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Chapter 19:

Living Nightmare

He had felt anger before, but never anything like this. Not even his mother's death brought out this much anger in him, and he didn't want to admit it scared him. It scared him that he had this much hatred for another life form. A Vulcan, no matter full or half, should not be feeling this level of hatred. They should not desire another life form to suffer a slow painful death. But then again, a Vulcan, full or half, should not fall in love and one should especially not fall in love with a human. However, Spock had never been very good at being Vulcan, no matter how hard he tried. He was always too emotional for those around him, who took great pains to make him show it.

Growing up never being taught how to deal with these feelings, he didn't know how to react to them, so he tried his best to hide them instead of embracing them for the treasure that they were. In an effort to be like any other Vulcan, he locked his feelings away and threw himself into the pursuit of knowledge, but no matter what he did, it wasn't enough. He was too human for his father and too Vulcan for his mother. After years of torment he came to the conclusion that he no longer stay on Vulcan.

Going to his Mother's home planet did not aid him. It was far different than what he had been expecting. He had expected to be overloaded by their discernible, rowdy, untamed emotions, but never thought that he would be considered as such an oddity on Earth, where the Federation and Starfleet were headquartered. In large cities, he could not walk down a street without crossing paths with another species, which looked less humanoid than he did, yet, he was the outsider. He was the stranger everyone stared at. He was the one that they called the emotionless robot. It took everything he had to ignore them.

He realized that he did not really fit in anywhere, and it was that thought that weighed heavily on him, at times nearly overpowering him. As he could not change who he was, he acted like emotions did not exist and tried to demonstrate to everyone that he did not need their approval or understanding. He tried to distance himself and show that he was not like them. He tried to show them that he was intelligent and worth something, but at the same time, he wanted to be the emotional robot that they thought him to be.

Spock went through the Academy that way, and for a while, it worked. Everyone marveled at his intelligence and offered praises to him that he told himself he did not need. No one made any attempts to befriend him, which was what he wanted as he could not risk being compromised. It worked for a while, but when his path crossed with Christopher Pike, his plan started to unwind.

The then-Captain Pike would not let him, always checking on him, making sure he was alright, and refused to take no as an answer. In the end instead of fighting him, he allowed him a small window, which Pike used on a regular basis. It was an annoyance, but also a comfort as he knew Pike saw him as more than just a Vulcan. This was why he wanted to serve under Captain Pike. His friendship had opened him up to the idea of something else.

Even with Captain Pike on his side, the half Vulcan was still known as the cold heartless robot on campus that scared cadets and even a few professors. It didn't bother him that people thought of him as scary and heartless, and he considered that a compliment. He saw no point in friendships. He told himself that he did not need love or affection, which he saw quite often on campus. Not only was it highly inappropriate, it was also highly illogical. He did not understand the point of being emotionally compromised by someone. What was the point in showing one's feelings in public? Shouldn't those intimate moments only be shared by the couple? He did not understand the point in displaying those moments with others. Love was a weakness that he would not allow himself to have.

However, then-Cadet Uhura did not like that idea and did everything she could to get him to notice her. Though it had taken her awhile, she had won him over and they began a relationship. She flowed well with him with her bright mind and clever thinking. Though she was not a Vulcan, Uhura was proper and well-spoken just like any Vulcan. For a while, he thought that she was the one he was meant to be with, but he soon realized something was missing. Even though the relationship did not last, he still held her close to his heart as a friend. She had shown him something that he did not think was possible and he was forever grateful to her, because she made it possible for him to love. She had taught him that it was okay to feel his emotions, not fear them. It made it possible for him to open up to Jim.

Unlike Uhura, who impressed Spock from the beginning, from the second he had seen Jim, the man angered and frustrated him (though he would not admit that aloud). Jim had no concern for rules and took great pleasure in breaking them. There was no logic or reason to Jim, who refused to listen to anything and seemed to like testing his restraint. He pushed his buttons at every turn. It took everything he had not to lose his composure when dealing with Jim. It was worse when Jim became the Captain, and there were times that Spock had thought of transferring to another ship. Admiral Pike denied all of his requests, insisting that he stay a little longer. Despite his misgivings, he stayed.

As he got to know Jim, he had learned that there was something more to the rule-breaking Kirk. There was heart, courage, and an overwhelming loyalty in Jim that no one could attest, and those were the traits that he admired. He also had this innocence about him that drew Spock to him, as he had a way to look through one's appearance and see his or her soul. He had the power to look pass grievances and forgive those who would not. Those were the reasons why Spock had stayed, and those were the reasons why he had found himself spending more and more time with Jim. Though it annoyed Uhura that he was spending less time with her, he found that he did not care, as he learned that he would rather be with the frustrating Jim than the relaxing Uhura. It was that reason why he broke up with Uhura.

At first, he had no interest of being in a romantic relationship with Jim as their friendship was rewarding enough for him, but yet as the months went by, Spock found himself wanting something more. It scared him to think that he wanted to be the only one with Jim, the only one Jim turned to. As much as he wanted it, he didn't know what he would do if Jim didn't want a relationship. After getting over his own fears, he courted Jim, and though he had nearly lost hope towards the end, Jim had agreed. At that moment, Spock was filled with a feeling of happiness that he had never felt before.

During their time together, he had come to learn real love, and though Jim had the power to drive anyone insane, there was nowhere else he would rather be. With Jim, he had total acceptance and unconditional love, which was a feeling that Spock could not even begin to describe.

His heart constricted when he thought about how it all came to an end, and he had no one else to blame but himself… Wait, that wasn't completely true. He had Salean and Seleen to blame for taking Jim away from him. They were the reason why he had lost everything after they had destroyed Jim. They had taken away Jim's innocence and turned him against the world, which was unforgivable in Spock's eyes.

Somehow, Spock had managed to overtake Seleen in the fight and had the Dalenien pinned to the ground. Spock looked into his eyes, trying to find any kind of remorse, but found none. All he saw was violence and hatred from Seleen, who didn't regret any of his actions. There was no doubt in Spock's mind that he would do everything again if given the chance but he wasn't going to let him. Raising his fist up to knock the Dalenien out, Spock saw his mouth move, but the sound was lost as he tuned out the world.

When a sickening smile appeared on Seleen's face, something in Spock's mind snapped. Why was this foul thing laughing? He had no right after he caused so much suffering.

With no care of restraint, Spock's fists flew, using him as a punching bag. With every hit, he thought of Jim and the hell his Captain went through and was still going through. This beast and his son had left behind a shell of a man, who had no idea of who he was anymore. Jim had lost his fight, his will, and more importantly, he had lost a sense of who he was and where he was going. He was living life with no purpose. He had lost everything he admired that made him James T. Kirk, and the Vulcan would not stand for that.

Spock couldn't get the image of how Jim looked when had last seen him out of his mind. When he had run into him at the event, he had used all of his Vulcan control not to gasp at the sight. The sparkle was gone from Jim's beautiful blue eyes. His face was pale and devoid of his usual cheerfulness while his hair was dull and limp. He looked like he had lost a lot of weight and was shrinking. It was that image that kept his fists flying even as he felt bone breaking beneath them.

When Spock pulled back his hand, it was covered in Seleen's white blood, which made him looked down at the Dalenien. He was unconscious and barely breathing, but the Vulcan couldn't find himself to care. He wanted, no needed, to make him pay, because not only had he stolen everything from Jim, he had taken something important from Spock. He had spent his whole life as an outsider, but when he allowed himself to love, he found a home in Jim, and now, that home was gone. While he knew he had to share in the blame, he didn't care. Seleen and his son were going to pay for creating the situation, for hurting Jim, and for all their hideous acts.

He raised his arm as he readied himself to strike him again. The human and Vulcan halves of him were ready to release his full rage.


Admiral Pike's nerves were getting the best of him. They were taking way too long to find Spock, and with each passing second, it was less likely that they would find the Vulcan in time. It should have been a comfort that a Vulcan was in the pursuit of Seleen and Salean, as Vulcans were always controlled and relaxed. They would not kill them if it was not required. At least it should have brought some comfort, but Pike held no belief that Spock was acting logically at this moment. He had doubts that Spock was acting rationally, so it was a relief when he spotted an old rundown building. "Commander Scott, is Mr. Spock in the building in front of my location?" he spoke into his communicator.

"He should be, Sir," Scott responded.

"Thank you, Mr. Scott," Pike stated as he flipped the communicator closed. He turned back to Selek and the five red shirts. "Are we ready?" he asked them.

Selek stepped forward. "It matters not if we are ready, as Jim cannot wait any longer, Admiral."

"True," Pike stated as he knew Selek was right. Though he did not know if Spock's strength could compare to the Daleniens, he knew the Vulcan would let nothing stop him from saving Jim. If he had to kill to protect Jim, that would be one thing, but if he killed for revenge, it was another, and Pike could not let that happen. Revenge killing would destroy his career and his life would be over. He knew Jim's life was on a line, which meant there wasn't any room for emotion. He just hoped that they made it in time to stop Spock from destroying his future.

Taking a deep breath, Pike and the search party worked their way through the building. Not knowing the building's stability made their progress ungodly slow. Even at their reduced pace they could hear cracking in the walls. Pike couldn't risk any of his men.


When they finally got through the hallway, they were shocked by the scene that awaited them. A large man was hunched over in a small chair with a burn mark across his chest from a phaser shot. For a second Admiral Pike thought he was dead, but a closer look proved his chest was moving slightly. It proved to be the least of his worries. Phaser scorch marks tarnished the walls, while blood, which he recognized as both Vulcan and Dalenien, was splattered across the room. He didn't have time to process the scene before his eyes zeroed in on Spock at the far side of the room.

He couldn't believe the sight of the Commander, who was totally disheveled. His blue formal uniform was ripped in several places and was covered in both his and Seleen's blood. There were more of the green and white liquids smeared across the skin of his face and hands. It made him almost forget that it was Spock who was the aggressor as Seleen was on the ground. Seleen, who didn't look alive, had been battered to a pulp. Blood oozed from multiple cuts and lacerations across the Dalenien's body, and the bone in his right arm had snapped and pierced through his white skin.

"Spock," he yelled as he noticed the Vulcan's hand rise. He knew what that meant. Spock was ready to kill Seleen, and if he did that, Pike would have no choice but to stop him. Seleen was the bad guy in this situation, but he was unconscious and unable to defend himself. It would be murder.

"Spock," he called again, when the Vulcan didn't acknowledge him. He had to do something, because the Vulcan wasn't listening and there would be stopping him if he didn't stop himself. "Commander Spock, put your fist down," he ordered. If they had to stop Spock by force, their chances of finding Jim would be slim.

The Vulcan didn't move.

"Spock," Pike stated again as he started to cross to him. Before he could take a second step, Selek grabbed his shoulder. "Selek," he uttered, giving a questioning look.

"It would be best if I approached him, Admiral. He is not in the right mind, and you will not be able to reason with him," Selek stated as he walked pass Pike. Selek kneeled down next to Spock, who didn't even look up. The younger Vulcan was focused on Seleen; his hand still poised to strike. The older Vulcan began to speak in their native language, "Spock, tash-tor tu."

The one-sided conversation went on for a few minutes as Selek tried to reach him.

Pike narrowed his eyes as Selek continued to speak to Spock in their native Vulcan. He knew it was the best way to reach the Commander, but he wished he knew what Selek was saying. It was another reminder that he needed to learn the Vulcan language.

Taking a deep breath, Spock glanced at Selek before dropping his fist. He replied back to Selek in Vulcan, and slowly began to rise but stopped when he notice Seleen twitch. His fist balled again, causing the five red shirts to ready their phasers that had been set to stun.

"Jim would not want this," Selek stated in English. He hesitated for a moment before placing his hand on Spock's shoulder.

Spock glanced at him. "Vravshau Jim," he stated. He gazed hard at the older Vulcan. He stared at his eyes for a few seconds before he spoke. "We do not have time to waste, Admiral," he stated as he turned back to Pike.

Pike stared at both of them in amazement. "Correct, Commander," he responded. It was then that he noticed something on Spock's shirt. In the location of where a human heart would be, it appeared that Spock had been shot and the wound was still bleeding. "Spock, are you okay?"

"The wound is not major. My heart is not in the same location as the human heart," he replied, trying to convince the Admiral that he was not seriously injured. Blood was dripping down his left side. "We do not have-" Spock didn't finish his sentence as Seleen flinched.

Pike eyed Seleen before he turned to the red shirts. He pointed to two of them before issuing an order. "You two keep an eye on him. If he moves, stun him. Don't kill him." He paused. "Unless he gives you reason to."

"Yes, sir," they responded.

Pike nodded before he crossed to Spock, whose state was still worrying him. Though Spock was down playing his wounds and speaking calmly, there was no doubt in Pike's mind that he was close to his breaking point. Seleen had been beaten to within an inch of his life and if they had been a second later, he would have been dead. His eyes moved to Selek, who kept his eyes on the younger Vulcan. It was clear that he too wasn't sure of Spock's state of mind.


There were so many things running through Spock's mind as they made their way through the building. The thing that startled him the most was fact that he did not feel guilty for nearly killing Seleen. He felt nothing but joy when he was about to end the Dalenien's life. The piece of filth did not deserve anything else but death, and he would have killed him if not for Selek, who had reminded him of Jim. Despite everything he had done, Jim would not have wanted him to destroy his life. In his heart he felt as though he had already done that when he threw Jim away like trash. Shaking his head, he tried to ignore those thoughts.

"We will locate Jim," Selek stated in a whisper only Spock could hear.

Spock glanced at him, unable to respond as Jim had already lost, and in fact, he had lost as well. He had lost a part of himself when he threw Jim aside. In one single act he had betrayed every promise that he had made to Jim. How could have he done that?

It wasn't long before they came across another room, which contained the alien doctor's body. The body was broken in several places, bones where popping out of his light greenish-blue skin, which was losing its shine. "How long do you think he's been dead?" Pike asked as he kneeled down next to him. His once slimy skin was almost completely dry.

Selek studied the corpse. "A few hours I estimate." He paused as he glanced around the room. "He seems to be a doctor," he stated as he pointed toward the medical instruments a few feet from them. "He must have angered Salean to the point that he killed him."

"Why do you say that?" one of the red shirts nervously asked. No one could blame him for being scared.

Pike glanced at the empty hypos that littered the ground. Though he was not a doctor, he knew what a few of those hypos were for, and each one of them could be deadly to a human.

"He was strangled, and I assume it was why they brought in Dr. McCoy," Selek answered.

"Then we need to hurry." Pike stated, "I doubt even McCoy could save Jim if this doctor gave him any of these hypos." He reached down and handed one of the hypos to Selek, whose eyes widened.

"I am surprised that Salean did not hire a better doctor, one who is knowledgeable in human anatomy," Selek stated, as he turned to Spock. "This doctor should have known better than to give a human any one of these hypos."

He did not like the way Selek was eyeing him. He was not a Vulcan child, who hadn't learned to control his emotions. He had almost killed the Dalenien because he wanted to, not because he lost control. He wanted revenge and was perfectly capable of stopping himself.

"If I was a doctor, I wouldn't want to get involved with a kidnapping of a Starfleet Officer," Pike stated as he stepped to the door. "He must've been the only doctor that Salean could find."

Selek nodded. "It must-"

"If McCoy was kidnapped for the sole reason of providing medical amenities to Jim, then we do not have time to talk," Spock interrupted. If Pike and Selek were correct, they had to find Jim, and they had to find him now.


They came across another room, and this one stole the breath from Spock, who was not expecting the blood. Unlike the rest of the blood in the building, this blood was crimson red, which meant it was undoubtedly human. Though he didn't know how, he was positive it was Jim's blood. This had to be the reason why they had taken McCoy, and why Seleen was fighting so hard to keep him away.

In addition to the blood, the room was riddled with empty hypos and antique needles, which he had read about in ancient medical books. In the corner of the room, chains with blood stained shackles hung from the ceiling, while a metal tub that was filled with dirty water sat a few feet down from them. There was a table in the middle of the room with scraps of black fabric on it. Next to the table was an empty chair, which had been knocked over. The entire room gave off the feeling of a torture chamber.

Spock knelt down next to a puddle of blood and dipped his finger into it. From the consistency, he could tell the liquid was drying, which meant it had to be at least a few hours old. He was terrified they might be too late. "We must hurry. If this is Jim's blood, he has to be seriously injured," Spock stated. He could not take his eyes off the crimson liquid. It was a sickening reminder that he had failed Jim, his everything.

"It could be McCoy's," Pike stated as he was kneeling a few feet away.

"What would make you think that?" Selek asked as he eyed the broken hypo in Pike's hand.

"I can tell from the label that this hypo belonged to McCoy," Pike stated as he stood up.

Spock eyed the hypo's label, but he was unable to read it from this distance. "Why would that hypo bring about Dr. McCoy's death?" He asked as he stood.

Pike handed Selek the hypo. "McCoy's no fool. He knew what this would do."

Selek looked down and squeezed the hypo. "It would have killed him," he answered.

Spock froze as he heard those words. "You do not believe that Dr. McCoy would kill Jim?" It did not compute with him as Dr. McCoy would never harm or purposely end Jim's life. Though he did not approve of the Enterprise's CMO, he could not deny that Jim and McCoy had a special relationship. There was no way he would have ended Jim's life, even if his former friend begged him.

"I do," Selek stated. "Dr. McCoy would not deny Jim this request."

The younger Vulcan tried to control the surge of anger that flew through him. Though he could not nor would never understand the pain that Jim went and was still going through, ending one's life was not the answer. "If Dr. McCoy had used the hypo on Jim, would he not be dead?" he asked. "Salean would not have let him live if he had done that, and he would have not taken the two bodies with him."

Both Pike and Selek were looking at him, trying to read him. Although he would not admit it, it unnerved him the way they were looking at him. He glanced at the two of the three red shirts, who held their phaser rifles, ready to shoot.

"You may be correct, Spock," Pike admitted as he walked past them toward the door on the other side of the room.

Spock followed closely behind the Admiral, ignoring the pain in his right shoulder. The wound was affecting him, but would not allow it to stop him. He had to find Jim, and needed to get out of the room, which felt like death. "We should cease this conversion and search for Jim." He did not understand why they were speaking when Jim was in danger.

Pike took a deep breath as he stared at Spock. "I know," he stated as he placed his hand the door.

Just as he was about to open the door, he was stopped by one of the remaining security officers, a medium sized man with very short hair. "Don't move, Admiral," he stated as he crossed to door. He knelt down next to Pike and pulled out a small tube of a very light spray, which he used to reveal a thin black wire running a few inches above the ground across the door. "If you were to trip this wire, half of this wall as well as yourself, Sir, would have been blown to pieces."

"Good eye, Lieutenant Smith," Pike stated as he took a step back. "Is there anything else we should be worried about?"

Spock watched as Lt. Smith ran a scanner over the door. It annoyed him that it was taking this long to go through the door, but he could not refute that it was logical for Smith to be careful. There was no doubt that Salean had planted traps all over the building.

Smith safely cut the wire, but he did not move away. He ran the scanner over the door, looking for another trap. The scanner chirped when he got to the middle of the door. "Another one," he stated as he clicked on the thermo scanner. "There's a heat signature on the other side of the door. Though I can't be sure, I'm willing to bet it's a bomb, Admiral," he stated as he glanced back to Pike.

"Disarm it," Pike ordered. He glanced toward Spock.

Smith followed Pike's eyes to Spock before returning back to the scanner. With a deep breath, he spoke, "I need everyone to step back. There can only be one man down field at a time." Selek, Spock, and Pike stepped back to the other two red shirts, who automatically stepped in front of them. Smith checked to make sure that they were back far enough before he started.


Salean was not gentle when he slammed McCoy into a hard metal seat and strapped him in. McCoy thought Salean was going to break his wrist when he handcuffed him to a steel bar. While wincing in pain, he watched as Salean kicked up a few seats to push the scratcher against the wall across from him. After securing the scratcher to the wall, he fastened Jim tightly to it, and before turning away to the cockpit, he kissed Jim hard on the forehead, which made McCoy puke a little. It was sickening to him that Salean could do this. How could he think he could just take Jim and do with him what he wanted?

McCoy took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself, because he needed to come up with a plan. If they were taken from this damn planet, both he and Jim were screwed. There were too many places Salean could hide them. He still hoped that Spock would save them, but he couldn't rely on that. He never wanted to be the 'damsel in distress', needing to be saved.

Trying to formulate a plan, Leonard took a long look around the craft. It was a small ship which could only carry eight people plus the pilot and copilot at the max. What struck him as odd was how bare-boned it was in supplies. There was no way they could travel the entire way to Salean's planet. It was just a shell that contained very little medical equipment and provisions that wouldn't last more than a few days. It had no weapons, which would make it easier to sneak pass space checks. It was then that McCoy realized that there must be another ship waiting for them.

McCoy leaned forward as much as he could and stared in the cockpit. Salean was sitting in of the pilot's chair, flipping switches on and checking on the status of engines, which seemed to be taking some time to become completely operational. "Are you able to fly this thing alone?" he asked.

Salean reached up and flipped a switch above his head. "This ship can be piloted by one person."

"It's sure taking you awhile to power this thing up," he stated.

"It will be powered up soon enough."

"How soon is soon?" McCoy asked, knowing he was being very annoying.

Salean stood from his seat and closed back to Jim as if to check on him. "Soon, Doctor. It takes a while to get the engines running." He reached for McCoy's medical bag and searched through it.

"What are you doing?" McCoy asked, trying to keep down his anger. Besides the fact that he hated when anyone messed with his medical supplies, he did not want Salean anywhere near Jim with hypos. If he were to grab the wrong one, he could kill Jim, though he wondered if that would be a bad thing.

"I do not want James waking up before we get to the Salasi," he stated as he pulled out a hypo.

McCoy tried to move closer, but the restraints were tight. "Put that hypo down! You'll kill him with that!" he shouted. From where he sat it was difficult to read the label, but he knew that there were many hypos in his bag that could kill Jim, who seemed to be allergic to everything.

Salean glanced down at hypo. "I have you here." He took a deep breath as McCoy glared at him. "I will take your concerns under consideration," he stated as he pocketed it.

It wasn't what McCoy wanted to hear, but he would take it. "And is Salasi," he repeated slowly, "the name of the ship that you plan to meet up with?"

"You will mind your business, Doctor."

"This is my business. You're kidnapping us."

Salean stepped to the back of the craft and glanced out. "Interesting," he stated as his eyes swiped their surroundings looking for any kind of movement. After a few seconds, he closed the hatch.

"What's interesting?" McCoy asked as he tried to wiggle out of the handcuffs.

The psychopath turned to McCoy. "The explosives that I set have not gone off."

His eyes widened at Salean's words and tried to jump out of his seat. The restraints held him down, cutting into his skin. "You asshat," he yelled.

"Asshat, Doctor?" Salean asked as he raised his transparent eyebrow. "I would have thought you were capable of better insults." He stepped to McCoy. "However, I will not stand for any kind of insult from a pet."

A pet? No one called him a fucking pet, and he refused to stand for that. He then realized something in his anger. "Spock must have found your traps, which means your father must have failed," he stated, letting out a small chuckle. "You aren't getting off this planet."

In an instant, Salean had him by his neck and slammed his head against the hull. "Your Vulcan friend will not last against my father, and we will get off this planet."

He smiled internally, as he was getting to this beast. "First, that Vulcan is not my friend, and second, it appears he already did. Maybe, you should have set better traps." It was getting harder to breathe as Salean's hand tightened around his neck.

"That Vulcan is lucky. I only had time to set up a few traps. If you hadn't slowed me down he would be dead." His tone was deadly, but it did scare McCoy.

"Like that would have helped," McCoy coughed out.

Salean stared at him before dropping his arms. "You only attempt to anger me."

"It was more than an attempt."

Salean growled, which startled Leonard, and stepped away. "You will learn your place soon enough," he stated as he crossed to the cockpit. He took a seat and started to type away at the computer.

McCoy started at Jim and his heart jumped as Jim's hand twitched. You start to wake up now, you idiot? Jim had always had the worse timing. "Jim," he whispered as he eyed Salean's back. Salean couldn't find out that Jim was close to waking, because he would be hypoed again. There were already enough drugs in his system and didn't need anything else in his bloodstream. "Jim, don't move. Just stay still."

"B-Bones," Jim moaned loudly.

"Fuck," McCoy swore as he saw Salean turn. The Dalenien stood and reached into his pocket for hypo. "Please, don't use that, Salean. Please, don't. I can keep him calm," McCoy begged. He couldn't watch his best friend die, even if he had planned to do it. This time was different. The hypo that he had planned to use would have been a quick death, while this one would make him suffer.

Salean stepped to Jim and grabbed his hand. "What is this bones?" he asked as he ran his fingers up Jim's arm.

"It's his nickname for me," McCoy answered as he eyed Jim's face.

"He cherishes you," Salean stated, sounding jealous.

McCoy wasn't sure if that fact was still true, but Salean did not need to know that. "Just don't use that." He nodded his head toward the hypo.

"Do you think he would give me a nickname?" He eyed Jim.

"Just because he gives you a nickname doesn't mean he cherishes you. He's given people he hated nicknames as well," he revealed. He was still hopelessly struggling with his restraints.

Salean stared at McCoy before uncapping the hypo. "We will see," he stated as he stabbed Jim in the neck.

Though he knew Jim was overdramatic at time, he was deeply worried when Jim moaned at the impact. "Untie me! Or at least move me next to him!"

"I am not foolish," he answered. "If I allow that, you might kill him yourself."

McCoy eyed the empty hypo feeling like the world just ended. It wasn't because Salean knew his plan; it was because there was nothing he could do for Jim. "What if you just killed him?" he asked, shaking.

"We will-" Just as he started to speak a huge explosion rocked the building and ground, shaking the craft. Salean let out a chuckle as he felt the shockwave. "One of my traps went off. That should have stopped them."

Dread filled McCoy as Salean crossed back to the cockpit. "You assfuck, you won't get away with this," McCoy yelled, not caring if he angered Salean anymore. "Starfleet will track you down and you'll be punished."

Salean didn't even glanced back at McCoy as he flipped another switch, which kicked up the engines completely. They were roaring loudly now. "Starfleet will be amazed how difficult it will be. The High Council does not support the ways of Starfleet and the selfish Federation."

"And yet your planet joined the federation?" he asked as he kept an eye on Jim. His nerves were getting the better of him. He couldn't move or do anything to help Jim.

"A choice we regret," he replied. "Enough talking, Doctor. Your voice gives me a headache."

Oh, McCoy wanted to keep talking and give that alien the biggest headache ever, but there were more important things that he had to worry about, and one of them was the man across from him.


Though Salean's many traps had slowed them down, they had become useful. After Smith had disabled all of them, Spock used them to blast through the remaining locked doors. He knew it would give Salean a false sense of hope. He would not be expecting them, after the last explosion took out half the building. However, they had to take it slow as the explosion made the building nearly collapse.

Just as they made it out of the building, the sounds of a craft taking off deafened them as the winds from the engines nearly knocked them down. Selek and Spock managed to stay on their feet. Admiral Pike's weakened leg nearly gave out on him, while the security officers gripped tightly to their phaser rifles.

Spock's heart began to sink when the craft started to take off the ground, but he didn't have time to think. He needed to act fast as he knew Jim had to be on the ship. In a few minutes it would be off the planet and their chances of finding him would be slim. If Salean managed to leave the region, he would never see his Jim again.

Spock glanced towards the others, trying to see if anyone had an idea. Selek kept his eyes on the ship. He could tell he was trying to think of something and was failing. He then looked at Pike, who had turned to the security officers, and gave a hand signal.

Before Spock could react, the three red shirts fired at the engines, disabling them. After smoking for a few seconds, the engines were engulfed in flames and the craft could not remain in flight. It started to slowly descend in a matter of seconds, but when flames started to travel up the wings, the craft fell almost instantly and hit the ground hard, breaking apart on impact. The ground shook, sending dust into the air, making it difficult to see.

Spock refused to wait for it to clear. Just as he started to walk, one of the red shirts, not Smith, grabbed him and shook his head. At that moment the engines exploded, sending metal shrapnel at them. The three red shirts forced Selek, Spock, and Pike to the ground and covered them.

Spock was not worried about the metal pieces coming at them, as he was focused on Jim, who was in the broken craft in front of him. There was no doubt that the explosion would have hurt or killed Jim, and it angered him that Admiral Pike would order his security officers to fire. They could have killed Jim with the crash. Before he could question the order the answer hit him; it was their only way to stop the ship from leaving.

Just looking at that burning ship scared him. Jim could be dead and he did not know how to handle a life without Jim. He could handle not being in a relationship with Jim, knowing he was still alive. When they were together, he knew eventually he'd have to come to terms that he would outlive Jim by many decades. Maybe, with time and Selek's help, he would be able to come to terms, but he didn't want to think about that now. He just wanted his Jim alive.

"Spock," Pike called for him as Spock dashed to the hatch of the craft. "It's not safe!" Pike wiped the blood from his face as he stood.

Spock didn't look back as he picked up a long skinny metal pipe that was lying on the ground from the explosion. The smoking metal seared his hand, but he chose to ignore it just like his other wounds. Using his Vulcan control over the pain, he wasn't going to let anything stop him from saving Jim. "The flames will not stop me," he snapped as he stepped toward them.

Pike turned back to the three red shirts and nodded his head before he turned to Selek. He gave the old Vulcan a worried look. "There is no talking him out of this. If it was I, I would be doing the same," Selek answered as he watched two red shirts follow behind Spock. Lt. Smith stayed behind to look for something to help put out the fire.


It wasn't long after the ship left the ground that something happened. McCoy could only guess at what happened, but he knew that something had exploded, which made Salean lose control of the ship. Tremors rocketed through the ship as it spun out of control. McCoy was only able to spare a quick glance at Salean, who was struggling with to gain control of the ship, and Jim, whose only blessing was that he was fully strapped in. He wasn't being ripped around like a rag doll like McCoy.

As the craft spun for what felt like forever, McCoy was forced backward by the force, his head acting like a ping pong ball against the metal wall. He was close to losing consciousness from the blows. He felt the hull of craft start to heat up and could hear the frame start to crack. Though he was not an engineer, he knew the ship would not be able to last much longer. Heck, they would not last much longer at this rate. Untied supplies and broken metal shrapnel started to fly around the room nailing everything in its path, but that wasn't what McCoy was worried. Jim had started to twitch slightly; it wasn't anything major, but considering what Salean had done, it was a bad sign. However, there wasn't a thing that McCoy could do as the ship crashed hard into the ground. The force of the crash slammed him back, knocking him out.


Though he didn't know how long he had been out, he knew that he couldn't have been or more than a few seconds, because Salean was crawling out of the cockpit which was completely on fire. Salean, who looked like he just came from hell, was covered in ash and blood. His clothes were scorched and his skin was burnt all over. It looked like one of his legs had been broken in the fall, though he wasn't able to bring himself to care after everything he had done.

McCoy could tell that none of his own bones were broken. Though it was hard to feel anything with his massive headache, he could feel blood dripping down his face. If he had to guess, there was a large cut above his left eye. His lower lip was split, and his left hand, which was handcuffed, was bleeding profusely around his wrist. Even with all of the pain and blood, he was still more worried about Jim, who had a sharp metal object hanging over his head. If it were to move, it would impale him, killing him instantly. There was also the fact that Jim had started to pale again.

With the flames engulfing the hull, the temperature in the ship was rising and it was getting harder to breathe without coughing as the fires consumed the oxygen in the room. The flames in the cockpit were getting larger and were starting to cross into the hull. McCoy's only hope was that the flames would eat Salean alive as he crawled closer to Jim, who was shaking. No, McCoy's mind protested at that sight. How could Jim be cold when he was sweating? They were surrendered by a blaze that was threatening to overtake them.

McCoy fumbled with his restraints as he kept an eye on Jim. He had to get out of these straps, because if he was correct, Jim would go into a cardiac arrest shortly and would not survive without help. Unable to break them, he reached for a something sharp to cut the belts. There was a sharp metal piece just outside of his reach. He looked at Salean, who was getting closer to Jim. Salean had tried to stand, but his burnt legs couldn't hold his weight.

Straining with everything he had, he finally reached the sharp metal fragment. Quickly cutting the straps off, he was finally able to stand, but the handcuffs kept him in the same spot. Seeing that the steel pike that he was handcuffed to was loose, he started to pull as he tried to work it off the wall.

Even using his full weight, the bar refused to budge from the wall. He tried kicking, even ramming it with his battered body. No matter what he did, he couldn't get the bar loose from the wall. His legs felt like jello and he could feel his lungs filling with smoke. In that moment he felt like a weakling, but refused to give up. Jim was all that mattered and he had to do everything he could to save him.

It was getting harder to breathe and McCoy's vision was starting to get cloudy. If they didn't get any fresh air into their lungs, they were all going to die. No matter how much he protested it, he turned to Salean and said, "S-Salean." He was coughing, and it was bloody painful to speak or breathe. He knees had stated to ache as he knelt down front of the seat that he had preoccupied. "W-we need to g-get out of here," he coughed as he glanced at the hull's hatch.

Salean picked up his head and glanced at McCoy before turning to Jim, whose shaking had gotten worse. "I must s-save him," he stated as he pushed himself up, struggling to get to his feet.

Though it sickened him that it would be Salean who got Jim out of this burning hellhole, Jim had to be saved. Hopefully, he would run into Spock when he got outside of the craft. McCoy glanced toward Jim, but he did not hold his gaze as he heard banging at the hatch door. Spock, he thought. Whoever was at the hatch had to be the one who shot them down, and when he saw them, he was going to give them hell for doing so and praise them at the same time.

A loud pop came from the direction of the cockpit drawing McCoy's attention. Though it was getting extremely cloudy and his vision was starting to blacken, he could see that Salean was on his feet. His walk to Jim looked painful.

"J-James," he stated as he reached the Captain. He had to duck down to be next to Jim as the hull hung low above him. With his super strength, he stated to rip off the restraints, but he had only ripped off a few straps as the hatch was forced open.

McCoy felt a refreshing rush of cold air hit him. The flames around them seem to jump in the fresh air. "S-Spock," he coughed as he watched the Vulcan enter the hull. Even from this distance, the doctor in him could see that Spock was seriously injured. There was a small limp in his walk. Spock only glanced at him for a second before he turned his attention to Jim. It didn't bug McCoy that Spock was focused on Jim as he would have been done the same thing, but he would rather not die like this.

With the fresh air, he could breathe again, but it also meant that the flames could as well. They were almost on them and were inching closer. He could see Spock slowly make his way towards Jim. He was unsure if he made it as he blacked out and was unable to remember anything.


When Spock walked into the flaming ship, the only thing he noticed was Salean next to an injured Jim. He paid no attention to the handcuffed McCoy, who was trying with all of his might to break free. He paid no attention to the flames that were eating the ship. His attention was fully on Jim and the monster, who was touching Jim without his permission. How dare he touch Jim? He was not his to touch, and he was definitely was not his to take. How dare he take Jim? How dare he use Jim? How dare he hurt Jim, who had been hurt enough in his life? All of these acts were unforgiveable and he would punish Salean for them.

Before he could kill the monster, he had to save Jim, who was still strapped down unable to move. Flames were inching closer to him as the beam above Jim's head started to slip. With a quick movement, Spock was next to Jim, and ignoring the pain, Spock picked Salean up and shoved him to the ground. The fire licked Salean's skin, burning him in several places. Spock only glanced at him for a split second, hearing him yell in his native language. Salean tried to stand, but his legs did not support him.

The Vulcan had to get Jim out now because his odds of living were decreasing with each passing second. "T'hy'la," he called to Jim, knowing that word would annoy the young Captain. Jim, who only had a slight idea of what that word meant, would not want Spock to call him that, because he believed that Spock lost that right. Spock would agree, but his feelings for Jim would never change. Even when he thought Jim had betrayed him and all the pain, he still loved Jim and still had the desire to be with him.

Not seeing any movement or response from Jim, he snapped off the remaining half-melted restraints, but before he could move him, the beam started to move. It sounded like a scream as it scrapped down the wall. As quickly and gently as possible, Spock slid Jim off the table and into his arms. Jim moaned in his arms as he held him tightly against his chest. It pained him to hear the weak moan coming out of Jim, and it installed a sense of urgency in him.

He tried to force Salean out of his mind and focus on Jim, but Salean called to him in his native language. He was trying to bait him, but Jim kept his focus. Holding Jim bridal style, he turned to Salean who was pushing himself up. There was smile on his face that Spock wanted to wipe off. He wanted to use his phaser and kill him, but that death would be too quick for him. He wanted to torture Salean as he had tortured Jim. He wanted to make him scream out in pain and watch as he bled out.

Interrupted from his thoughts by Jim shaking uncontrollably in his arms, Spock turned to the two security officers, who had followed him. One of the red shirts had freed McCoy, who was unconscious and bleeding, and was dragging him out of the burning hull. The other officer was standing a few feet from Spock, waiting for him so he could drag Salean out of the hull. The idea annoyed the Commander because Salean deserved to die. Looking back at Jim, he pushed everything else out of his mind and began to carrying out of the burning craft.

When Spock set out, he had one idea in his mind and that was to punish Salean. He had deserved nothing less than death, but could he leave him to die in the fire? Or did he want him to face his crimes and spend the rest of life in jail? "Ensign, take Captain Kirk to safety," Spock ordered as he crossed the red shirt.

"Sir, I can get Salean," he stated as he eyed Jim in Spock's arms.

Spock could sense that the Ensign was worried about leaving him alone with Salean, as he did almost kill his father. He knew that he could have landed in jail, but he could not bring himself to care. "We do not know the state of Salean and it would be wise to treat him as if he is at full strength. It would be logical for me to carry him. Will you take the Captain?"

The Ensign was worried but obeyed the order. "Yes, Sir," he stated as he went for Jim.

He fought back the desire to hold Jim tightly and never let him go as he allowed the Ensign to take him. He took control over his protectiveness as he forced himself to let go. "Now, go," he ordered through his teeth as he turned from him. It was difficult to let Jim out of his sight when he spent so much time trying to find him.

After he was sure the Ensign had left, he made his way to Salean, who was struggling to get to his feet. The flames were intense and made it hard to get to Salean without being burned. The pain in his shoulder was increasing, but he ignored it as he focused on the Dalenien, who was glaring at him.

"Where did you take James?" Salean hissed as he got to his knees. The hull around was starting to collapse, but neither one seemed to care.

"To safety," Spock responded as he got down on his knees. "I have a desire to leave you here to you die, but I will not allow myself to fall to your level," he stated as he stared at the monster, who had raped his beloved. He wanted to kill him slowly, but Jim was on his mind and knowing that he was safe, dulled that longing. "You will be arrested and put on trial for your crimes."

Salean looked at him and laughed. "Your Federation is a joke," he stated as he glared at Spock. "You believe in your fatuous, ridiculous trials, which my planet does not. It will fail and I will be free again, and James will be mine."

Spock wanted to reach out and snap his neck. How dare he threat Jim in his presence? How dare he claim Jim as his? It also angered him how he said the name James. "You believe you are untouchable?" he asked as he stared Salean down. He could not let Salean get to him. Instead of getting out of the burning craft, he was speaking with him.

"It has already been proven. Just ask James, when he faced me in trial. I was freed," Salean stated as a beam crashed behind him.

"You went to trial for the rape?" Spock asked, not knowing that Salean was arrested for Jim's rape. Why wasn't he in jail? When did he go to trial? How could he have missed that? Anger at himself started to fill him.

"It was not rape, you asinine Vulcan."

"You dare insult me?" Something inside of Spock snapped, "You are testing me."

"I wish to know why James will not love me, but he loves you."

Seleen had said that same thing to him, and again he could not answer. He could not explain to any of them why Jim loved him, as he was unsure himself. He was not worthy of Jim's love, even though he wanted to bury himself in his love and never leave. "You wish to bait me."

"I wish to kill you."

"Is that so? I wish to kill you as well but as I stated before, I am not controlled by animal urges."

Still shaking, Salean pushed himself onto his feet as Spock did the same. "No matter where you take James, I will find him and I will have him. Over and over again," he stated with a creepy look in his eyes. "He is mine. If I have to destroy you, then I shall."

At those words, Spock completely snapped and charged Salean.


When McCoy came too, he was staring up at Admiral Pike, who looked like an angel, a hideous angel but an angel nevertheless at the moment. "Pike," he coughed. The first thing he noticed was the heavenly temperature drop. "W-where's Jim?" he asked as he tried to push himself up. He had to figure out where Jim was and get him the Enterprise as soon as possible to save him.

"Relax, McCoy," Pike stated as he tried to force him back down.

"You d-don't understand," he stated painfully.

"McCoy, you're injured. You need to keep still," Pike stated as he looked around.

Leonard pushed himself up again and tried to look at what Pike was looking at. In the distance, he noticed Selek and the two red shirts trying to put out the massive fire that had engulfed the craft. Seeing the large flames scared him as he did see Spock or Jim. Taking a deep breath, he spoke, "W-Where's Jim?"

Pike took a deep breath. "You're hurt and you're worried about Jim?"

"He's g-going to d-die if we don't get h-him to the E-Enterprise," he stated as he pushed himself into a sitting position.

Just as Pike opened him mouth to ask what he was talking about, Ensign Charles exited the ship with Jim in his arms. "Ensign Charles," Pike called as he got up. "How is he?" He asked as Charles laid Jim down a few feet away from McCoy, who started to crawl to Jim. His legs still felt funny. "McCoy!" Pike yelled when he noticed him.

"P-Pike," McCoy croaked, "h-he needs medical a-attention." It still hurt to speak. "L-let me help him." He could see Jim was struggling to breathe. He couldn't tell if the meds that Salean gave him were doing this or if it was the fumes and smoke he had inhaled.

Hesitating for a second, Pike nodded his head and helped McCoy to his feet. Slowly, he helped McCoy walk to Jim. "Why are you so hot headed?" he asked as he placed him next to Jim.

"Because I have to be," McCoy snapped. His throat still hurt, but it was getting easier to speak. He knew his medical bag was destroyed in the fire but couldn't fight the urge to look for it. "Do you h-have any kind of medical supplies w-with you?" McCoy asked as he stared at Jim's slow moving chest.

Pike stared at Ensign Charles, who shook his head. "Unfortunately, no."

McCoy's fingers went to Jim's neck to check his heartbeat, and he felt himself curse. Jim's heart beat was way too fast, and if they didn't get it down, he could have a heart attack, which would be Jim's horrible luck. "Can we get-" The Doctor did not get to finish his sentence as the ship behind him exploded, sending everyone off their feet.

Unsure of what had just happened, the three security officers jumped to their feet to stand between Selek (who had made his way back to them), Pike, and McCoy. "What the hell just happened?" Pike hollered as he pushed himself pass the red shirts. Because of the huge explosion, fire completely engulfed the craft making it impossible to enter or escape from it. "Have any one seen Commander Spock?" Pike yelled, looking at each of them. "Did he make it out of the ship?"

"No, Sir, the last time I saw him was on the ship," the Ensign answered. "He was going after Salean."

"Fuck," Pike cursed. He turned to the fire and tried to step closer to see if he could make out the Vulcan in the flames, but the heat alone kept him back.

Selek turned and stared at Jim as if he was the most important thing in the world. "As it does fit the situation well, I would agree. We are fucked."

McCoy could see the fear in both Selek and Pike's eyes, but he had other things on his mind. Jim was looking worse with each passing second and his heartbeat was refusing to slow down. To make matters worse, Jim's was still shaking. "Pike, we n-need to get Jim to the Medical Bay as s-soon as possible," he stated interrupting Pike.

Just as Pike opened his mouth to speak, McCoy lost Jim's pulse. Frantically, Leonard tried to find Jim's heartbeat, and when he couldn't, he rolled on top of Jim, barely putting any pressure, as he tried to locate it. When he couldn't, he started to do chest compressions as it didn't seem like he was breathing either. Pike, and even Selek, looked on in horror. McCoy was losing Jim.

"D-Don't you fucking dare, Jim," McCoy yelled as he tried to get Jim to breathe again. After a few seconds of pure panic, he was able to get his heartbeat back but it was weak, almost undetectable. Jim took a breath. McCoy thought he could stop but he found Jim's heartbeat fading again. Resuming compressions, McCoy turned to Pike and yelled, "I c-can't keep this up for long. He's fading. We n-need to get Jim to the Enterprise." His throat was protesting.

Pike pulled out his communicator. "Admiral Pike to Enterprise. I need emergency transport."

Just as the Enterprise responded, Jim's heart completely stopped.


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