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Chapter 1

Aurora sighed from her bed and stared longingly down the street of Spinner's End. Grounded again from today's little escapade she was not permitted to leave her room until Severus came to retrieve her for supper. All in all Aurora had to admit that this had been a very unfair punishment. She went for a walk and was a mere hour late, but leave it to her father to throw one of the biggest fits Merlin has ever seen! His over protectiveness would be the death of her one day.

She longed to go out and sit in the backyard just watching the stars twinkle in the sky, but Severus said that she was confined to the house for the rest of the evening. With nothing to do, but homework…and who really wants to do homework during Summer break, Aurora was left to wallow in self pity as the minutes ticked, ever so slowly, by.

This gave Aurora some time to really admire her bedroom though. She had time to admire the lovely sea foam green walls and beautiful white carpet. Aurora found this to be absolutely perfect! It wasn't one of those extremely girly bedrooms that you saw on sitcoms with the bright pink walls and purple fuzzy pillows. Aurora dreaded things that were bright and florescent. Her bed had a sea foam green comforter on it, and the fuzzy pillows but they were white rather than bright purple.

She had her own magical wardrobe and a beautiful dresser that had a vanity mirror. She absolutely adored her little bedroom! The rest of the house was just as nice. Severus had kept it as warm and quaint as he possibly could and Aurora also took notice to how muggle it felt to her. There was a fireplace downstairs in the sitting room and a large squashy winter green couch that Aurora and Severus occupied at night when they chose to read books or study. There was no telly, but Aurora had never been permitted to watch television in the first place. It also left them with plenty of time to bond and spend time with one another.

This summer had just been absolutely wonderful! And she had been behaving so well that Christian even agreed to lessen the amount of therapy sessions she had to take! So she was starting to sink into normalcy…she even got in trouble and punished like a normal teenager. There was only one problem with this absolute perfect Holiday and that was the fact that she had not heard from her friends all summer.

Not even a single letter had come in from Ashley, Cedric or Draco this summer…Aurora had written them so many times that she could have sworn she had gone through every single ink bottle Severus owned. She didn't understand why they weren't replying and at first she thought that maybe Hedwig continued to fly to the wrong home; but why would she be able to find Professor Dumbledore and not her best friends? Oh well, some things were best kept as a mystery. Aurora only thought that at the moment because if she did find out the true reason for their rudeness she would probably curse the both of them into oblivion!

"Aurora," Severus called from downstairs. "Aurora!"

"Yes?" Aurora called back from her bed.

She really didn't want to have to be scolded again this week. Two days ago she got grounded for talking back when it came to doing homework, and today she got grounded for arriving past curfew…it made her wonder what tomorrow would bring.

"It's time to eat."

Because refusing supper was something Aurora was never permitted to do she knew that she had no choice but to go downstairs. There was only one excuse that Severus would accept for her missing a meal and that was for her to be too ill to leave bed. As Aurora continued downstairs the smell of garlic and warm tomatoes filled the air. That could only mean one thing and that was that tonight was Spaghetti night! Rory took her seat and waited for Severus to join her before she began eating.

"I see you have recovered from your tantrum." Severus whispered joining her at the table.

"I didn't throw a tantrum." Aurora grumbled. "I said I was sorry I was late…You could always get me a cell phone or something and then I would be able to keep in contact with you."

Severus smirked and lifted his one eyebrow, Aurora knew that stare. It was a stare that meant she was pushing her luck.

"Or you could wear that lovely watch I bought you and keep track of time like the responsible young lady you are supposed to be."

Aurora spun her pasta around her fork and sighed.

"So that's a no on the cell phone?" she smiled.

"You wouldn't be able to use it at Hogwarts anyway," Severus said biting from a slice of garlic bread. "All technological devices become disabled once a person enters the platform."

"Yeah, but during the summer it would make everything easier…and a cell phone has a clock on it."

Severus chuckled and said, "and because it has a clock on it the thing would end up where your watch is…in your bedroom on the floor."


"No and that is the end of it."

Rolling her eyes Aurora continued to eat in silence. She knew that she had been pushing her luck asking for a phone when she had just gotten over a punishment, but there was always tomorrow.

"I have to work tonight love." Severus said randomly.

"Again?" Aurora sighed. "This is the third time this week! Why can't St. Mungos find someone else?"

Severus had a summer job when he left Hogwarts as a private practice Healer. He worked at St. Mungos Wizarding Hospital because his home was too small to practice medicine. Aurora didn't mind him leaving for week, but this past week just seemed like one of the worse. He was gone until early the next morning and for those brief periods of time Aurora was left at home alone…unless Cedric was available to come over and watch her.

"Rory," Severus said gently. "I have an obligation to them and I promise that we will spend plenty of time together this weekend…it's your birthday after all."

Standing from the table Aurora pushed her chair in and spat, "whatever."

"Aurora Evans Snape!"

Great, once again she knew that grounding would be inevitable. He had an obligation to them? What about his obligation to her? Didn't he have an obligation as a father to spend time with her? Time that did not include scolding or yelling? She believed so, of course Aurora knew that sometimes she warranted these punishments. However this time she did not feel that way.

Severus squeezed the bridge to his nose and sighed. Parenthood, so this was what it would be like? Now that Aurora was more comfortable around him it seemed that she was the most incorrigible child he had ever met! She was so stubborn and hardheaded that it drove him to the point of utter madness! Aurora was turning slowly into what he had dreaded his whole life…a teenager. And too soon! He could have sworn that a child only reached that point at the age of thirteen…so in that case Aurora was a year ahead of herself!

But did that stop her from slamming her bedroom door when they had an argument, or talking back when Severus wanted to forbid her from doing something he felt was not safe? Of course not, Aurora was a teenage girl and there was nothing that could be done to change that. Merlin that was depressing. Shaking his head he rose from the table and placed his, as well as Aurora's, dish into the sink.

It wasn't all bad though, Aurora was still his daughter and he loved her dearly. She had her bad moments but usually her good weighed out the bad. This week just seemed to be an off week. And Severus felt that he was partially to blame, he had not been home for most of it to keep Aurora company and from what he understood none of her friends had been keeping contact with her. So all this rebellious behavior was due to cabin fever.

"Merlin, help me if next week is just as bad." He breathed.

It wasn't that he wanted to work these long hours…nor was it the fact that he had an obligation to St. Mungos…the fact was that on a teaching salary he was having minor difficulty staying ahead. It was nothing that he could not handle by himself, but he refused to let Aurora know. Aurora accepted blame for things that were in no way shape or form her fault. And he just knew that the moment she caught wind of his actual financial struggle she would be riddled with guilt and feel the need to do everything in her power to help and try to make it better.

So tonight he would leave for another long night of dealing with various magical illnesses and injuries. It was too late to get into contact with Mr. Diggory so tonight Aurora would just have to stay home by herself. He was not worried, Aurora behaved when he wasn't around and he had so many protection charms around their home that if anyone was stupid enough to walk in without an invitation it would be the last thing they ever did. Turning to the clock he saw that it was quarter to seven, he had to leave now if he wanted to get ahead on any of his various case files.

Sighing Severus began making his way upstairs to Aurora's room. No matter how mad they became at one another Severus never left without saying good-bye.

"Aurora?" Severus called from the other side of the door. "Are you too angry to give your dad a hug before he goes?"

There was no sound at first, but after a couple of seconds the door to Aurora's room opened and Aurora was standing in the doorway. Her eyes were slightly damp, no doubt because she was just as fed up with these late nights as Severus was, and her lip quivered as Severus bent forward slightly to hug his child.

"Can I wait up for you?" Aurora whimpered.

"No darling," Severus said wiping her cheeks with his thumbs. "I don't know what time I will be back-

-daddy…it's not fair, why are you working all of these hours?" Aurora whined. "I just don't get it!"

"They need me tonight darling," Severus said softly. "I promise that next week I will be home and there will be no more late nights."

Aurora nodded and turned to face her bed. With Severus gone and Ashley and Draco ignoring her she really didn't see anything else to do other than turning in for the evening.

"You know the rules right Rory?" Severus asked. "No opening the door for anyone other than Albus, no leaving the house for any reason other than it catching fire or threatening to explode."

Aurora bit back a laugh and nodded.

"Bed by?"


"Try again." Severus said, sternly.

"Alright…eleven." Aurora sighed.

"Good girl," the potions master said before disappearing down the steps.

"I love you!" Aurora yelled.

"Love you too."

And then there was silence. Aurora knew what this meant, she was alone. It was strange, before she had met Severus she never minded being alone! She had actually preferred it; any time she could find to herself was what she had used to enjoy most. But now that she had friends and a father that actually cared she almost could not stand to be alone!

Oh well, maybe now would be a good time to do homework. She needed some ink, and Severus kept that in his office. She wasn't typically aloud to use and ink well in her room seeing as she had a white carpet but what Severus didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Setting her books out on her bed Aurora set off downstairs to get her quills.

"Now where did dad put that?" she breathed going through his office downstairs.

She didn't want to use his quills, his were so much nicer and probably higher in price and Aurora didn't want to risk ruining them. What Aurora could not understand was why she just couldn't use a regular pen to write her reports?


Aurora's heart stopped…was someone in the house? How could someone be in the house? She didn't invite anyone inside, and even if she could they would not be able to enter without permission from Severus beforehand? How could someone have gotten in? And she didn't recognize the voice to begin with. She had her wand but couldn't use it, there was a rule that Severus had explained to Aurora about magical laws and stipulations. One of which being that a witch or wizard could not cast magic whatsoever outside of school until they became of age.

At the moment the rule seemed like a loud of rubbish, but she supposed that it was a good idea. Teenagers could be irresponsible and she assumed that they thought students would try and curse muggles. This was why Aurora felt that a cell phone was needed, if she had a cell phone she would be able to call her father and tell him that someone had actually managed to break into the house.

Aurora leaned against the wall and listened as the laughter grew louder…as well as the sound of squeaking. That thing was bouncing on her bed! Biting her lip Aurora quickly spun around and lurched forward.

"Aurora Potter!" the little thing squeaked. "Such an honor it is!"

Rory stopped and looked down to see a very small, wrinkled, creature in front of her. It had large ears like bat and a very small bony figure, and for clothes it wore what appeared to be a dirty, old, potato sack.

"Who…who are you?"

"Dobby, Ms.!" He said bowing, to the point that his small ears caressed her white floor. "Dobby the house-elf!"

"How did you get in here?" Aurora asked walking around Dobby to her bed. "Dad has this house locked up like Fort Knox."

"Dobby just popped in Ms."

"Well Dobby," Aurora said taking a seat. "Would you like to sit down?"

Dobby's big, round, eyes widened and filled with tears. Had she said something wrong, but before Aurora could inquire further the little house-elf took her desk lamp and began bashing it's head in with it.

"Dobby!" Aurora shouted snatching the lamp back. "Are you hurt? Didn't that hurt?"

"It did Ms, but Dobby had to be punished…Dobby has never been asked to sit down before…Dobby is not an equal Ms."

"What do you mean you're not an equal?" Aurora repeated. "Of course you are an equal; you're a living thing just as I am."

"No Ms, house-elves were born to serve wizards and nothing more."

"Now who told you that?" Aurora asked, warmly. "You have been steered wrong Dobby…these wizards that you live with sound wretched."

"Yes," Dobby said bowing his wrinkled head. "They are…that was an awful thing to say."

Aurora held the lamp close to her, but Dobby found the leg to her chair just as useful.

"Bad Dobby!" Dobby wailed. "Very, very, bad Dobby!"

"Dobby…Dobby, please stop!"

Aurora watched as Dobby continued to bash his head against the leg of her chair until she was able to lift him from the ground and set him on the chair, rather than next to it.

"Now stop it, you here!" she said sternly!

"Dobby had to punish himself Ms…Dobby spoke ill of his family Ms…"

"Dobby, what did you come here for?" she asked stroking one of his ears. "And quit punishing yourself!"

"Does it upset Ms. Potter?" Dobby said, shaking his head back and forth.

"Yes, your pain upsets me…please don't do it again."

"Dobby will punish himself when Ms. Potter is not around!" Dobby said nodding.

Aurora sighed, she was starting to realize what her father must have gone through when it came to teaching her how punishments were meant to be constructive…not destructive. But she would take what she could get and she really wanted to know why a random house-elf had come to see her.

"Dobby came to warn Ms. Potter!"

"Warn me?" Aurora repeated. "Warn me about what, Dobby?"

"Aurora Potter is brave, valiant, and bold! Aurora Potter has already saved Hogwarts from the Dark Lord once and braved many more challenges, but Dobby must warn Ms. Potter now…even if that means Dobby must close his ears in the oven door later! Ms. Potter cannot go back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year!"

Aurora's eyes narrowed and she shook her head.

"Dobby, I have to go back to Hogwarts…I love Hogwarts, my guardian is a teacher there."

"Ms. Potter is in grave danger…Ms. Potter must not go back to school!"

"Dobby," Aurora continued. "I have to see my…friends…at least I think we're friends…"

Aurora bowed her head sadly. Ashley had promised to write her everyday…she had kept her part of the bargain…why hadn't he kept his?

"Friends that don't even write Aurora Potter?"

"Well I expect they've been…hang on…how do YOU know my friends haven't been writing me?"

Dobby shuffled off the chair and backed considerably farther away.

"Aurora Potter musn't be angry with Dobby," he said reaching into his rancid looking garment. "Dobby only did what he thought was best…Dobby thought that if Aurora Potter thought her friends weren't writing her she wouldn't want to come back to school Ms."

Aurora looked at the large stack of letter's Dobby held in his hand. Those were from Ashley, Draco, and Cedric…her three best friends and Dobby had hoarded them all away because he thought something was attacking the school.

"Give me those now." She growled.

"Dobby will give them all to Aurora Potter," he said waving them in front of her. "So long as she promises not to go back to school."

"Dobby, I will not promise that when I don't even know what you are trying to protect me from!"

"Dobby can't say, Ms." Dobby wailed. "Dobby can't say!"

"Is it Voldemort-

-DON'T SAY THE NAME…DON'T SAY THE NAME!" Dobby roared slamming her stack of letters against his forehead.

"Okay, okay," Aurora said, holding her hands up in defeat. "It's not You-Know-Who…then what Dobby?"

Once again Dobby resumed with hitting himself repeatedly with her letters.

"Okay…okay, I get it…you can't tell me!"

Finally Dobby stopped and looked back up to Aurora.

"But I am not going to promise that I am not going back to school if you can't justify why I should not be going!" Aurora said angrily. "Now give me my friend's letters!"

Before Aurora could make another move Dobby shot out of her bedroom and began racing downstairs. As quickly as she could Aurora grabbed her wand and chased after the house-elf as fast as her legs could carry her. She supposed that all those running sessions with Dudley had paid off seeing as she was able to keep up with the fast little thing.

The front door of their home shot open and Aurora followed Dobby out into the darkened sky. Wind blowing in her face she continued down the sidewalk careful not to trip or fall and result in her losing the little thing. Running was getting her absolutely nowhere and it was that moment that Aurora remembered the perfect spell to cast at a time like this. She didn't want to hurt Dobby, she just wanted to bind him so that she could get her letters. Turning to make sure no muggles were out she raised her wand and yelled.


Dobby hit the ground with a thud as many black ropes wrapped around his body. Her letters flew out of his hands, but luckily there was no wind. Quickly as she could she gathered them up but when she looked back to set Dobby free, and apologize he wasn't there. Aurora sighed and looked at the stack she held in her hand. And as she had guessed they were all from Ashley, Draco, and Cedric…there was even one or two from Papa Albus and Hagrid lingering in there. However as Aurora trudged back home she noticed that there was one there that was not from any of her friends…it was from the Ministry of Magic!

Aurora stopped at the front porch and read the letter to herself.

Dear Ms. Potter

We have received intelligence that a Binding Charm was used at your place of residence this evening at twelve minutes past nine. As you know, underage wizards are not permitted to perform spells outside school, and further spell work on your part may lead to expulsion from said school (Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery, 1875, Paragraph C). We would also ask you to remember that any magical activity that risks notice by members of the non-magical community (Muggles) is a serious offense under section 13 of the International Confederation of Warlocks' Statute of Secrecy.

Enjoy your holidays!

Yours sincerely,

Mafalda Hopkirk


Ministry of Magic.

Great, she almost got expelled from Hogwarts…that's a cheery thought. Aurora couldn't even imagine what would make this night possibly worse!


Damn, she spoke too soon.

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