Based around season 2 episode "Everybody Loves A Clown" but spoiler alert for "Swan Song"

The Important Things In Life – Drabble 2

Bobby said it couldn't be done, that she was too much of a wreck to fix up.

But there was never any doubt in Dean's mind that he could he could do it, that in no time at all she'd be as good as new.

So for weeks he worked on her, re-welded crushed metal, pulled away damaged parts and beat straight mangled frames. And as he stripped her down he re-discovered hidden treasures along the way. The toy soldier that Sammy had crammed into the ash tray (a place for safe keeping); the Lego he'd shoved into the vents (to alleviate boredom one sunny afternoon); the panel that he and his little brother had carved their initials into (to mark the car as their own).

All of these things he carefully re-placed during the rebuild because he knew his "baby" wouldn't be the same without them.

Sam thought he was insane, especially when he put back all the Lego.

"You missed an opportunity there bro," he teased. "We could've got rid of that damned rattle once and for all." But Dean ignored him, put them back anyway.

Then finally she was finished and he polished her bodywork until she sparkled.

By the time Bobby and Sam came to inspect his handy work he was already drinking a beer; a silent toast to his success.

"Never thought you'd do it son," Bobby said. "But you proved me wrong. You sure learnt a thing or two from your Dad ... he would've been proud of ya. Looks like you were his number one student. Thought only he'd be able to put this car back together again."

Dean smiled, acknowledging the compliment. He looked lovingly at the newly restored Impala. "I didn't rebuild a car Bobby," he thought. "I rebuilt a home."