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Ron Weasley had never been more shocked and impressed in his life than he was at this moment. Seeing anyone punch Malfoy or walk out on Trelawney would have of course made his day, but the fact that someone had done both of these things and that this someone was Hermione Granger just sent him over the edge. He was absolutely and without a doubt in complete and total ecstasy. Absolutely nothing could spoil his mood.

He was sitting in the common room in his armchair next to the fire, cracking nuts and then throwing the shells in the fire watching the tiny explosions that the shells caused. In the armchair to his left his little sister Ginny was sleeping soundly, having fallen asleep an hour ago over her homework, and in the chair to his right Hermione was curled into a ball reading some book that Ron was sure that he would never be able to understand even if he tried. He had noticed that once in a while she would look up at a particularly loud shell explosion and roll her eyes, and as nothing pleased Ron Weasley more than annoying Hermione Granger he had begun to chuck several shells into the fire at a time, which set off a series of small explosions in short successions.

So far though his plan to get Hermione to raise her nose out of her book and talk to him had not gone over well. She had shot him a few annoyed glances but other than that she showed no signs of being particularly bothered by the noise he was making. Bored, Ron grabbed a quill from the table behind him and began to poke Hermione with it. She ignored him for several minutes but he persisted until she finally slammed her book shut and glared at him, "What exactly do you want?" She growled at him through clenched teeth, "Are you just trying to annoy me?"

Ron smiled, "Basically, yeah." He responded.

"Well don't." Hermione said, and then buried her nose back in her book.

Ron groaned, "Hermionnnnneeeeeee." He whined, rolling his eyes.

"What do you want Ron?" Hermione snapped, "Because if you're just trying to annoy me then I'll be sure to go up to my dormitory so to remove the temptation."

Ron stared at her, his ears going slightly red. "What? Temptation?"

"Oh grow up Ron!" Hermione said, "You are the most mature little-" but before she could finish her sentence Ron reached over her chair, and covered her mouth with his hand, she slapped him off her, "Why do you insist on making my life difficult?" She asked him, but she was laughing as she said it.

Ron rested his hand on her shoulder and laughed, "Oh what would you do without me?" He asked her.

"Um... well first off I probably would not have to do two essays every time a teacher assigns a project, and I wouldn't constantly be furious with anyone, and I wouldn't have to spend five hours in Zonkos every Hogsmeade weekend." Hermione said.

"Yeah, but other than that, you'd be pretty miserable wouldn't you?" Ron asked.

Hermione smiled at her friend, "Definitely."

Ron's ears turned even redder and he stood up. "You know what we haven't done lately?" He asked.


"Gone to the weather room."

"You haven't been there recently?" Hermione asked, surprised.

"No... why have you?" Ron asked suspiciously.

"Well yeah." Hermione said slowly, "I mean I usually go there when my homework schedule gets too much and I'm stressed about stuff."

"I bet me and Harry not talking to you didn't help much." Ron muttered.

"Well no." Hermione admitted.

"What was it?"


"The weather. What weather did it turn?" Ron asked, questioningly.

"Um it's usually foggy." Hermione said, "I can barely see the stars." She smiled at him, "It'd be nice to see the rain."

Ron smiled at her hugely, "Well what are we waiting for?" He asked, and walked through the portrait hole, Hermione following him.

After two years of visiting the weather room the pair knew all the hiding places on the way there and walked there with confidence and without a fear of getting caught, but they didn't usually run into anyone anyways. When they reached the room Ron pressed his hand into the brick hardly, but the door did not open.

"Wrong brick Ron." Hermione said silently, and pushed her hand into the one above his.

"Oh." Ron said sheepishly as the door opened, and Hermione walked in.

"I can't believe you didn't visit here while we were fighting." Hermione said as the the door behind Ron closed and rain began to fall from the ceiling. "I could never stay away."

"Well I kinda thought of it as our place you know." Ron said, "It didn't feel right to come here without you." He went to stand next to her, and took her hand. They both looked down at the enclosed hands awkwardly, and then looked back up, looking straight forward.

"Yeah... it never really felt completely the same." Hermione said. "It's much better with you."

"Yeah well rain is certainly better than fog." Ron replied, awkwardly.

"Definitely." Hermione said, smiling at Ron.


And with that Ron thought that maybe, just maybe he never ever wanted to not talk to Hermione for so long ever again, but that was absolutely it.