Another Wicked series! This time with Greek mythology! Before any of you start, yes, I am going to be taking elements from God of War, so don't start telling me things like "you stole that from God of War!" I know I did.

I have lived as a warrior.

I have died as a goddess.

Having made the ultimate sacrifice, I have been denied release.

"My vengeance ends now."

Elphaba gave a yell as she decapitated yet another sentry. The body fell to the ground as the head rolled off to a place unseen. The green warrior stood, her blood running hot. Elphaba scanned the area before returning her blades to their place on her back. She was the only one still standing. Around her, bodies littered the ground, and their blood stained her skin and clothes. She started walking through the battleground, buildings burning around her.

"You have done well, Elphaba," she heard a voice say. Elphaba paused and turned to face the transparent form of Enyo.

"I have done as Hera bid. Tell her to release me from her service!" Elphaba said.

"The Queen of the Gods will not be swayed so easily. Remember, she gave you the power you asked for."

"And made me her servant in return! I still suffer from visions of my past every night!"

"Perform this last task, and your sins will be forgiven. Your memories will no longer haunt you."

Elphaba crossed her arms. "Just one more task?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"One more."

"And what is this 'last task'?"

"Seek out the woman known as Galinda."

"She sounds like a mere peasant. I do not waste my time on such people."

"Do not be deceived by her looks. She is the daughter of the king of Athens. Her stepmother sold her into slavery while her father was away to keep the throne for herself. Galinda is believed to be dead by all, but she lives. You must restore Galinda to her rightful place."

"And where do I find this Galinda?"

"In the city of Olympia you will find the princess. But this will not be easy, Elphaba."

"A simple girl will not trouble me, Enyo."

"I hope you are right," the goddess said before she disappeared.

Elphaba looked up at the sky, which was dark with the smoke from the fires. All she had to do was find this Galinda and restore her to the throne, and she would finally find peace.

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