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Chapter 1: The Band

Riku's POV:

"Alright!" I cheer into the microphone as the music dies down after I'd finished with a song.

"Dude, calm down. It's just a practice" the light brown haired drummer laughs.

"I know. I know. I'm just so excited about next Friday night! It's gonna be fuckin' awesome!" I answered him as I threw my fist up punching the air. The drummer laughed again rolling his eye slightly as he got up to leave the garage and go upstairs.

"Hey don't go getting a big head just because it's our first real concert. We don't know what'll happen" my best friend Sora told me as he put his guitar on its stand and grabbed a Coke out of the cooler.

"Toss me a water" I told him when he opened the cooler. "I know but that's my point," I start to say as he tosses me a water bottle. "Anything could happen!" I cheer and take a chug of the water. "We could get discovered and go on tour and be playing worldwide!" I continue as I put the cap back on the bottle.

"Whoa! You really think that could happen?" My other friend who plays the keyboard asks just as excited as I am. Sometimes I think he gets me more so than Sora, even though I've known Sora a lot longer. I look at Sora and see him roll his eyes with a smile and leave up the stairs.

"Come on you guys. Think rationally. We're still in high school for crying out loud! Do you honestly think our parents would let us leave like that?" the red-haired bassist asks us. She's the only female in the band and she's always been the one to think everything through.

"Uh hello! We're seniors, Kairi!" I reply sarcastically.

"Uh hello! I'm not. I'm a junior!" Kairi slightly snaps with a small laugh.

"We all grew up together, we know that. Got it memorized?" My friend Axel snaps back at her.

I smile and high five him. His mind is usually always on the same track as mine. I was about to say something like that before he did.

"What are you saying?" Kairi asks starting to get defensive, her smile gone now. Just like a girl to get defensive over something like this.

"He means what he said. We know how old you are, Kairi. We're not stupid" I answer her.

"Exactly" Axel agreed with me. "If we could be famous that'd be so awesome"

"I agree. We could see the world and do anything we wanted" I answer him.

"Looks like someone's counting their chickens too early" Kairi snaps.

"Hey it's like Sora said we don't know what'll happen. We could be famous tomorrow!"

"Even if we could be and we were lucky enough to get offered a tour we couldn't go because I'm still in high school"

"It'll be during the summer. Got it memorized?" Axel snaps.

"A tour for two months? Are you kidding? Tours last at least four to six months" Kairi snaps back.

"So we have two options"

"And what's that?"

"Wait to go on tour or replace you for the time"

Kairi's jaw drops. "Replace me?"

"He didn't mean now" I tell her.

"We're the Oathkeepers! We…" she starts to say.

"It's just a name for the band. It doesn't necessarily mean that"

"That's it I quit! I thought you were better than that, Riku!" Kairi exclaims. "Did you forget why we started the band in the first place?"

"Uh yeah, cause we like music. Got it memorized?" I laugh agreeing with Axel.

"I wasn't talking to you!"

"Don't yell at him!" I exclaim defending my friend. She never liked Axel.

"Riku, you've really changed since the 6th grade when we started this. I expected some change but not this much. If you didn't want me in the band you shouldn't have asked me"

"Now wait a minute! I never said I didn't want you in the band! But now I think I will say it with the way you're acting!"

"Who made you leader?" she snaps.

"I came up with the idea for it!"

"You mean you, Sora, and Roxas!"

"So what? I mentioned it first!"

Her face grimaces. "Fine I quit!" she announces as she turns on her heel to leave. I grab her arm.

"You can't leave! We need you next Friday!" I exclaim.

"Well you should've thought about that thought about that before you kicked me out of the band!" she snaps and jerks out of my grip.

"Whoa! Dude, what the hell did you do?" the drummer asks as he comes back in.

"She's being hormonal or something I don't know!"

Sora's POV:

"Where's Kairi?" I ask as I come back in the garage feeling a high tension.

"She left" Riku answers.

"Okay…? Why?"

"What I got was that Riku and Axel kicked her out of the band" My twin brother, Roxas answers.

"We did not!" Riku and Axel exclaimed in unison.

"What?" I exclaim and hurry out of my garage. "Kairi!" I call as I see her walking down the street. She turns.

"What?" she exclaims.


"Forget it Sora"

"But Kairi… you quit?" I ask.

"Not until Riku said he kicked me out!"

"Riku did what? Kairi, we need you"

"Well Riku and Axel should've thought about that before they mentioned replacing me!" she exclaims.

"Kairi, its Riku. You know how stubborn he can be and Axel's well… Axel. It's not like they meant it" I tell her as I go to hug her but she backs away.

"Look, Sora, I know you want me in the band but other than you there's no place for me. Riku proved that"

"Kairi, please don't say that. You know Riku cares about you and what about Roxas? He wants you in the band"

"Sora, Roxas doesn't care either way and Riku and Axel never wanted a girl in the band in the first place"

"We've been playing for six years. They may not have wanted a girl at first but that's the way it turned out and they're okay with it now. You're one of us. You always have been"

"News flash, Sora! Riku's changed since then. Axel never liked me and he's rubbed off on Riku so…" she trails. "Sorry but I can't get along with Axel or Riku anymore. It's like Riku's becoming a jerk like Axel"

"Hey Axel is Roxas' best friend you know? Riku and Axel get along sometimes, well most of the time, but they have their fights with each other… You've seen it"

"That's another thing, Sora. Sometimes they end up fighting over the stupidest things like they're still in middle school! It drives me insane! I don't know how much more I can take of that or Riku's new attitude"


"Don't Sora. You're too busy trying to defend Riku and the band then to notice what it's done to me!"

"What do you mean by that? Riku's my best friend and the band is… the band is…." I try to find the right words.

"Your escape?" she suggests annoyed.

"Yeah" I agree.

"That's what I mean. Riku and the band are more important than your girlfriend! I love being in the band but if you can't see it than maybe we shouldn't be going out anymore!" she exclaims and turns to leave. I grab her wrist.

"Kairi please…" I try to beg but she jerks away.

"I'll see you in church on Sunday and I won't be at the concert next weekend!" she exclaims and runs away from me turning the corner.

"Kairi…" I say her name softly then turn back to the garage a little distance away. Riku was laughing with Roxas and Axel as if nothing happened. I start to get angry. "Riku!" I exclaim angrily.

"What's your problem?" he asks as he turns to me and stops laughing.

"Thanks a lot! Not only did you fuck up our chances to make it as a band by kicking her out—"

"Bro! Calm down" Roxas interrupts me. I glare at him.

"Calm down?" I ask annoyed. "When Riku just fucked up everything?"

"You think I don't have a back up plan?"

"What does that mean?" I ask angry.

Kairi's POV:

"I can't believe him, Selphie!" I tell my best friend.

"Sora or the others?" she asks.

"Any of them! Axel never liked me and Riku's changed and Roxas really doesn't care either way so it just makes me mad!"

"I know what you mean about Riku changing. I could've told you that one" she answers me solemnly. I look at her to see her with her head down as a tear falls down her cheek.

"Oh Selphie, I'm sorry" I say as I sit next to her and put my arm around her.

"It's okay. I shouldn't be upset about it. It was two years ago" she sniffs.

"It's alright" I try to comfort her. "I know he hurt you and I'm sorry. Maybe it's a good thing I quit the band because now I won't be hanging around him anymore"

"No…he was our friend before that happened. I'm glad you're still his friend"

"Maybe not anymore…" I sigh.

"Don't say that you're still friends with him"

"I guess… it's just that I even broke up with Sora over it because I was so mad at Riku and Axel for saying they'd replace me if they go on tour after this school year"

"Go on tour? But… I don't get it. You're not a famous…" she starts.

"I know" I sigh. "Riku got all excited about the concert next Friday saying that if we got discovered we'd go on tour or whatever. He and Axel were too excited about it and they started talking about it as if we were famous already and I told them I couldn't go because I'm only a junior and that it was pointless to get a big head about it when we don't know what would happen" I explain to her.

"So if you're not in the band doesn't that mean we're not going to the concert?" she asks calming down a little but clearly still upset.

"I guess so. I told Sora that I won't see him at the concert" I sigh. "I'm sorry. I know you were looking forward to…" I start to say but stop when I see Selphie smiling mischievously. "What is it?" I ask.

"I just got the greatest idea!" she exclaims. "If only we could talk to the owners of that club they're playing at…" she says to herself.

"I think I could but why?" I ask.

"Really? It would be awesome if you could!" she exclaims. "I've gotta call Arixia, Namine, and Yuna though to make sure!" she says happily as she jumps and goes to get her phone.

"Selphie?" I ask. "What does that mean?"

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