Here is the next chapter of A Bug's Life: The Grasshopper leader's thoughts. Sorry,it's been a while. So anyway,here we go...

Me and my gang finally arrived at Ant Island. The view wasn't clear the last time we've been here;right now it's foggy. They better have twice the amount of food,or else I'll be mad. And through the fog,I can see my gang walking toward the ants. I can tell that the ants were backing away from my gang. I saw that the offering stone had the pathetic amount of food that I wasn't expecting. Now,I was angry. "You little termites!" I said angrily,picking up the leaf off the offering stone. All of the ants turned to look at me. "I gave you a second chance-and THIS IS ALL I GET?" I threw the leaf at the ants,and all of them dodged out of the way.

"But Hopper,we ran out of time!" Princess Atta said in a scared tone.

"Have you been playing all summer?" I questioned angrily. "Do you think this is a game?"

"No,no,please-" All the ants at one.

"Well guess what?" I challenged, "You just lost." I said in a cold tone.

Soon,all of the grasshoppers walked toward the ants,scaring them to the field of long grass. "Not one ant sleeps until we get every scrap of food ON THIS ISLAND!" I yelled.

I saw the queen running to the field. I flew,landing on the ground in front of her. She looked at me in fear. "No,no,no." I said to her. "You're staying with me,your highness."

Molt and Tessa walked right toward me. "Okay,we scared the ants to collect the rest of the food. What now?" Molt asked.

"Just wait." I said calmly,looking at the queen with a sinister grin. "We're not done. Yet." I looked at Princess Atta,who was joining the rest of the ants.

"Molt,Tessa," I said. "Get the princess."

"You better not hurt my daughter." The queen said in a half scared/half threatening tone.

I glared at her. "She is not the one who is gonna get hurt." I replied. "Someone else is gonna get hurt."

Molt and Tessa nodded and they walked toward the princess. And they returned with her struggling to get out of their grasp. Princess Atta looked at me in fear, "Wha-what do you want H-H-Hopper?" She asked,shaking.

I rolled my eyes, "oh relax,I'm not gonna hurt you." I said gruffly. "we just have some unfinished business."

"But we did all we could,and there wasn't anymore food." Atta said.

"Well,it's your fault,remember?" I said. "You're the one held responsible."

Atta looked at me blankly. "You're just like the other ants." I said,turning my back toward her, "weak and stupid."

"Wait-we..." Atta protested.

"Don't say anything," Tessa said to her. "My older brother is mad enough as he is."

"Yeah,trust me. You don't like it when Hopper's mad." Molt said.

"Let me ask you something," I said to Atta. "Do you even understand leadership and responsibility?"

"Yes," Atta said.

I looked at her,and Atta was looking away from me. Here's what I learned: when you ask a question to a person,and the person is looking away from you while answering, it means that that person is fibbing. "I think not." I said. What I said was cruel,but I don't care,Atta was a leader,and everything is her fault.

Atta looked at the ground in a ashamed way. I know that I hurt her feelings by what I said,but she is an irresponsible leader. "I'll deal with you later." I said. "In the meantime,why don't you think about responsibility and leadership like how other princesses do." I sneered.