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Chapter 1

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"I don't know about this Mark," a female's voice came to his ears "His just a kid."

The male, a bald man with a beer belly gave a smile showing a set of white pointy fangs "Exactly, the kids always do test the best."

Spotting an open door to his right, he slowly moved towards the door only for the two vampires to block his way.

"I don't think so kid," the man said as he used his arm to block the exit.

He slowly backed up, the way he came, how did he get into this situation again? Oh, yes, that was how.


"Boy get down here now!"

Harry groaned, why the hell was he sleeping so much for? And why was he always tired in the day but hyper at night.

"Boy!" His uncle called, his voice had more of a warning to it.

Slowly, being careful of the damage his uncle had done earlier, Harry made his way downstairs, hoping that there wasn't anyone besides his uncle, aunt and cousin around.

After the events of his last year, and final, year at Hogwarts Harry could no longer stand humans or at the very most that of being in a group of 2 or 3 human, not after what had happened to him during his Hogwarts years plus the finally battle.

As he came to the bottom of the stairs, much to his surprise there wasn't human's waiting for him but vampires. And the grins that they were sending him…Harry felt that this wasn't going to end up anything but bad.

End of Flashback

And that was how Harry had ended up in the red light part of town; his dear uncle had had enough of him trying to hide from all humans and had whored him out to a pair of vampires!

"Now then," the male said with a smirk, "What do you think we should do to this little beauty Sophia?"

The woman, Sophia walked around Harry in a half circle as Harry was leaning against the wall.

"Why don't we get some of our human friends in here too?" Sophia suggested, "I heard he just loves humans."

Harry closed his eyes tightly and hugged himself as he heard the man walk out of the room and talk to the human's that was waiting on the other side of the door.

"Sure Marcus, we'll help you out," a voice called from the other room which Harry could tell was human by the pitch, none humans had a certain tone to them which humans didn't have.

Harry found himself opening his eyes by himself, not wanting to but his body wanted to know what was coming, it was then that he spotted them, undressing and getting ready for him.

"No," Harry said weakly once he managed to work out what they was planning, "No human's, no."

"Oh look," Sophia cooed in a anything but cute way, "The baby knows what's going on and wants us all to himself. Sorry but human's are over rated."

"Well the kid won't be getting what he wants," the man, Marcus said as he walked forward, "His the whore so he gets to be the good little whore and do as we say."

The next thing Harry knew was that there was pain, so much pain. Managing to move his head he noticed that one of the human males had attached himself to Harry's neck and was biting, hard.

'I can't do this' Harry thought as he felt his heart starting to speed up and his breathing becoming more slow and laboured 'I can't let them rape me but there's human's.'

"Now for the best part," Harry heard one of the other male humans say between his heart beating in his ears, "Just after you two turn them they are always the best to fuck and then kill that was your orders right?"

Harry felt his eyes go wide; his uncle had ordered his death!

"Yeah," Sophia said as Harry could hear her and Marcus coming closer, "Now move Ansel and let us turn him."

At that moment of time Harry felt himself experiencing two very different emotions. One of relief as the male human, Ansel, let go of his neck and stopped doing whatever he was doing and pure and utter terror as he felt Sophia and Marcus fangs plunge into his neck.

Before this night was over Harry knew he would be dead, and not just vampire dead either. Just as Harry felt the darkness take him as the last of his life giving liquids was given, it was then that he saw them standing in the door way.

It seemed that fate and destiny had finally decided to protect their child.

To be continued?

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