Eva: Ahh~

Ikuto: What's up with you.

Amu: She's in love.

Ikuto: With?

Amu: Pocky again. *Points to Eva, Rubbing pocky packet against check.*

Ikuto: Didn't we just get you off that obsession?

Amu: Enjoy she owns nothing but her idea.

..::A POV::..

I heard my balcony door open then close. When I turned my head, I saw my 'Entertainment' for tonight.

"Is there a reason your sending picture messages like this?" He said, flipping his phone open revealing my dirty picture.

"Oh, Headmaster, you know you like it~" I said, playing with him, if I was going to do this. I had to do it right.

"And if I do, I wouldn't be stupid and send it over a phone. But I'd put it on a real camera." He said pulling out a black Kodak camera.

"So you admit you like it~" I said leaning forward cute like. This gave me a chance to look at him. His body was pretty stiff, and he was wearing a white dress shirt, sleeves rolled up to about his elbows and a few of the buttons up top undone. He wore black skinny jeans. He looked pretty hot. When I gave him one more up and down, I noticed his pants. There was a, tight, bulgy area.

"I never said that." He said still stiff as a stick.

"Aww~ Come on Headmaster~ Relax~" I chimed seductively.

He only stiffened more.

"Why don't you put some clothes on." He said looking away.

" You know you're bad at lying." I said getting up and moving toward him. He just looked at me. "Your lips say one thing, but... your body says another." I said stroking the tightened area.

"What happened to 'Miss it's wrong'" He groaned.

"Now where's the fun in that~" I said playfully.

"Amu... you don't know what you're doing..." he groaned again from my touch.

"Really Headmaster. Relax~" I said playing with his belt buckle, before unbuckling it.

"Amu, STOP!" He yelled, I jumped back.

Wasn't he the one who wanted it?

..:: Ikuto's POV::..

God damn. I had to stop her, she's fucking twelve!

When I finally got her to stop, I'll I could feel was pain from my throbbing erection.

" Why are you now saying no! Wasn't it you giving the punishment earlier!" She yelled at me.

Does she want to lose her virginity? It's taking all I have to not... to not... TO NOT FUCK HER! Jesus Christ!

"It's not like I was going to take your virginity or something!" I yelled back.

She got more frustrated.

" Then why the hell are you touching me Ikuto! Give me a good answer and I'll stop!" She said, I could hear the wonder behind her voice.

..:: Normal POV::..

Ikuto, stood in place. Not knowing what to say. Until it finally hit him.

Next thing Amu knew was she was pinned on the bed, by Ikuto.

Amu looked up, from the sudden shock of Ikuto's action's, only to be caught in his cobalt eyes. They stared at each other for a minute, until Ikuto slowly and gently put his lips to Amu's. Amu willingly kissed back, and soon Ikuto was asking for entrance into her mouth. Amu gave it to him, as they entered a battle for dominance. Ikuto won of course, but Amu still tried to put up a fight. Amu soon broke the kiss, gasping for air.

"I-ikuto?" She questioned not knowing his motives.

He didn't answer, but navigated his mouth down to her very small undeveloped breast, and began licking them agonizingly slow .

"Ikuto..." Amu hummed out, arching her chest forward, into Ikuto's tongue.

Ikuto's hands found their way to Amu's breast and began pinching her nipples, causing her to shriek.

"Ahh~" Amu cried, finding some pleasure from this.

Ikuto soon, skillfully slipped off Amu's underwear leaving her in absolutely nothing. He moved his head down to her lower region, and gently caressed her inner thigh with his finger. Amu shivered, by his touch.

Ikuto moved his mouth to her small hole, and licked it a couple of times, getting some juices from her. Ikuto brought two fingers up to her lips and spread them showing everything to him.

He tongue glided across her clit, making Amu thrash around. It was getting unbearable for Amu, she needed to feel Something inside of her.

"I-Ikuto... Please a-anything... in... m-me..." Her speech was in pieces, but it got through to him.

Ikuto plunged his tongue into her small hole, causing Amu to jerk up from the sudden invasion.

"Ahh!" She moaned, feeling some of the unbearable sensation vanish.

Ikuto plunged his tongue in and out of Amu until she hit her limit, and came in his mouth, he lapped up her juices, and pulled his head back.

He slowly undid his pants, pulling out his Throbbing erection. Amu's eyes widened at the size of his member.

"Ikuto? You aren't goi-" Her sentenced was cut short, from Ikuto slamming his cock into her small cunt.

"AHH!" Amu screamed in pain, having her barrier torn, and having Ikuto's massive dick in her very small and tight hole.

"Ikuto! Get it out! It hurts! It hurts!" Amu cried, tears running down her face, as she grabbed onto Ikuto's arms as he continued to slam into her.

"But Amu, weren't you harping for me to fuck you moments ago? Where did this come from?~" Ikuto said with another sadistic grin playing on his face, from the pleasure he was receiving.

"It hurts!" Amu cried for the last time before it started feeling good.

"Ahh~ Harder! Ikuto! Harder!" Amu moaned, as Ikuto hit her G-spots.

"T-tight" Ikuto let some groans slip out.

"Ikuto! I'm goin to explode!" Amu cried wrapping her legs around Ikuto's waist wanting more.

"Amu, don't tell me your already going to cum." Ikuto said going faster. needing to cum desperately.

"Ikuto! Ikuto! IKUTO!" Amu cried as she reached her second climax, as she curled her toes, and arched forward into his body smashing into her small one.

" Amu, I'm so close, just a little bit longer!" Ikuto moaned as he went faster and harder, just ready to cum.

Amu was slowly regaing feeling from her second orgasm, as Ikuto rubbed her the right way again making her ready to climax again.

"Amu I'm cumming!" Ikuto said as he tried to get more thrust into her before he hit his climax.

"Ikuto! I'm going to do it again!" Amu cried hitting her third and finally climax, as she tightened around Ikuto, finally allowing him to cum.

Ikuto gently pulled himself out of Amu, and pulled the covers over her, as he went to get dressed.

As he finished buckling up his pants, Amu had enough strength to talk.

"I-ikuto? Do you like me?" Amu asked innocently.

Ikuto just stared at the girl trying to breath. " No Amu, I love you." He said going over to kiss her, as they heard her parents come through the front door. *Hey you know how you can hear the front door open in your house.*

Ikuto walked out the balcony door. Amu shut off the lights and drifted into sleep.

~ Next day at school~ ..:: Amu's POV::..

Man, I hurt so bad. How am I going to run in P.E. if I feel like crap.

"Hinamori-San, have you completed the esay?" I heard a girl in my class ask.

" What if I did." I replied in my Cool 'n' Spicy tone.

"Hinamori-San is so cool~~" The girl swooned.

Ikuto, what are you doing right now?

Eva: My God, I just scared myself.


Eva: I don't know. Was it Good or Bad?

Amu: Bad! He took me he took me!

Eva: R&R... Was that Lemon good?