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Someone's POV

It was seven o' clock in the morning and it's about time for school. There's a young girl who just move into our neighborhood last week, and it is said she's going to the same school I'm studying. The Pallet High school University. Pallet high consists of three stages, the primary level, the middle level, known as middle school and the high school level. I'm together with the high school students, I'm in 1st year and you should know me by now or maybe not, I'm Red , I'm 13 years old, and I'm known as the most delinquent in our class, but sure I'm a delinquent doesn't mean I don't know anything. Well since it's about time for school I better get going then see ya!

Some guy's POV

"Oh, hi there! Did you know a guy named Red?" the guy asks. "You did! Do you mind telling where'd he headed to after he left you?"He asks. "Oh that's so, then, I'll see you somewhere I guess. "He said. "oh yea, I'm Green, Red's buddy and rival. Nice to meet you, well, I guess I have to leave you here now. See ya!" green said and runs off.

A gal's POV

"I'm so nervous mom."The girl said to her mom. "Come on dear, you always transfer school every year." her mom said."I know that mom, but I don't know why I'm this nervous entering this school." she said." It's only in your imaginations Blue so, go inside and make me and your father proud okay." her mom said." Okay mom" she said and kissed her mom's right cheek.

Well as my mother said my name is Blue, and I just transferred in this town last week, and I'm going to study the rest of high school in this so-called university, The Pallet High school University. I don't get why mom and dad want me to study in this school. But, it's as they say solving something by going straight is the best way to get the answers to your questions. I guess I'll just have to find the answer myself. Well, let's start my first school year in Pallet High school University.

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