E/O Challenge: Student

Two drabbles. The first (100 words exactly) doesn't fit into any particular season but it was (as you'll see) inspired by the operation scene in "Changing Channels."

The second takes place around the season 2 episode "Everybody Loves A Clown" but there are spoilers in this for "Swan Song." And this one is well over 100 words – I just got carried away (sorry!).

The Important Things In Life - Drabble 1

Sam was thankful that Dean was unconscious as he extracted the bullet from his brother's back.

Tossing the bloodied pen knife on the bedside table he began sewing together the damaged flesh with a needle and dental floss. He tied-off the final stitch and cleaned the area with whiskey; Dean groaned.

"Easy big brother," Sam soothed, relieved that yet another Winchester "patch-up job" had been successful.

He'd been an "A" grade student, a full ride guaranteed, but right now he was grateful to his Dad for teaching him the most valuable lesson of all; how to save his brother's life.