Ikuto: She won't say anything.

Amu: She out of ideas.

Ikuto: Enjoy she does not own Shugo Chara.

It's been six months since I moved to Seiyo Elementary, due to my parents forcing me to. AND THINGS ARE SO BORING! I don't think I have ever been so un-entertained in my 12 years of life on this Earth! During the 3rd week of being at the school. I learn we have to go to these Guardian Meetings and lucky me I get to sit next to the Tadase Fan Club!

"Oh Tadase-Kun!"

"Prince-SAMA!" Was all I heard.

Why would girls be so interested in the most plainest guy in the world! Not to mention BORING~!

"Don't you think so Hinamori-San?" One girl asked.

"Umm... Not really." I said trying not to associate myself with them.

"How Come~~~ Tadase is the greatest guy in the world!" Chimed in one.

"Not to mention, CUTE~~"Said another.

"How can you not like him! Oh We get it just because we're not the all fabulous Hinamori Amu means we don't have your refine taste right, Princess!" Said all of them in unison.

I stood up and ran out of the meeting! Thinking that I'm FABULOUS! I just don't want to live some boring, plain life! I want an exciting one with a thrill the whole time! More interesting than the hole I'm about to fall in. WAIT! HOLE?"AHH!" I screamed as I fell, but landed on something rather soft.

"Who are you?" I heard a husky voice say. I looked up to find the hottest boy- SCRATCH that HOTTEST MAN! With cobalt hair and eyes to match.

Soon I noticed I was sitting on top of him well correction on top of his lower half and something was poking me.

...Least to say this wasn't boring...

"You going to answer the question, Pinky?"

He did not just comment on the hair.


Eva: Bored~~~~~

Ikuto: GO play soccer!

Eva: I don't wanna be like Kukai~~ Amu~

Amu: Why have you been acting like a baby!

Ikuto: I want to make a baby *Smirk*

Amu: R&R!

P.S: Dont know if I should continue you guys tell me!