I really hope you like my story! It's very different to most of these twilight storys on this fanfic and I thought you'd like something original.

Rated T for strong language, sex references and gore.

160 Years I've been tracking the Cullen clan.

160 years of failure.

My name is Aiden Frost; Frost by name, Frost by nature.

I'm what you'd call cold hearted. I don't have time for sympathy or love or mercy. I do my job and I do it well. That's my life.

I work for the CIA. Central Intelligence agency. I live to kill and I kill to live.

I'm the only vampire on the team. I'm partially working for the Volturi too. I am like an inside spy if you will, to travel around and make sure nothing occurs to penetrate our way of life. Of course everyone at the CIA knows that I'm a vampire. The Volturi are alright with them knowing, why though beats the hell out of me.

So yeah, we need the Cullen's on board. My only talent is to repel any and all vampire talents but the talents they have are phenomenal; seeing the future, controlling emotions and reading minds.

"Frost." I said as I flipped open my shiny new cell phone and held it to my ear.

"Aiden, it's Jim, we have a serious situation down here. You need to come check it out." Jim (my boss) said.

"I'll be there in 10 minutes." I said and snapped my phone shut, shoving it in my pocket and grabbed my long black coat. I picked up my sun glasses and plopped my hat on my head. While jogging down the stairs of my apartment I slipped my hands into my pockets to pull out my leather gloves. I need to cover up in the sun light; people will get suspicious if they see a man walking down the street looking like a fallen star.

Once outside I slid into my black Mercedes CL500 with tinted windows (again, hiding from the sun) and spun it around and before I knew it, I was zooming down the road down to headquarters.

The automatic doors glided open for me as I stepped through into the reception area.

"Good morning, Aiden." Stephanie said from behind the counter. She works at the main desk here at the entrance, I have no idea what she actually does though, nor do I care. She's a nice enough human and all, but she just won't stop asking me out. I think it's the vampire thing that turns her on. I'm flattered and all, but it's severely irritating.

"Hey, Steph." I smiled at her while clapping my hands on the black surface of the desk. She looked up at me from under her lashes and flipped her wavy dark hair back over her shoulder which was clothed in a pale pink cardie.

Oh, shit.

"So, I was wondering what you were doing later?" Steph tried to sound alluring. Hah.

"Drinking human blood, you?" Her face crumpled with disgust, but not fear. Odd girl. "Is Jim in?"

"He's in his office." She said quietly. I began walking off to the elevator when she called me.

"Yeah?" I said whilst turning around but still moving to the elevator.

"I'll see you later." She winked at me.

With a groan I turned and stepped into the empty elevator. I took off my gloves and forced them into my pockets of my jacket. I took off my sunglasses and hooked them over the neck of my grey tee. I lifted my grey had with a black ribbon around it and held it at my side in my hand. My pale skin exposed and my brilliant crimson eyes are on full display.

When the doors slid open I stepped out and walked straight to Jim's office, ignoring the good mornings and hello, Aiden's on my way. I walked straight in without bothering to knock.

Jim was standing at him full length window with his back to me. He had his hands folded at the small of his back.

"Talk to me Jim."

He turned and sat at his desk. He has his hand through what little hair he had left and gestured to the seat in front of me.

"Take a seat." He said.

I sat down, even though I felt perfectly comfortable standing.

"We've had some problems with Birmingham, in England. We can't contact anyone there, no one answers. There have been no updates and people who have relatives there are starting to become anxious. It's probably nothing, we just need you to go check it out."

I nodded. "When do I leave?"

"A jet will take you there tomorrow morning, I'm sorry it isn't sooner, humans have to sleep you know."

I groaned. "Yeah, okay, I be here at 7?"

"9am." He corrected.

With a sigh I stood up. "Is there anything else?"


"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow." I said and walked out of the office. I was used to assignments like this. Normally peoples power goes out or they're doing some sponsored silence, it's not often I find real action. Humans are so boring.

I went to my offing and sat down at my desk. I started searching the net for anything that could lead me to the Cullen's.

Still nothing.

I hadn't noticed it had gotten so late until Linda (my P.A) came in and told me she was going and asked if there was anything I wanted. It was 10PM and they were closing.

I drove back to my apartment quickly. I dropped my keys on the counter of my kitchen and jumped onto the sofa. I lay on my side and turned on the T.V.

My apartment is really nice. It's a very modern place and the rent damn expensive. I have two bedrooms. One I used as a study though where I have all of my Cullen obsessions. All over the walls are pictures of the different family members at different points it time. I have a computer in there any many books and journals I keep to take notes to track down their path.

My bedroom is medium sized. Two opposing walls are painted black and the other two are red. I have a small balcony in my room too and a large wardrobe the length of the wall with a slidy light wooden door. My bed doesn't have a headboard or bars or anything, just built in draws underneath. I currently have red duvet and black pillows with matching black sheets. Not that I ever have any need for the bed.

I have one bathroom which has black tiled walls and floor; it had a walk in shower and a large square bath. The sink is built into black marble counters (the same as in the kitchen) and had a mirror above it which takes up the rest of the wall.

The kitchen has a breakfast counter separating it from the living room. It has black tiles on the floor and black painted opposing walls and red opposing walls; just like the rest of the apartment. I have a tall black fridge and black stove. (Props)

Criminal Minds was just about to come back on from break when I heard a knock on my door. I stood up and walked over to the door. I put my sunglasses on (I can't stand contacts, it really fucks up my vision) and undid the locks.

I swung the door open to see Stephanie wearing a shorter and should be legal red dress that fit her form snugly. The neck was low cut and it was open backed. She had her hair tied up into a neat bun and a red bow clip and wore black heals. She had a bottle of champagne in her hand.

"Hey, sugar, I told you I would be over later, didn't I?" She winked at me.

"Oh, he Steph, what a... urm surprise." I wasn't going to lie and call it a nice surprise, nor was I going to hurt her feelings and say I wished she wasn't here.

She held up the bottle of champagne. "Care to join me?"

I cleared my throat and took off my sunglasses. "I don't drink that shit. Vampire, remember? Now if you'll excuse me, I was going out for a hunt."

She put the bottle down and stepped closer. She wrapped her arms around my waist and looked up at me.

"Why don't you hunt me for a little bit?"

"Sorry, I don't play with my food." I said as I (at vampire speed) put on my sunglasses, grabbed my keys, pushed Steph out of the door and locked it behind me. I slowed to a walk when I came out to the street and hoped into my car.

I took an hour's drive east, not caring where I was going, until I drove past an alleyway and caught a boy with a girl backed against the wall. My car skidded to a stop and I walked up to the ally slowly.

"Come on babe, just one kiss; you know you want to." A young boys voice said. He sounded amused.

"No, please don't. Please let me go."

"Hey, listen to the pretty lady." I said as I rounded the corner.

The sound of my voice startled the boy and he stumbled back he walked in front of the girl protectively. They were only teenagers; 15 at the least. The boy has short cropped brown hair where the girl had long blonde hair.

"It's a bit past your bed time don't you think? You should go home."

"And what if I don't? What will you do about it?" The tiny shit challenged.

I took off my glasses and turned to the girl.

She gasped when she saw my eyes but didn't scream. "Would you care if I killed this kid?"

She shook her head.

"Good. Now run home. Tell your mum you're sorry and finish school. Don't have sex until you're married." She nodded again and nearly ran away.

I turned back to the boy.

"You don't scare me, you fag with contacts!"

He stepped forward and pulled a swift army knife out of his pocket. I laughed. As if he actually thought a tiny blade could even scratch me.

I took the knife out of his hands and effortlessly crushed it in my left palm. I rubbed my fingers together as the pieces crumbled to the ground like ash.

He stared wide mouthed and eyed like an idiot at my hand.

"I'll show you what this fag can do." I said as I walked up to him. I gripped his shoulder gently so that I didn't crush it or shatter the bones but tight enough that he couldn't escape.

"Don't scream." I whispered in his ear.

I clamped my hand over his mouth. I ripped his shirt so that his neck and shoulder was exposed. I stroked my tongue across his skin until it came to the warmest point of his neck. A vein.

My mouth watered and I couldn't wait any longer, the bloodlust was beginning to drive me mad with hunger.

I stretched my lips back over my teeth and a drop of venom dripped off of my fang and trickled down the boys shoulder. He wriggled and shouted muffled screams against my hand in response.

My fangs sliced into his skin as easy as a knife through soft butter. The second my teeth pierced his skin blood pulsed around my mouth like a washing machine. I sucked and sucked and sucked and the hot sweet blood poured down my throat. The deliciousness made me groan and dig my teeth deeper into the boy's neck. Once I couldn't squeeze out another drop, I let the body fall limp to the ground.