Starstruck Loving Each other

Chapter 1: Moving In And Feeling Faint

Jess POV

Yes its official i LOVE Christopher Wilde and he loves me to!
Today me and my family are moving into Chris's house! Yep all of the family. Our parents thought it would be a good idea that was I'm close to Chris and Sarah's close to Stubby. We even get to share our room but we've been told no funny business (lol had to add that)I'm sooo nervous but i have no idea why hmm never mind we've just pulled up.

'' Heyy Babe, You alright? '' Chris greeted me with a hug as i got out of the car and helped me grab my bags.

'' Heyy, yhh just tired you?'' I asked as i gave him a peck on the lips and hugged back. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead. I took that as a yes.

3 Days Later (Sorry i skipped a bit )

Chris's POV

Jess and her family had been here 3 days now and i was sooo happy being able to see Jess from the moment i woke up till the moment i fell asleep. For the past hour and a half I've been feeling sick, dizzy and tired so i thought i might go to bed. When i started walking up the stairs to mine and Jess's room, I heard someone call after me.
''Where are you going its only 7:30'' Jess called behind me
''Going to bed i feel sick and tired'' I said sleepily.
Just then i felt my head spinning i started to lose balance and the next thing i knew it went dark!...

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