Starlight, Star-Bright what will I see tonight?

Summary: Halloween, Mayhem and Murder all at the Jeffersonian and Booth, Brennen, Castle and Beckett are needed to crack this case, sequel to Bones for Hire – 2nd in a series of 3.

Disclaimer: I own my imagination, my actions and this story, I own nothing associated with Castle, Bones, ABC or FOX.


Recommend reading Bones for Hire first, but it's not required a few references might not make sense though, especially some of the "In Jokes".

I've enjoyed writing a crossover very much Castle and Bones are two of my favorites shows, this story is a continuation of the relationships built in Bones for Hire, but we'll flash forward to the Jeffersonian Halloween Party (I admit I love to dance, so any reason to add it to my writing I do) with the cast of Castle included (setting moved to DC), about 6 weeks after the NY Serial Killer case.

Chapter 1 - Halloween Party – Attendance Mandatory

Booth and Brennen walked into the Jeffersonian Ballroom stunned by what they see, the lighting is low, the ceiling and walls are painted with light from the comets whizzing thru space, of Meteoroids' crashing into Mars and the Rings of Saturn so close you could touch them. Throughout it all the Milky Way wraps its gossamer strands thru the heavens lending softness and light. The imagines all move independently, other than the Comets and Meteors, all move slowly thru the skies. The whole affect is stunning making everyone feel the grandness of the space, yet the uniqueness of being part of it. Adventures, dreams and a lucky few will find love under these stars tonight, only time will tell.

The event was the highlight on the Jeffersonian calendar and this year it was also to show case the newest partnership exhibit between the Jeffersonian and the Hayden Planetarium. Dr. Edward Peterson was a special invited guest as the Curator of the Hayden Planetarium in New York and would be on hand to answer any questions by the Jeffersonian patrons.

Booth and Brennen moved forward with Booth's hand on the small of her back as he guided her lightly, the room was huge by any standard. Booth looked around and spied a small band of musicians unobtrusively playing jazz, the music was there to enjoy, and the musicians were simply to enhance the atmosphere and were not showcased.

Booth and Brennen spotted Angela and Hodgins on the dance floor, heads together murmuring softly to each other, Booth looks to Bren and nodded towards the dance floor. Without words Tempe floated into Booth's awaiting arms knowing this is where she belonged. Though her Wonder Woman boots pinched she wouldn't change wearing them for a minute, she loved her costume she felt like a superhero whenever she wore it. Booth had come as the darkly handsome Bruce Wayne, devilishly handsome in his Armani Tuxedo. Though technically it wasn't a costume, a few gadgets that Hodgins managed to get for him would definitely make him a hit, X-ray vision specs, infrared camera tucked into his label flag pin, hi-voltage bat light the size of credit card and the coolest watch ever, did everything except make breakfast.

Just minutes after they started to dance, Tempe's arms curled around his neck and his own resting low on her back, he sighed pulling her in closer his lips brushing her ear. Tempe's senses are lulled by the scent of Booths cologne, the warmth of his body, the strength of his hands and the soft romantic jazz notes. Pulling back she looked into Booth's eyes and waits, her breath caught as stared mesmerized by his dark chocolate eyes and the smile she knew was just for her. Booth looked into her eyes and saw the softness of a women teetering on the love of a lifetime, leaned forward as she lifts her lips to his. They shared a kiss so soft, each enjoyed the taste and gentle touch of their lips, knowing nothing but contentment in their touch.

Sensing they're being observed, they broke apart and looked directly at Hodgins and Angela, both grinned from ear to ear thrilled with the sight. Booth looked to cool their emotions a bit Booth remarked, "Well Angela it's awfully nice to kiss Temperance without your screams break in."

Angela still being held in Hodgins arms smiled widely, "Yeah but that's because it was five years of frustration over you too leaking out, what's a girl to do."

They moved away from the dance floor, the couples then headed to one of the bar height round tables covered in sparkly midnight blue satin. As they settled in a waitress dressed in the same fabric, asked them for their order all the while undressing Booth with her eyes.

Brennen ordered a Cosmo and added tartly, "Miss why don't you get us those drinks, so you can stop undressing my boyfriend with your eyes." She dismissed her with the cold clinical look she reserved for bones and pests alike.

As the waitress walked away, Booth whispered for Tempe's ears only, "Little rough on the girl weren't you Bones." Tempe looked into his eyes and whispered back, "You're with me now and I protect what's mine." Booth chuckled, "Now Bones I believe you're acting as the alpha-female now."

Hodgins clearly intrigued at the turn in his bosses' behavior, smirked, "Touchy Dr. B, not like you to slap down a waitress, could it be you felt a little threatened?"

Brennen narrowed her eyes briefly at her dear friend and colleague, but then quickly decided to lighten her mood, "But, Dr. Hodgins from what Angela tells me you enjoy her taking charge as well, has that changed?" she teased.

Hodgins grabbed Angela by the waist, and growled contently, "Anytime baby, anytime."

Booth for the first time really examined Hodgins and Angela's costumes, thinking these two really pulled it off.

"God, you two look great I feel like I stepped back into the 60's and you're going to start singing "I got you babe," looking at Angela's fringed bangs and waist length straight hair, with a scrap of leather cover her breasts, and leather buff color pants hugging her curves, "Angela you totally look hot."

"Hey, what about me?" Hodgins asked clearly disgruntled.

"Hodgins let's face it Cher was the face to remember from Sonny and Cher, Sonny was the brains and the humor, you are by the way perfect especially with the fringe vest and straightened hair." Booth added with a smirk, "How the hell did you straighten your hair, iron it?"

"Nah, that's all Angela, she's the stylist, I just have to stand still and let her work the magic," he smiled at Angela clearly pleased in their costume choice for the night.

"Booth, who are Sonny and Cher?" Brennen asked.

"Bones, this is why you should watch VH1 and catch up on the classics from the 60's and 70's, Sonny and Cher had a variety show on the air where they sang and had some funny comedy skits, I think they may be on a classics VH1 channel this month, we'll watch it on your new plasma."

Dr. Hodgins couldn't resist, with a smirk he remarked, "Dr. B, you bought a television now that is the end of civilization as I know it."

"Well, Dr. Hodgins as you know I spend quite a bit of time writing my novels and it keeps Booth occupied when I need to focus. Plus I have found a few channels of great interest to me such as the National Geographic, Discovery and our own Jeffersonian channel, I have found them to be entertaining," Brennen remarked not realizing the slight changes she'd made to accommodate Booth into her life.

Angela and Hodgins shared a glance and smiled, Angela changing the subject asked, "Bren, have you met Dr. Peterson and Bradshaw before?"

Bren shook her head, "I haven't but I'm looking forward to it my childhood passion for science was the stars, so I'm sure I'll enjoy discussing the arrangements he's made with Dr. Bradshaw for the Jeffersonian."

Booth looked over and asked, "Bones, is the ballroom a preview of what to expect?" thinking Parker would love this.

"Hmmm, I believe so along with lots of interactive exhibits intended to get children reaching for the stars again, there's been such a decline in interest that the Jeffersonian wanted to spot light space for the upcoming winter season," Bones added.

"Well I think we should take Parker when it opens he'd love it," Booth remarked.

"Booth, I actually think he may enjoy the space exploration camp they'll be accepting applications soon. Not only do they get to perform some wonderful experiments, but they get to have a sleep over under a starry night just like this," Bren pointed upward demonstrating her point.

Hodgins couldn't resist added with the enthusiasm of a little boy, "Booth they've got a replica of the space shuttle cockpit here to, and it's been rigged with all sorts of simulations, what 8 year old wouldn't love that."

Booth grinned ear to ear thinking he'd love to chaperon, out of the corner of his eye he spied someone familiar, beautiful brown eyes, with legs from here to there. Brennen wondering what caught his attention spots the "legs" knowing Booth's weakness frowned at first until she recognized the face.

A/N: I know another party but I've been always intrigued by the "Annual Halloween party", so I couldn't resist… promise…. My last Gala for a while…. Though I think every story will include a little dancing… dancing for me equals romance… soft lights, music and body heat…. *grin*.

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