. Ron couldn't help but notice that she looked exhausted.

"You should go up to bed. You look awful."

Hermione glared at him. "Ronald Weasley you have got to be the biggest git I have ever met in my life."

Ron stared at her. What had he said that was so wrong? He didn't understand girls at all… no that wasn't true, he just didn't understand this particular girl. "Wha-" He began.

"Just shut up before you embarrass yourself." Hermione said exasperatedly.

Inexplicably Ron could feel a small smile creeping onto his lips. "Oh wipe that smirk off your face." Hermione said to him, but he could see that she too was holding back a smile.

"Only if you do." He replied slyly, shoving her arm playfully.

"Oh you are insufferable!" Hermione said, but she laughed and pushed him back.

This isn't that bad. Ron thought, smiling back at Hermione. She can be fun when she's tired. That's nice. But that was absolutely it. Homework help, smiles, and fun... nothing else.

"Seriously though Hermione, you should go to bed." Ron said to her, he knew she got miserable when she was tired.

Hermione yawned. "Yes, in a few minutes." She mumbled, curling up in her chair. "I don't want to get up just yet." She looked at him. "You don't have to wait you know, you can go to bed."

"Naw it's okay." Ron said, smiling at her. She looked so tiny in the armchair. "I'll stay too… just for a minute" He threw his legs over the side of his chair and put his head on the arm closest to Hermione.

"You're essay was awful." Hermione mumbled so quietly Ron could barely hear her. He figured she was falling asleep. He was suddenly very tired as well.

"Did you fix it?" He asked her, barely getting the words out as his eyes drooped.

She didn't answer him and he leaned over her chair to look at her. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing lightly. He leaned back into his own chair. He would go upstairs in a minute. He just wanted to rest for a second. He felt his eyes close and could feel sleep coming upon him.

Ronald Weasley's last thought before falling asleep was that Hermione Granger looked pretty cute sleeping. But that was absolutely it. There was nothing else he liked about Hermione Granger.