Chapter one Awakening

Tokyo's hina academy has a new transfer student a really cute and shy girl but for some reason she gets no friends then the coolest girl in school Hikari Haruwa becomes friend with her but Hikari's best friend Reika thinks theirs something wrong with her because she never does pe has such dark aura is often sick and all. But hikari doesn't listen…..

All right people shut up quit nagging and listen we have a new transferd student would you introduce yourself please?

Ye..Yes..Sensei imp Kurashiki Anzu I am 16 years old I just moved back from America because of my illness I had to stay in America for a while but I decided to come back

Sensei: well ok you can sit there next to Hikari and I hope it all right if you have to work together with Anzu today he Hikari?

Yeah I ok

Hikari smiled at anzu .

Hikari nodded happy back to Anzu

hi I'm Hikari Haruwa and you are Anzu Kuraski nice to meet you

one and the same here… Anzu said

right now at the same moment Rekia hikari good friend was watching this new student cause she looked kinda weird but for now it was this innocent that she didn't pay much attention to it

After lesson everyone went home only anzu stayed were she was and said:

Hikari-chan ..Could you bring maybe if you have time... ca .. Because I know you're busy and……


Could you bring me home because I don't know the way here?

Of course! Were do you live?

sakuraistreet.. I know it's far... soo if you don't have the time I could…

No it's all right.

Hikari and Anzu are walking for a long time then suddenly Anzu stopped.

What's wrong?

Nothing it's just I live here...! In this big house…

No it's a flat. ~

ow yeah I knew that…(grumps: darn I should have known that .. $!#*)

O well then I'll just see you tomorrow bye see~

Bye bye

Anzu walks up the stairs and got in to her room breathing strongly saying soft:

Pain… body is in pain……………………

The next morning Hikari woke up as usual…..LATE!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why does this always happen to me~~ why I'm a smart girl always brush my teeth do my homework, clean up my mess, and……..

Hikari saw across the street a walking Anzu but when she looked better it was as she was fainting Hikari wanted to go to her but when a bus drove in front of her she had to stop when the bus was gone Anzu also was gone… she though a little about it but then she heard the school bell so rushed to school

Wait for me~!

As the lesson started Hikari looked for Anzu who didn't came to school so after school she tried her house but she didn't open the door so Hikari went home. At night when Hikari was sleeping two flying little mini girls came flying in to her room saying

? Is this her? The real her no dough.

?: yeah I'm sure this time!

?: yeah you said that the last time too and the time before and before and before and….

?: ok ok I got it but this time I'm really sure all right

Hikari woke up and said with a sleepy voice : w..who are you?

The little things got shocked but said

?&?: ow hai nice to meet you we are…

little mirco chibis?.......... ^^(thanks to my friend Naomi)

?: nooooo! We are the chibi tenshi's of light: mana en momo

we've been looking forever for you. You need to……

pushed momo aside and said

to help us (cause really momo was like you need to save the world but that's in one word LAME! Sooooo)

kyaaaa that's mean onee-sama

serves you right

uhhhhhmmmm…………… WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?

ow shut it….

Hikari-chan I have apresent for you


and mana flew next to each other off and a red broach and a red bracelet appeared

wow is that for me thank you,


its really beautyfull…


its also pretty on my schooluniform

Mana&momo: HIKARI!


those things are not to play with, got that?

you must always keep those with you

o..ok but could you tell me WHAT THE HECK THESE ARE?

hikari-chan stay calm for now just keep them with you it will explain itself to you when time comes

Hikari nodded…….

The next morning hikari took the red things with her but when she was talking to mana and momo she forgot to watch the road and she bumped up to takeshima Takumi the hottest guy from school


ouch watch it girl…. Or what was it ehhhh…. Hikari –chan right?

yea that's right but don't use my name so familiar .got it bone head!

everyone loves Takumi accept for Hikari who wasn't such guy-hunter…

schoolbel: TRINGGG!

everyone got in to the school and Hikari just left Takumi on the floor.

Great now I'm late you bone head

day passed normaly until math the worse of the day. Lesson only started for two minutes and then the roof crashed and two ladies in black came down flying and they were saying

were is she were is she were that darn light we saw

everyone was screaming because the roof was only breaking futher when some wanted to escape one of the ladies barricaded the door so they could't escape the teacher opened a door in the back were all the students could escape soon only reika Takumi anzu and Hikari were left

reika bring anzu in safety Takumi and I will see if we can distract these old fashioned ladies

who are you calling old fashioned he look at yourself she shoot a hot red beam at Hikari but just before it hit her Takumi jumpt in front of it and got hit instead

TAKUMI! Hikari grapt him just in tie before he fell on the ground and screamed to him


Ca…cause I wanted to p..protect the most important person to me.

The most inportend person to you?

Yes…. H..hika..hikari…i..i……………………………….

Takumi slipped away after he said that


HAHHAHAH hes finally dead one of the ladies said

Shut up


SHUT UP! How dear you how dear you you're you're awfull

We know and that's a compliment to us

White light surrounded Hikari and and she said: light of the heavens give me strength

Then a bowl surrounded her and she transformed her light brown hair grow longer and grey

Her skin became whiter her legs longer and the eyes grey white clothes and large white wings she stepped on the ground.

One of the two ladies said: so youre that dammit bitch, were mao lords: lion and orhphana and were here to get ride of you before you get to know how youre powers work.

m.. my powers? Do I have powers she said to mana and momo

you have but you have to say the secret spell and we don't even know what that spell is you have to call up on youre power on youre own.

But how do I do that

Are we done talking grammas ? she aimed at Hikari: ma ju oh! A red crikel appeared and a beam cam from it Hikari dogged it just in time

Hikari chan~~ you have to think deeply think abut Takumi what happened to him than say the first words that come up in your head.

Hikari standed still for a moment and then she raised her head and said kain our soph and she put her hand in front of her the pearls of the braclet shined and got loose off the arm and got in front of her they shaped an shield in front of her and then they attack orphhana

Ahhh what are you doing stop stop aahhhh chibi devils! The chibi devils appeared and were attacking hikari chibi devils are like chibi tenshi only more like fighting machines the exist to protect the mao lord mao lord have not one like tenshis do but the most of them have a thousand them

Djarck ennergiee said one of the chibi devils

Hikari chan focus don't be misleaded by the chibi devils !

Uhh at is this dark energy feel dizzy help help help ME!


From the sky a girl in white clothes came down and jumped on the chibi devil

Anuka no waraku no sa jou ni kan

With these word the chibi devil disappeared

How who what are you Hikari asked

Later .. now we have to get those woman away

That wont be difficult

Hikari chan call up upon youre angel item only you know how to do it hurry!

For a moment hikari thought then raised her head and said Shiroubara! And white and long stick more rod like with a circle on the edge and their were hanging so me feathers and some seals on the end appeared and fell from the sky.

What what is this this thing

Hikari chan that item reassembles' youre power use it we know you can


All the clouds in the sky became clear and a light shined on Hikari:

Set upon the white heavens, you a demon born in the dark, I shall seal you away, crystal white heaven feathers!

A bright light appeared and all the chibi devils disappeared and the two mao lord were trying to protect themselves

Arhh that light nooo !

All the chibi devils disappeared!

Orhphana and lion got hit to but they did survived it

Orhphana sama lets go all my power is being drained

Yes youre right, kami, we will settle our score later

Bye for now the went intro a black hole and vanished

wow what happened?

Should you really worry about that look at youre guy behind


I started sobbing a bit and looked at the girl in white clothes she suddenly said

My name is Alice I am the tenshi of Saturn and this is my chibi tenshi an-chan(nice to meet you) if you want to save that guy you've got to train you cant save him yet cause he's dead you cant yet bring people back from the dead

Then what should I do I cant just leave him

Don't worry as the tenshi of Saturn I have the power of dead and rebirth I can give him his life back but Ill have to know why, why is it that you want to save him? Because he's you're classmate because you feel responsible why?

Because …because… because I.. I. I LOVE HIM!

alice laughed slightly that's a good reason. Alice holed her hands in the air and mumbled something then a little bowl of light appeared and it got above takumi here that's his life put it back with you're feeling for him.

o..ok hikari took the bowl and thought of her feelings she put the bowl intro takumi and kissed him suddenly his eyes opened

uuhmm his eyes widened who.. who are you? the tenshi of light ANGEL!

But I have to go now im sorry we will defiantly meet again bye……

Hikari flew away with alice and the landed on a rooftop nearby then alice said something

By the way what youre name I never asked it

Ow my name is Hikari Haruwa nice to meet you! Said hikari hard and then made a bow

Hi lauging slightly im Alice Yumiko the reason I came to look for you is because I have the duty to train you if youre ok with that sama~

Uuuhhm ok.. but whats with the sama?

Well you are our angel queen

Angel queen?... what the hell is that

You have the most power of al the angels you are not called for nothing kami sama (god)

Kami..kami… I am no way I must be a joke I could be im just a high school girl ok I might be a little popular but I cant be kami sama ……………… lets ..just lets say IF I were kami sama who was the one I was always praying at?

The godsoul


That's the soul that come intro you and gives you the power of youre element in youre case its light or to say kami sama but with me is was the powers of Saturn with all angel is a slight different its not always the same you see

Ok I got it

Well what do you think of a training after school tomorrow just say to youre parent that…..

I don't need to

Do they know that you….

My parents are dead…..

Ow .. Im so sorry I didn't mean to..

Don't worry so.. tomorrow were going to meet … were?

On school at the front gate ok see you tomorrow hikari bye alice flew of into the high sky until hikari coudnt see her anymore

*sweat drop* eeuuhhhmmm mana momo actually how do I turn back

Ow that simple hikari chan~ hikari turn back and then hurried back to her classroom were takumi still was hikari who ran to him as if she did'nt knew what happened

Takumi? Takumi are you ok? How are you feeling 'what happened' (as if I don't know)

Ahhhmm Hikari-chan not soo sure what happened after I saved you?

Well those woman almost had me I had to run when I came back after I heard this sound I saw you here

Ow i… kno.w…* in mind* that angel saved me… by the way are you ok because…

hikari-chan youre hurt

on hikari's schoulder was a big cut she also had a cut on her chest.

Ow this it's not sooo owhh..

Takumi lifted hikari and carried her princes like outside were Reika stood

Takeshima what happened to her

Nothing Reika-chan just some cuts just let me go its not that painfull takumi!

Suddenly some fangirls of takumi turned around and takumi said

Well its youre fault for yelling my name and is that actually the first official time you said my name before it was always some nickname

*Flashback feather*

*get out of my way skull brain

*get you're stinky feet of my table you overloaded battery

* don't use my name so familiar bone head

* weird guy, candy ripper, attention loser ect..ect..

*end flashback*

Hikari blushes

and he said something in her ear:

nice color of bra you're wearing what size do you have

hikari saw that her uniform was a little unbuttoned her face became red

shut up shut up shut up pervert ecchi hentai I I really..really HATE YOU !

HAHAH now now hikari –chan ~~ don't be so mean to me


Ilona :well that was it for now

Hikari: I really hate that pervert

Momo: hikari-chan~ *sweat drop*

Alice : momo chan is right lets focus on training

hikari: gyaaaa!

Mana: well ilona lets just do the damm preview

Ilona : ke next time alice is going to learn me how to control my powers good and its seems like there is a new student counsel president it's a girl and nobody is nice to her and what with anzu being absent all the time o well at least she feeling better. NEXT TIME ANGEL WINGS CHAPTER TWO THE NEW STUDENT COUNSIL PRESIDENT

mana: aha screentime! now it my time to shin..

See you next time bye!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- makers note----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

well this toke me a while to make had to come up with NAMES! really except for hikari everyones name became different in the end this is my whole own made story i hope you like it if you do please tell me if you tight anything should be different please tell me i wanna know thanks for reading see you soon when chapter two is done

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