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Ok in this first chapter,

Pan: 8
Trunks: 16

~*~I'll be there~*~

It was bright in the morning as the sun beat down on the freshly cut lawn of the huge compound called Capsule corp. A huge willow tree just east of the building swayed in the gentle breeze that flowed, after being abused in regular sparring matches it now held a small raven haired girl in its branches.


Today was the day, Bulma was having a BBQ cook out, everyone was there and even some that didn't like to socialize still came to spar and eat. Videl walked around, looking into each room as she went, with a blank expression on her face. She came into the living room and seen familiar spiked hairdo.

"Goten, dear could you go find Pan? And tell her the foods ready" Videl asked resting a hand on his shoulder.

"Sure, no problem" He replied happily about to get up.

"No, I'll go find her" Trunks said getting out of his seat and walking away before Goten could protest.

Trunks, that was a name to remember he was heaven sent, always there for Pan and everyone he cared about never worrying about himself. He walked to the front door and paused for a minute, feeling for her ki he proceeded to open the door and closed it behind him. Turning around he looked to the left and seen the familiar willow tree, he smirked. He continued his path taking a detour through the grass leaving shoe prints behind him, until he finally reached the beaten willow tree.

"Pan?" He asked not bothering to look up.

"What" A small voice responded.

He stopped for a minute let out a sigh, and sat down.

"Why don't you come down here" He said looking off into the distance, but carefully listening for any movement in the tree.

Silence was heard as a few seconds passed then finally you could hear branches wrestling and down jumped a small little girl. Trunks turned his head and smiled, but it quickly vanished when he seen her stained cheeks. He smiled warmly and patted his lap, Pan sniffed and hesitantly jumped into his lap. Trunks smiled and kissed her head, wrapping his safe arms around her. Pan snuggled into his chest and smelt his trademark smell, she smiled and cuddled into him.

"Tell me all about it" He said gently rocking back and forth.

"Vegeta yelled at me, he....he.... said not to touch anything because I was related to a....a...a.. Kakkorat" She said stuttering a bit on her words, to taken back on her crying.

"Oh sweetie, don't worry about him he's always a crouch"Trunks said trying to get her to stop crying.

"Yeah I guess *giggle* he is a crouch, but it still hurts to get yelled at" She said quietly playing with her finger.

"If it will make you feel better, how about we blow this joint and go get some ice cream?" He asked waiting for a response.

"Can we?" Pan asked jumping up.

"Sure" He answered kissing her forehead.

"Thank you Trunks, let me go ask my Mom" She said getting off of his lap.

"No, it'll be are little secret" He said making her stop in her tracks.

He winked at her and got up.

"Do you wanna fly?" He asked dusting himself off.

She nodded her head a couple times and Trunks laughed.

"Get on" He said laughing as Pan jumped onto his back "hold on tight."

With that said he blasted into the air and towards Satan City to get his favorite girl some ice cream.


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