Title: Life in Providence

Author: InvisibleBrunette

Rating: K

Summary: A series of one-shots Any and all flames will be used to set Edward Cullen and the cast of Twilight on fire. (I may set 'em on fire anyways *grins*)

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Disclaimer: Sadly, no matter how much I want them, they're not mine.

A/N: Another one-shot with Six and Rex. I really need to write more of the characters! lol. And I'm sending a thanks to my beta reader Freak-the-Geek.

"He doesn't remember anything?" The White Knight's image questioned.

"According to the MD in the Medlab, the boy does, in fact, have amnesia." And seems to be doing better then when he had found him at ground zero. Agent Six thought, mentally shaking away the image of crying brown eyes.

Out of the corner of his eye, the agent could see the, (near as they could tell,) ten year old trying to scratch an itch under the bandages covering the upper part of his left arm on the screen monitoring the whitewashed room.

"It's imperative that we find out about this child and his connection to the nanites explosion."

"What if there's no connection Sir?" Six questioned, already knowing, and almost dreading the answer.

"Then he will be dealt with accordingly." With that, White severed the connection.

Agent Six straitened his tie, and adjusted his shades before heading to the room where the boy was being held.

A dark haired boy with big doe brown eyes sat in a plastic chair in a white-washed room. He let out a sigh and started kicking his small feet back and forth.

This was sooooooooooooo boring…

When he had woken up in the 'medlab' (or whatever the old lady doctor had called it) they had run a bunch of tests, then asked him a bunch of weird questions then took him here. Wherever here was… Maybe someone would come and tell him where he was… And who he was for that matter…

Oh yeah, the people here apparently found that controlling nanites was pretty strange.

He was pretty sure that the solider guy with the scar didn't believe him either. The others seemed to believe him though they had shuffled him in here and told him to wait until after six (or was it wait for six?). Well, what ever it was, it was taking forever. He was bored, and his arm itched. Bad.

The tall tale sign of the automatic door hissing made the boy perk up.

A really tall guy wearing green, (someone he had seen only a couple times before), stepped into the room followed closely by a monkey with a fez and an eye patch...? His eyes widened to the size of dinner plates (or at least it felt like they did).

The boy quickly scrambled off of the plastic chair and made a beeline towards the simian.

"Wow! That's a monkey!"

"Real observant, ain't he Six?" The monkey spoke to the tall guy. "I, am a chimpanzee, thank you very much."

With a startled expression, the kid turned impossibly big brown eyes to the agent looking for confirmation.

Six gave a curt nod. Yes, the monkey did, in fact, speak.

If it was possible, the boy's eyes got even bigger. "That..." he looked back to the chimp. "is so cool!"

The green clad agent was watching the boy bombard Bobo with several questions, when the comm. in his ear beeped. It was the White Knight informing him that the child's blood tests had come back. The next thing he was informed of was that the boy was an E.V.O. It took a lot of Six's restraint not to show the surprise on his features.

This little, brown eyed, smiling boy, was an E.V.O., and he could control his nanties. In White's words, this child was a potential weapon.

"Name's Bobo Haha, kid." the simian's clearly amused voice snapped the agent's attention back to the room. "What's yours?"

The little boy shrugged.

"Dat ain't gonna work." Bobo muttered rubbing his chin. "We gotta call you somethin' 'sides 'kid'."

"Rex" it was the first time Six had spoken since entering the room. Both pairs of eyes were on him.

"Rex, huh?" the chimp smirked and turned his gaze back to the boy. "Whadda think kiddo?"

The boy's face split into a huge, infectious grin that made the white-washed room look dim compared to it.

"I like it!"

Six was inwardly surprised when he had to stop himself from smiling in return. Just what had he gotten himself into?

A/N: I'm also sending a special thank you to AnimeGirl 144 and EnderMoon for the suggestion of Rex meeting Six and Bobo Haha for the first time. There are a few other suggestions that I plan on using, and those who supplied these will be credited. So everyone, keep 'em coming! Who knows, maybe your idea will be next ;D (And yes, it may not be technically be the first time he met Six, but hey, I'm working on that :D )

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