Origin of Spider-Woman

Sarah Typhon was the town sleuth. She was comparable to Nancy Drew. She was often warned to stay out of trouble, but it always has a way of finding her. Sarah didn't just solve mysteries, when danger was near, you can bet she had something to say about it. One day she was investigating occurrences at a so-called "haunted house." Once inside, she was almost immediately caught. The man behind it all was a mad scientist. Sarah was a very persuasive talker and got him to pour his guts out. All of the strange occurrences were a cover-up for his experimenting. Supers were only around years ago, hidden by the government. He discovered this and decided the most useful powers were those of Spider-man's.

"You're INSANE!" she told him. Turns out he needed a test subject. It took 5 men to hold her down after hearing that. She was dragged to the floor and given a specially designed everlasting serum by needle. She saw a couple of men arguing as she was about to be trapped for observation and found a way to outwit them. She pushed on one of them nearby.

"Watch what you're doing you big ape!"

"Huh? What are you talking about..........idiot"

"You gonna take that from him?" Sarah said. One threw a punch, the other kicked, and then they both moved so fast I'm not sure what moves they used. One's shirt tore off, swinging the key her way, close enough for her to unlock herself.

She used her phone to call the police while she hid behind a small table, catching her breathe.

"Hello, Police? This is Sarah Typhon. Come down to 1414 Cordina Way, these men, they're crazy and dangerous! Please, JUST HURRY!"

"Calm down ma'am. Now, what was the address again?"

"1414 Cordina Way."

"We are on our way ma'am."

Then she realized she had been discovered. A man grabbed her from behind. She struggled to escaped, when they saw her cell phone.

"This little RAT! I bet she called the POLICE!"

Sarah saw two more men coming her way, so she bite down on the guy while he held his hand over her mouth. He screamed in pain, his hand bleeding while she ran for cover. Biting his hand? Crude but effective, she thought.

"Oh, no! Those guys know the police are coming! I have to stop them from running away!"

Sarah bolted toward the door, but ducked underneath an old moldy chair, where she overheard them talking.

"That girl got super-shot, she escaped, the police are coming...how could this get worse?"

"Shut it, Ronny! We just gotta bolt 'fore da fuzz shows."

"I am with you!"

Sarah couldn't help but chuckle at him. The men noticed her position. Wild kicks and punches let her escape, but she couldn't let those wackos do the same. Sarah realized they were still chasing her, so outside she led them down to the cellar.

"HA! You're in for it now, little girl! No place ta run!"

Sarah noticed a pile of abandoned tools and gear in the cellar, most of them large, heavy....and easy to knock over. As soon as she could "see the white in their eyes" she pushed down all those supplies making them all buried in a chaotic avalanche!

Sarah heard sirens in the distance. The police have arrived. FINALLY! She hurried outside to grab the men in blue's attention. She showed them everything in the cellar, including the crooks caught under a tool mountain! The higher-ranked officers went inside to see the "mad laboratory", so named by Sarah. She told them everything she knew about what the crooks were planning.

"Those guys were total wack-jobs! They wanted me to be some sort of guinea pig for a super-power-mutation or something! Put them in straight jackets, lock them up, and throw away the key!"

Seeing the serum had no apparent effect, she left out the part where they shot her.

Walking home from school the next day, some guys are picking on her 'town detective' routine. She is not a good fighter, usually getting her crime solving success from strategy. Anyway, she backs up against a pole in a swing back and breaks it in two.

She shakes it off. Later that night, she watches a horror movie and gets startled. When she looks at herself, she's on the ceiling! She moves from the ceiling to the wall at ease. She remembers the scientists' insane exploits and does the hand gesture every Spidey fan knows. To her amazement, organic webs shoot out. She thinks it's amazing.

Then she looks back at her past. Because of her detective act, her family and friends are constantly put into jeopardy. Without a secret identity, it's easy to trace her. She doesn't ask for a compulsion for justice, its just her. Now she has an amazing edge that would not only hinge on the whole "jeopardize friends and family" thing, but also turns her into a, lets admit it, a crazy carnival act. Not only that, but her folks worry about her to death. She figures, with a secret identity, she wouldn't have these problems.

So since there are no other heroes or heroines around, she bases her design as a mixture of Spider-Man and Wonder Woman. From Spider-Man, obviously, she gets the colors and spider-web design. From Wonder Woman, she decides to go with the bathing suit body costume with added arm-length gloves and high-heeled boots. She also adds a red and black-lined mask, pointed to the sides of her ears. (A little exaggerated) And thus, Spider-Woman, of a new super generation, is born.