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Pairing: Rachel/Quinn

Quinn would just stand and just watch HER, the girl who would always walk down the hallways of Mc Kinnely High with her shoulders back, chin up, just daring the world to get in her way. Oh how Quinn wished that she could be as strong as her with such confidence. She knows that she is going to get out of this lousy Lima Loser town, she has the drive the passion and she knows that she is going to make it out to. So why does Quinn have a slushie in her hand ready to dump it all over her hideous Argyle outfit. Because she has the ability to leave and Quinn doesn't want to be left behind. All her life Quinn has dreamed about getting out of Lima leaving all the pressures and mediocrity that this place had on her. And right in front of her stood someone who had that chance who would see beyond these walls of high school hell and make it, this fashion challenged angel in her Argyle outfit. So without a second thought Quinn raised the cup and prepared to douse her nemesis in a cold grape shower but when her hazel eyes collided with brown ones she hesitated for the first time out of the eleven months of constantly tormenting the other girl she couldn't do it. And it was because of those damn eyes. Those damn brown soulful puppy dog eyes. The same ones she would see sparkle and shine when she sang in front of the other Glee members. Ones that fired up with such determination when she thought someone or something was wrong, but never when she was being constantly mocked or tormented by Quinn and the other Cheerios. But today Quinn saw past the walls that were built and today she couldn't. Quinn couldn't bring herself to hurt her and this bothered Quinn.

Rachel noticed the that Quinn stopped and was standing in front of her just staring at her with a grape slushie in hand. Rachel of course was prepared for anything that the head cheerio could or would throw at her. Maybe this was just a new form of torment but then when Rachel looked up into Quinn's eyes she was frozen by the inner battle she saw. "Quinn?"

Quinn broke out of her slight daze upon hearing her name whispered. "What Stubbles?"

"Well I was wondering when you were going to decide to dump that slushie upon myself so I would then be able to go and begin my cleansing ritual before I am late to my class."

Quinn could see Rachel nervously watching the cup in her hand, "you know Man Hands this slushie is actually for myself and not for you." She saw Rachel let out a sigh of relief and of course because of her rep she had better fix this little slip up "I mean why would I waste my favorite flavor on you. I wouldn't want to actually make that horrible outfit look better. Because anything else added to it couldn't make it look any worse."

"So you are not going to dump that on me?"

"Are you now deaf Treasure Trail?" Quinn impatiently looked at Rachel and was wondering why she was still standing there talking to her. Talking to the one girl that drove her crazy and who she hated. Well if she was really honest with herself she didn't hate her. She just didn't want to evaluate what the other feelings were but they must be hatred.

"No, my ears are functioning perfectly fine. I fact when I went to the doctors for a daily physical he said I have superb hearing which is imperative to my future singing career. In fact-"

"Do you always answer in paragraphs?" Quinn took at drink from her slushie and raised an eyebrow at the little brunette diva.

"Well on my defense they really are not paragraphs but really just a fraction of one. And I always attempt to portray my whole opinion so no one would question what I mean." Rachel now had her arms crossed in front of her and that same determined look that Quinn found cute…Cute? No that she found…okay Quinn had to admit that she found it cute like she would find a puppy dog chasing its tail cute. Because it didn't mean that she found Rachel herself cute right?

"Well whatever Berry. Now get out of my way so I'm not late for my class." Quinn brushed past Rachel her shoulder connecting for just a split second and she could feel her heart begin to race. And she could've sworn she heard a quick intake of breath from the other girl. But she was too afraid to look back, she wasn't ready to look into those eyes again. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe after Glee. Maybe tonight. Just maybe she will deal with all of this, but right now she is late for Spanish.


Okay people. I am new to writing fanfic but I do love Glee and the whole Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray coupling. I wish the actual show would pair them up. *wishful thinking* LOL. Well just let me know what you think and tell me if you want me to continue.