Back story: The real world was in fact the one where Amy was pregnant, Rory did die and they sought refuge in the Tardis. There may be some pretty squeamish pregnancy related themes featured here so please don't read if the concept of labour and breaking waters upsets you.

She came to him through a total accident. He had shown her nothing but apathy, flitting in and out of her life like a dream a very intoxicating dream. For years of her life he'd been absent, a mere memory and she'd had no way of ever contacting him again or even knowing if she'd see him again. For minutes of his life he'd been fixing his Tardis, tweaking her and making her ready for one more adventure, oblivious that for every second he was away Amelia Pond was growing up. No longer would she be the naive little girl in the garden, sat on her suitcase waiting and hoping for her tatty Doctor to return. Waiting for him to come and take her away with him on an adventure away from the monotony of human life.

Poor little Amelia.

Now she sat in the Tardis with her behind her Doctor, breathing short sharp breaths. With each huff she expelled her hand closed tighter and tighter around the Doctors. The Doctor, sat behind her trying to comfort her didn't know what to do, for once he was unsure and scared.

Of course he'd been here before, but that was hundreds of years ago and with someone who wasn't human. Unless of course you count the incident that had created his daughter Jenny. But that was different.

Only minutes before they'd been face to face with the Dream Lord, someone who had manipulated time and space to not only confuse them, but kill. Rory hadn't made it instead he'd been reduced to dust before their eyes, Amy beside herself with grief had tried to end things by driving into a wall, but at the last minute had swerved, taking out several of the elderly attackers, but saving not only her life but the life of the Doctor and her unborn baby. She just couldn't bring herself to commit murder, not the Doctor she loved him too much to let him die like that, in such a mundane and pitiful way.

"Amy… I need to know why you didn't do it."

"Doctor now isn't the time…" Amy said before huffing again, sucking breaths in and out quickly, willing her body to relax.

"No Amy, listen… I need to know something and it will change both of our lives."

"What Doctor what the hell could be so important?" Amy screamed, tears rolling down her cheeks. Not that the Doctor knew, he had his nose nuzzled against her neck trying to sooth her.

"Never mind… Are they getting worse?"

"No they seem to be fading… I don't think it's the real thing, not yet. It's too early."

Amy felt the Doctor nuzzle against her ear and sigh, she knew it was hard for men to see her in such pain and she was doing her best to tone down her reaction to the contractions but it was getting harder. She thought back to the exchange they'd had once the Dream Lord had disappeared and the Tardis had warmed back up.

"Amy, what do you need from me? Tell me."

"Just be there for me Doctor and don't leave me."

"I won't leave you Amy I promise."

And he hadn't. Even when she needed to visit the bathroom because of her pregnant lady sized bladder, he'd waited outside talking to her through the door reassuring her everything would be okay. Whether he actually believed his own words or not was a moot point.

"Doctor what am I going to do? You don't want to be tied to someone else's child, you won't let me stay…"

"Amy, my dear sweet Amy you're not going anywhere. Shhhh." The Doctor felt tears prick his eyes and he buried his face in her long fiery hair rubbing her arms gently.

"I know you better than that Doctor, as soon as I can walk I'll be left behind again…"

"Is that why you asked to come here?"

"No!" Amy shouted before clutching her bump again, another tight contraction. "I wanted to come here because believe it or not I feel safe here, I don't have Rory anymore… I wanted to be near you."

"Are you settling for second best."

Amy didn't reply, instead she braced her arms against one of the Doctor's knees and another on the Tardis console and pulled herself shakily to her feet.

"You're leaking Amy."

"I know it's my waters, they've broken." Amy said calmly.

"Waters… But that means… Amy wait a minute you told me this isn't it, you said it's just a practise…"

"Well I lied okay?" Amy groped her way around the console and headed for the bathroom area where she stripped her now damp skirt and panties and paused for a moment watching her reflection in one of the many mirrors that decorated the bathroom.

"Amy, is this it?"


"Why did you lie?"

"Why did you tell me five minutes?"

"Amy stop it. We can't keep arguing and bringing up the past like that, if you want me to help I need to know what's happening." The Doctor wrapped a blanket around her shoulders and rubbed her arms gently watching her expression in the mirror. He let his hand touch her bump, it felt solid and tense like all her muscles were squeezing at once he couldn't imagine how painful that must be. "I'll find you something else to wear, please consider letting me in Amelia." He departed leaving her with a chaste kiss to the back of her head.

Amy had always had a water birth in mind and Rory had made sure there was a birthing pool on stand by for her 24/7 during her last trimester but now Amy didn't want that. Although she felt intense emotions for the Doctor she was still saddened by what had happened to Rory and using that bath felt wrong, she didn't feel comfortable there.

Instead the Doctor offered her his bath, it was double the size of a standard household bath and circular in shape, with a step which could act as a seat. He filled it thoughtfully with warm water and had plenty of towels on standby, he helped Amy step inside and sit on the step.

"Will you do something for me Doctor?"

"Anything Amy."

"Get in."

The Doctor smiled and stood up from his position sat next to the bath and paused for a moment.

"I don't… This is awkward but I don't actually own a bathing suit."

"What?" Amy chuckled. "Let me get this straight you own a pool but no bathing suit?" The Doctor nodded. "It doesn't matter, there's only the two of us, get in."

"But I uh…"

"Get in Doctor, I need you with me."

And he did, he sat behind Amy and helped her as best he could all the time he was wondering, could he really keep his promise this time and not leave Amy? His fiery tempestuous red head, or would he eventually leave her as he had done so many times before?