Ed was, once again, sleeping peacefully. Maes and Roy discussed, quietly, the matter of Ed. "We could send him to rehab." Roy said.

"Yeah, but then he'd learn how to speak around crack-heads." Maes replied.

"The rehab would be like a home for Ed. It's not the same as drug addicts." Roy pointed out.

"I still don't-"

"There's no one to care for him." Roy stated. "I don't think Al is up to it."

Maes sighed and leaned back, rubbing the bridge of his nose absently. "The only real option is that he goes to rehab." Roy said.

Neither of them much liked the idea or sound of the word rehab. Every time they thought of it, they would mentally see something closer to the insane asylum. Roy shivered. "Why are hospitals always so damn cold?" He muttered, rubbing his arms.

"It's a hospital." Maes replied.

Roy rolled his eyes. The doctor walked back in. "Have you made a decision?"

They looked at each other. Roy's face said plainly, We have no choice. Maes looked back at the doctor. "Rehab." He stated.