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Blue and Red :

DISCLAIMER: She doesn't own Pokemon Special or any cast in the said manga. They belong to Nintendo, Game Freak and Hidenori Kusaka. Any OC's will be hers and the plot.

It was a rather gloomy morning…
It was so quiet…the clouds were moving slowly…the wind's whispers can be heard.

That's right…due to the silence…any small noise can be heard by the naked ear.
What could be the cause, you say?
Well, it is because the students of Pallet High are taking their quiz.

It has been 30 minutes since they have started.

Xoxo Blue's POV xoxo

''Haawngh" I stretched my arms while yawning.

This is bad…I'm getting sleepy…I didn't get enough sleep last night…
If I fail this, I won't go easy on them.

"You alright Blue?" Red asked.

"Yeah, Totally…are you done with the quiz?" I asked him.

"Yep!" He smiled at me. "It was easy, all thanks to you" He said.

"Well, you should be thankful…" I said while yawning.

"Are you tired?"

"Er…yeah…" I said looking back at my test paper reviewing all my answers.

"Is it because I was having you teach me last night that I occupied half of your sleeping time?" He wore an apologetic face.

"Don't make that face…It's not your fault…Honest!" I told him.

"Well…If it isn't mine, whose fault is it then?"

"My two roommates" I sighed.

"Eh…What happened last night?" He asked.

I looked at him and I don't know but, I can feel and see excitement in his face

'I wonder what he thinks happened last night…"

"They were watching a horror clip and the usual reaction of people…They were screaming really loud until they were scolded by the dorm lady and the neighbours" I said.

"That's it?" He said with a plain disappointed face.

"Well Yeah…What did you think I was going to say?" I smirked at him.

"Erm…something more incredible than that" He avoided my eye.

"You mean something perverted? You gotta stop having a dirty mind Red" I giggled.

"I-I wasn't thinking anything dirty! It was you who said that not m-me!" He stuttered.

It was pretty obvious he was lying judging by a small tint of pink on his cheek.

"Whatever, well I'm gonna pass my paper what about you?" I said.

"What are you talking about the papers were collected already…" He said.


"I said it was already collected when you were busy telling me what happened." He smiled.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I shouted at him and hurried outside to chase Ms. June.

"Ahh! Wait up Blue!" He ran behind me.

I was running quickly in the hallway as I tried to catch up to Prof. June.

Sharp huffs and puffs echoed in the hallway, breathing quickly due to all the running I'm doing.

"Professor! Wait up please! You forgot my test paper!" I called out.

"Ms. Blue?" Professor turned and stopped walking.

"Thank god, you stopped. Here ma'am. Sorry I wasn't paying attention when the papers were being collected. I was really sleepy due to lack of sleep last night." I explained as I tried to catch my breath.

"Oh, that's alright…since I too was affected by the noises made by your roommates. But good thing you ran after me or else I wouldn't accept this anymore when I reached the faculty room." She said.

(A/N: The teacher's apartment/ or you could also say dorm are just beside the girl's dormitory)

"Guess I was lucky then." I smiled rubbing the back of my head.

"Hey Blue!" I turned around to see Red.

Oh, right…he was running behind me…

"Oh hey Red..." I said.

"Man you run really fast!" He tried to catch his breath.

"I'm sorry. Anyways…I was gonna head back now. Thanks Professor" I said.

"Eh! But I just got here!" He whined.

"Well' it's your fault! Who asked you to follow me anyways?" I said

"No one…sheesh Blue…you're acting really mean right now" he pouted.

"Oh am I?" I said in a sarcastic tone.

"You're being sarcastic aren't you?" He said.

"I was?"

"Nevermind…Let's head back" He gave up.

He gives up easily doesn't he…

I giggled lightly and walked back to our classroom with Red.

"Huh?" I looked back.

"What is it Blue?" He asked.

"Oh it's nothing…I kind of heard somebody calling my name but I guess it was just my imagination, anyways…Let's go! Maybe professor oak is there already, my reputation as the class rep will be ruined." I said, though… that thought was really true I sensed some kind of bad aura around us but again. It could be just my imagination so I just shrugged it off.

xOxO Normal POV XoXo

"That was close…"

"What was close?"

"Oh it's nothing…The two there almost caught me following them…" the girl sighed.

"Them? Red and Blue? Why are you following Red and Blue? Are you a stalker by any chance? Or maybe a girl who is jealous because she loves that guy so much and wants to make the other suffer." The guy asked.

"T-That's n-not true! Just who are-"She turned around to see a young boy around her age with Black spiky hair. "You" she continued.

"I'm not telling! Anyways…I'm right aren't I?" He said.

"It's none of your business! Go away you….you…uh…..PERVERT!" she stuttered.

"Really? A pervert? That's all you can come up with? You're too innocent!" He laughed. "I was wrong! You can't be someone who makes people suffer! You can't even come up with that sort of things! Here's one…stop following my friends you twerp. I may call you innocent but that doesn't mean you're really kind. You might be a yandere type of girl! It might not be my business…but even if you're a girl and did something really horrible to either one of them or any of my friends. I will hurt you badly." He threatened her.

The girl was shaken off by the words of the young man. Due to that, she left without any words.

The man sighed as soon as the girl was gone.

"Ugh…I didn't mean to act like a jerk, I was just protecting Red and Blue…but…I wonder why that girl is following them." He groaned. "Well, like she said, none of my business. But for future preferences, I'm gonna warn them about her." He then left the spot he was standing on.

XOxO Misty's POV xOxO

'What a jerk! What does he care! It's none of his business! And how embarrassing! I walked away from him without saying anything! I didn't even mumble anything! He must've thought I was really nice. But…he's a friend of Red right? He said so himself'

-'stop following my friends you twerp. Blah Blah Blah! Anyways… It might not be my business…but even if you're a girl and did something really horrible to either one of them or any of my friends. I will hurt you badly.'-

'I can take advantage of that thought…' I felt myself smirk.

"Get ready Blue…Cause this girl won't stop until I get him all to myself" I nodded.


I turned around and saw a familiar face. He's face. That guy who always grabs Red's attention away from me which kind of made me think that he was after Red too and is gay. But, that thought kind of proved me wrong today. This guy got taller! He's more handsome… and what a cool voice. Is this really "Green?"

"Oh, you remembered me? Despite being hated by you due to all the times I tried and get Red's attention and times from you. You still remembered me." He teased.

"I guess that attitude didn't change after all." I said.

"What? You thought I changed?" He said.

"Well yeah" I told him.

"Really…What kind of changes are those" He asked leaning in.

"I thought that you changed from the goofball jerk to a gentleman but I guess I was wrong" I ticked.

"Well you're a bigger jerk than any guy would be. You're up to something again aren't you?" He said leaning back the wall.

"What do you mean? I don't have anything up in my sleeve" I kind of stuttered.

"So you really are up to something." He sighed.

"I told you I am not!" I growled at him.

"Whatever, not like it's my business or anything… just be careful and don't hurt Red and the one he truly loves. Well, see you around Carrot top…" And that he left.

"What did he meant by that? Why would I hurt Red and his one and only…specifically, Why would I hurt Red and Myself! What's up with that…? Those girls who are flirting around him are the one who is hurting Red's one and only" I muttered. Veins appeared in my head. I was frustrated.

'First, there's this Black spiked headed guy and now, Green too! Can't they see that, Blue is the one who is hurting Me! Red's one and only true love! How could they be so blind!' I walked frustrated that I didn't get to notice that Professor Rowan called me.

"MISTY!" He called out again.

I turned around and saw him. "Oh, sorry Professor, I was deep in thought that I didn't realize you were calling me." I said.

"I understand but! Such mannerisms are something that can't be simply ignored. It's something needed to be improved, Understood Ms. Misty." He said

"Y-Yes Professor" I nodded.

"Good, so that must mean you understood that you'll be staying in detention later" He gave me a slip.

'What?' I said. 'I do not have time for detention!'

"! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" He sounded like he shouted.

"Y-Yes….Excuse me sir" I walked farther from him.

'Man, his scary! But detention? I don't have time for such thing…I must always keep guard on Red and that b****! So frustrating!'

I walked through the hallway arguing and think of a plan to destroy Blue…

xOxO Blue's POV XoXo

"Ompff, Finally, it's break time!" I stretched my arms upwards relieving my numb muscles.

"Blue! Did you make another lunch box for me?" Red asked. 'Is he drooling?'

"Uhmm….No….were you expecting one?" I said. I saw him frown.

"I was expecting you to make me one everyday…since it was so delicious..It wouldn't hurt to eat them all the time…" He confessed.

It kind of made me blush. It's actually the first time that someone has complimented my cooking this much… not even HIM did…Red's the first to appreciate it. My parents never actually knew I can cook because I never cook at home unless I'm alone but I do help my mom sometimes with the little stuffs, so she's still the one being complimented.

"Then let's make a deal…I've helped you review with the test…If you got a higher score than me…You can have Blue's specialty lunch every day" I said.

"Alright!" He cried. "BUT!" I exclaimed which caught his attention.

"If we tied or you got a lower score, I won't help you with study again and no lunch" I confirmed. "So Deal?"

"Deal" He shook my hand. And head out to the canteen to eat.

"You're pretty confident" I said.

"That's because I was thought by an amazing tutor, of course I would get a highscore" He grinned.

"Ju-Just shut up" I stuttered.

On our way to our table.…

"Well, If it isn't the hottest couple" someone murmured behind us.

I turned to see "GOLD!" I was blushing furiously at his COMMENT.

"Heya Gold!" Red greeted him. Both I and Gold gave him a stare.

"Is he that dense? Or is he doing that on purpose?" Both me and Gold thought…

"Anyways….What are you guys gonna eat?" He asked.

"Roasted Beef and sweetened broccoli" I said

"Mashed Potato and Chicken soup with rice. It's the main course today"

"I see….Hey Blue! I heard you're cooking is good! Can I try some?" He asked.

"Sure!" I offered him some of my lunch. He grabbed my fork and stabbed a broccoli and ate it.

"You're cooking is good! Can I have more?" Gold said.

"No way! That's unfair!" Red whined.

'He's acting too childish…but it makes me happy he's whining over my food.' I giggled.

"Hmmmm? What's funny?" They asked.

I shook my head. "It's nothing; let's head to our table shall we?" I said leading the way.

As soon as we sat down, Gold was whining for another bite.

"Just one last bite okay?" I said and Gold nodded. I can see Red mad about it though.

"Here you go" I shoved it on his mouth.

"So gooooood" Gold continued chewing on it.

"Thank you" I said and took a spoonful of rice and beef.

"So, why are you still here Gold?" Red asked in a cold tone.

'He must really be that upset'

"Chill dude, Sorry If I took a bite on your girl's lunch and you didn't but…I was gonna say to watch out for a girl with orange hair." He said.

'Could he be talking about Misty?"

"Why?" We asked him.

"Well, earlier I had an encounter with her and seems like she was following you around."

'So I was right earlier?'

"A Stalker?" Red said. "Wow Blue, you're so popular you have a stalker already!" He said.


"Whatever…Thanks for the info Gold.." I thanked him and continued eating.

"Well, that's it! See ya round I'm going to find Crys!" with that he left.

"I wonder who could that orange top be.." Red muttered.

"Well, think of someone you know with orange hair…maybe it's her?" I said looking at him at the corner of my eye.

"Misty? Nah! Misty never stalked anyone, She's too nice to do such thing." He said.

"What if, It was her?"

"It isn't her alright?" Red's tone changed. "Don't talk so ill about her"

"I was just stating the possibility sheesh! You're so hot tempered."

"Then maybe I am" He ate his food quickly and drank up all the water in his glass.

"See you at class" He then left.

"What's up with him now?" I mumbled.

"Oh Just forget it!"

"Hmmm….Blue's upset…I wonder why" The girl smirked evilly.

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