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Quote: "To know I wasn't strong enough for the truth breaks my heart." – Me.
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"What are you talking about Senna?" Rukia didn't understand anything that happening. Senna got up and walked to the door. She then turned around to say one more thing.
"I'm sorry." She opened the door and headed out. Rukia waved goodbye to Ukitake and ran outside to Senna.

Uryu looked at Ichigo and he returned a lazy shrug. The class was going crazy with their private conversations dealing with the situation. Well, I wouldn't call it a situation, more like drama. Ukitake calmed them down and turned to the boys.

"You two better go check on them." He moved his hand in a waving motion. The boys hesitantly walked outside as all the freshmen stared at them. Drama, I tell you! Outside, Senna's back was against the wall, and she was still crying, but not as harshly. For Ichigo's and Uryu's safety, they decided to stand a few feet away. They girls didn't even noticed them walk outside the classroom.

"Senna, you have to tell me what's wrong." Rukia was kneeling over Senna grabbing her shoulders. Senna shook her head and was sucking in air. "You know, Senna, I'm your best friend, I won't judge!" Rukia just wanted an answer on why everyone's been acting so strange today. Senna sat up a little.

"Rukia, promise me one thing." Senna grabbed Rukia's hand. "Whatever you end up hearing, please, please, remember that it was a mistake." A tapping of shoes were heard coming down the hall and Rukia was the first to see who it was.

"Hey Shuhei." She stood up and he kissed her. Senna stood up quickly.

"I got to go." She said quietly and hurried down the hall. She looked at Shuhei and he just shrugged. She then noticed Ichigo and Uryu outside.

"Oh! You guys want to continue the questioning?" Ichigo shrugged for the hundredth time today and Uryu looked down at his watch.

"Actually, Rukia, we better get ready for that Student Council meeting; we have ten minutes before school ends." Rukia kissed Shuhei goodbye.

"I'll see you later, dear." Rukia followed Uryu and he told Rukia how Orihime would be there because she came up with a couple of ideas. The arrived at the classroom that student council was held in and waited for the students to come. Once everyone were seated, Uryu was the first one to talk.

"Okay." He looked down at the folder on the bottom. "Today, we're suppose to plan senior field day. Since some of you aren't seniors, you'll just have to bare with me. Any suggestions?" Orihime frantically waved her hand back and forth saying that she has an idea.

"Ooh, ooh! Uryu, I know!" Orihime stood up. "Why don't we have it in the gym? I'm really good at decorating!" Orihime clasped her hands together surprised that she thought of this 'wonderful' idea.

"Ew, Orihime." Rukia spoke up. "The gym smells like dirt and sweaty socks." Rukia took out a piece of paper. "Okay. What's some activities you all like to do?" Some things said were eating, dancing, partying, games, rides and swimming. Someone popped at this opportunity.

"Why don't we have it at the beach this year?" One kid said. Rukia scratched her head for a second.

"Uh," She looked down at the funds for this year – $594. "I don't think we have enough this year. The seniors last year didn't do any fun raisers. Besides, if we go to the beach, there won't be any games or rides.

"That's true. Unless Kuchiki here donates." Another student pointed a thumb at Rukia.

"Hey, hey." Uryu waved his hands. "You all know clearly that it's against the rules to use student's personal money."

"But it's not her money, it's her daddy's money." The student stretched the word daddy. This kid is determined to win this fight.

"Okay." Rukia stood up for her chair by Uryu in front of the whole student council. "I've had enough of everyone today, I'm leaving." Rukia was heading towards the door but Orihime got up and ran up to Rukia. She got a hold of her arm.

"Rukia! Please stay." Orihime was always a loving friend. "I don't know what everyone's talking about, I honestly don't." Maybe Orihime should take up a job as national negotiator. "But you and Uryu are in charge this year. If you make your self look bad, we all look bad." Orihime had both her hands together on her chest.

"Too late. Kuchiki already made herself look bad." The student commented again.

"Okay kid." Uryu signed a piece of paper and walked to him and handed him the paper. "I don't want to see you around me or Rukia again." He took a glance on the paper and he was kicked out of Student Council.

"No! This will be on my permanent record!" He was holding a fit like a five-year-old.

"Now you're too late." Uryu sat back in his chair. "Rukia, any ideas?" The kid walked out the classroom with his back slumped. Rukia shook her head. "Freshmen." She whispered.

"But I do have an idea. If you all really want rides and swimming," She started, "my backyard's big enough." The class cheered and hoorayed. "I have a big swimming pool and my backyard's about the size of this school's yard."

"Rukia, that's so kind of you!" Orihime hugged her. "I'll come after school today to help you with the planning!" Orihime was excited to have a party hosted somewhere else instead of the school's yard.

"Actually, I have work.." Rukia looked at the clock. "right now. I'll see you later, Uryu, Orihime." She gave Orihime another hug and left the school. "Oh, I forgot my keys!" Rukia thought out loud. She raced back into the room. "Orihime, you still got my keys?" Orihime thought for a second on what she was talking about.

"Oh yes! But they're in my locker." Orihime offered to come but Rukia said no thankyou. Rukia walked down the hall and opened Orihime's locked until she felt someone's hands covered her eyes.

"Guess who." The mysterious said.

"Hey sweetie." Rukia turned around and kissed him. "Practice ended early?" Rukia asked.

"Yeah. Tryouts were today. I decided to take a little break."

"Oh! I'm late for work." Rukia kissed him goodbye and headed out the door.

"Rukia, you missed yesterday. You feeling better?" The owner, Urahara asked. He couldn't imagine if something ever happened to his little Rukia, even if they only knew each other for a couple of months.

"I'm good. Sorry I'm a little late today, I had a student council meeting." She grabbed her teal apron that said Karakura ice cream with cute little ice cream cones on it. It was adorable because Orihime designed it.

"Ichigo! Whatcha watching?" Yuzu sat on the couch next to Ichigo.

"Watching TV, Yuzu." Ichigo turned off the TV and turned to face his little sister. "Do you need anything?" Yuzu starting bouncing on the couch a little.

"Actually.. can we get some ice cream?" Ichigo couldn't say no to Yuzu.

"Kay. Let me get my keys." Yuzu jumped up and grabbed her sweater. She bolted out the door before Ichigo even reached for his keys. Ichigo opened the door. "Yuzu! Don't you want to ask Karin if she want's to come?"

"Oh.. I forgot." Yuzu walked back in the house to go ask her twin sister if she wanted to come.

"No worries. I'll go start the car." Ichigo walked outside and waited for his sisters to get in.

In the car ride, Yuzu talked about her day and about how she met a new boy named Kyou.

"Ooh. Yuzu has a crush." Karin sang and Ichigo chuckled. He loved being surrounded by his sisters. When they reached the ice cream store, Yuzu and Karin ran in and picked their flavors. When Ichigo walked in, he noticed Rukia.

"Oh! It's you, Ichigo." Rukia remembered him from today at school. He payed for his sisters' ice cream. "I should come clean, now." He thought.

"Rukia, can I talk to you?"


"In private?" He asked. He didn't want the whole store to know their business. Well.. her business.

"Sure." She headed out the door and Ichigo followed. She took off her apron while he started talking.

"Uh, Rukia, I don't know how to tell you this." Ichigo started tapping his foot up and down. Rukia just had a smile on her face. "Uhm, Rukia, do you know why everyone is talking about you and keep looking at you?" Ichigo asked.

"No. Do you know something about that?" Rukia was getting antsy.

"Yesterday at baseball practice, I saw Senna kiss Shuhei." He took a step back in case she took a chunk of cement out the ground and threw it at him. She chuckled a bit.

"You're kidding me, right?" Rukia didn't believe this and she won't let herself believe this. Ichigo grabbed her shoulders.

"Look Rukia, believe whatever you want." Ichigo turned around and took a step closer to the door. "You're not this stupid, and I know it. You can protect yourself."

"Wait Ichigo! I.. I don't know." Rukia knew she couldn't believe Shuhei would do this. She had to go talk to Senna. "I'll see you some other time." She ran inside and grabbed her keys. She told Urahara that she had an emergency and had to leave now.

Ring ring..

"Hello?" Hisana picked up the phone. It was Senna's mom, Hana.

"Hisana! How are you?" Hana asked. After a couple of minutes of talking, Hana asked a question that almost dropped Hisana's heart. "Senna's grandmother just recently passed away and since you guys have a big house and Senna and Rukia are best friends, do you mind looking over Senna for a week or two?" Hisana was quiet as she collected all the information that was being thrown at her.

"I.. I-don't know." Hisana choked those words out. "I have to ask Byakuya."

"Okay. I'll talk to you later." She hung up leaving a confused Hisana. Rukia walked in the house with her eyes stunk on her phone. "Rukia, who are you calling?"

"Senna." Rukia sat down in one of the dining table chairs.

"Don't call her." Hisana came to Rukia and her back. "You'll probably see a lot her soon." Hisana was heading into the kitchen and then turned around. "Rukia, whatever you heard, promise me that you'll try to forgive and forget." So many promises.. Rukia sighed and headed to her room. Rukia didn't change and just laid down on her bed. She put her pillow over her head and gave out a good scream. "How could Senna do this to me?" She then cried herself to sleep.

"Byakuya.. I don't know what do do." Hisana and Byakuya were in the library downstairs discussing their little.. predicament. "I don't want to tell her no, she'll have no other place to stay." Hisana was a softy towards children.

"Hisana, I'm not worried about what's going to happen to Senna, I'm worried about how Rukia's going to react." Byakuya held Hisana closer to him.

"Do you think we're getting a little too close in her private life?"

"Not at all." Byakuya answered. After a pregnant pause, Hisana spoke up.

"I'll go call Hana."

"Yuzu, pass the peas." Ichigo and his family were eating dinner like every other day.

"So, Yuzu.. How are you and Kyou doing?" Karin asked her sister. Everyone looked at Yuzu.

"Oh, Yuzu!" Isshin got up and hugged his little girl. "Oh, you're growing up so fast!"

"Isshin, I think our little girl is old enough to be dating boys!" Masaki pointed out. Karin and Yuzu were freshmen that went to Ichigo's school, also.

"So Yuzu," Ichigo finally spoke up, "I'll see you at Senior field day?" Ichigo asked.

"I don't think so." Karin answered Yuzu's question. "I heard every year the field day was either in the gym or outside in the school's yard." Karin shook her head in disgust.

"Well, we'll hear tomorrow what they decided on."

Rukia woke up screaming her brains out.

"Rukia! What's wrong?" Senna sat on Rukia's sofa in her room watching TV, unaware why Rukia screamed so loud.

"Senna.." Rukia was taking in deep breaths. "Get. Out." She said with distinct pauses between her words. Rukia didn't want to get up from her bed because she would bring Holy Hell if she did. Senna stood up wide-eyed and scurried out the room. When Senna got out the room, she ran into Hisana. There was a clash of glass back in Rukia's room. Hisana ran in the room.

"Rukia! Stop!" Rukia then sat back down on her bed with the expression on her face that said ready to kill. Hisana took a seat next to Rukia.

"Look, sweetie." Hisana caressed her back. "Senna's grandmother recently passed away recently and she has no other place to stay." Rukia shook her head and stood up.

"Fine." She was never the violent person.. until now. "She can sleep in the backyard."

"I'm sorry, Sweetie." Hisana didn't want Rukia to explode a second time, so she started heading for the door. "You know all the guest rooms are being fixed so she'll have to stay in here." Hisana closed her eyes for a slight second but Rukia just sighed.

"Whatever." Rukia went to examine what she threw and to her sudden surprise, it was the vase that held her yellow roses Shuhei gave her. She sighed once more and grabbed her phone to call Shuhei.

"Oh yes, Mr. Hisagi, Miss Kuchiki is waiting for you in the patio by the garden." The butler took a step back to give space for Shuhei to walk in. Shuhei walked to the backyard and saw that Rukia and Senna were having a staring contest and were a good distance from each other. He took a seat next to Rukia and kissed her on her forehead.

"I'm sorry." He finally broke the deadly silence.

"No.." Rukia's voice came out in a whisper. "No need to say sorry." Rukia looked at the garden for a second then back at Senna. "It's her fault." Senna stayed still for another second or two.
"What ever happened to forgive and forget?" Senna said in a begging voice. Rukia crossed her arms over her chest.

"Forgive and forget?" Rukia stood up. She stood by one of the columns that held the balcony up. "Senna, how could you do this to me? No. scratch that." Rukia went stand behind Shuhei. "It's not that you just kissed him, it's that I had to find out from someone I hardly even know!" Rukia was about to break out a river. "To know I wasn't strong enough for the truth breaks my heart." Rukia choked out those words and walked away into her backyard, trying to collect her thoughts. A couple of second later, Shuhei ran up to Rukia and held her hand. He turned her to face him and kissed her.

"Rukia, look, I promise you everything's going to be alright." He hugged her and they stayed there for a good ten minutes. The sky was getting dark and a wind was blowing strongly. "We better go in." Shuhei said and led Rukia back into the house. Rukia and Shuhei went up to Rukia's room and saw Senna sleeping face down on the sofa. Rukia looked at Shuhei and he gave her a smile and a nod.

"Senna." Rukia shook her shoulder a little but Senna stayed still. "Senna, I think we should talk about this a little more." Senna rolled around and opened her eyes.

"What do you want?" All she wanted to do was sleep and forget about all the stuff that was happening. Shuhei noticed the time and said he had to leave. He kissed Rukia goodbye and then left.

"Look Senna, it's just me and you now." Rukia turned to look down at Senna, who was just staring back at Rukia.

"Rukia, I understand what I did and I'm sorry." Senna sat up. "You don't have to try to big the bigger person and try to work things out, I understand." Rukia sat down on the sofa.

"I'm not trying to be the bigger person. I'm trying to make mends." Rukia sighed for a slight second. "I'm willing to look past it if you're willing to." Senna and Rukia hugged each other and Rukia was the first person to speak again. "Besides, for the next couple of days Orihime's going to come over and help decorate for senior field day." Senna looked confused for a second.
"I don't get it."

"We're having it at my house." Senna than jumped up for joy for the second time today. The two girls were best friends for now.. and tonight they popped in a movie and then fell asleep after wards.

It was twenty minutes before the first bell rang for the students to head to their first periods and Rukia and Shuhei were in Mr. Ukitake's classroom.

"I'm glad you've settled all all of your problems." Ukitake said with a smile. It was very, very rare to see him without a smile.
"Oh, thankyou!" Rukia walked around the classroom to examine while Ukitake was talking to Shuhei. It's been the same since she was here three years ago. The walls were an off white color, which were easy on the eyes. There were some Shakespeare posters here and there, and some promotional posters like 'Always keep your keys on success,' and 'Crack is whack.' The students sat alphabetically, and his desk was in front of the class but he rarely sat in it; he liked to walk around the class.

"So, Shuhei, I hear baseball is really getting you going for college years to come." Shuhei nodded and continued with baseball talk which Rukia knew nothing about.

"Oh crap!" Rukia broke out of her little day dream and ran to grab Shuhei's hand while heading to the door. "I'm sorry Mr. Ukitake! I forgot that I had to tell the office of the plans for Senior day." She waved and the two walked down the hallway.

Ichigo was in his first period rereading his notes for English. The teacher took role. "Kuchiki." No response. "Where's Rukia?" The class mumbled a bit.

"You know, Shuhei's not here, either." Another student pointed out. There was some oohs and ahhs for a second.

"That's enough!" That came out of the most unlikely person to have said that, Ichigo. He continued reading his notes while the students continued whispering here and there. All of a sudden, the fire alarm went off and the automatic voice came that said, "This is not a drill, please head out of the building, this is not a drill, please head out of the building."

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