Yosh! This is my first Nobuta wo Produce story, so please go easy on me. Well, this story is just plainly Shittaka and Nobuta, with Akira for humour. So, I'm a ShittakaxNobuta fan, which I know not many people around here are. Therefore, I hope this story spreads the love of this adorable couple ^^. Btw, constructive critisism and flames are welcomed. Enjoy!

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Shittaka sat under the cherry blossom tree, holding a blood red rose in one hand.

"She loves me, she loves me not. She loves me, she loves me not..." he mumbled as he reached the last petal.

Trembling, he held the stalk of the flower.

"Do I have to include the stalk as well?" he muttered under his breath, his voice filled with dread.

"Of course it includes the stalk!" Akira exclaimed, appearing from behind the tree.

Yup. Akira knew he was being selfish, but all is fair in love and war, right? As long as Shittaka throws the stalk to the ground, he will give up on Nobuta once and for all, and Nobuta will be all his. Akira, already in his own land started hugging the tree, laughing like a maniac.

Unmoved by Akira's random act of laughter, Shittaka sat there, frozen. His grip on the stalk grew tighter as he got ready to throw it.

Would this mean that Nobuta doesn't love him? Shittaka sat there shaking his head, trying to clear all those negative thoughts in his head.

"Itai!" he shouted as a thorn pierced through his skin.

"Sh...itta..ka... san" Upon hearing this, Shittaka slowly set his gaze upon the owner of the voice. Realizing that it was Nobuta, he nervously lifted up his hand, waving at her before blushing five thousand and fifty eight shades of red (If that was even possible) , a boyish smile gracing his features.

Afraid to scare her away, he slowly stood up, tentatively walking towards her. However, he was overwhelmed when Nobuta came running towards him instead and he fell backwards.

"You're hurt." Nobuta stated, holding his finger, no longer stammering. She inspected his finger for any thorns stuck in the flesh as Shittaka quietly sat there, silently taking in the true beauty of Nobuta.

"Ano... Nobuta. Arigato." His voice so soft, that even a mouse couldn't hear it.

However, Nobuta managed to catch it, giving him a small nod.

Shittaka's heart started pulsating faster than ever, beads of sweat forming on his forehead and his face turned ashen. It was now or never wasn't it? He had confessed about his feelings already, but...did Nobuta accept it?

As Nobuta stood up, preparing to leave, Shittaka caught her wrist.

"Will you go out with me?" he asked, his eyes widening in shock realising what he had just said.

Fearing that he would be rejected, he slowly let go of her wrist and shot up from where he was seating and moved three steps backwards, his head slightly bowing.

"Hai..." Nobuta answered although Akira could clearly see that she was smiling ever so slightly.

"Hon to ni?" He exclaimed, still in shock.

"Arigato!" he continued, giving that boyish grin before giving her a big hug, forgetting about the awkwardness.

Watching the scene, Akira stomped off fuming with jealousy, preparing to 'complain' about it to Shuji, but stopped.



Itai- Ouch

Ano... Nobuta. Arigato- Erm... Nobuta. Thank you

Hai- Yes

Hon to ni?- Really?

"Kon-kon"-(just a phrase Akira uses)

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