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Chapter 22

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"Mate," Lance squeaked out in shock as he looked at Asa and Garron who were in their full creature forms, "How… I mean how the hell...I thought…"

"Exactly," Garron hissed out as Asa slowly walked towards Lance and Ryan, "At times like this thinking isn't always the smartest thing to do."

As Asa made the first move to take Lance out of Ryan's, Lance's newly found father's, arm's he could himself dodging flames.

"He might be your mate but he is my baby," Ryan hissed out as he held Lance close, "You want him then you've got rules to follow. You've got to wait until he's of age and if you think you can get away without the proper courting and gaining the respect of the submissive partner's parents then you've got another thing coming."

Lance felt a warm feeling inside him at his 'dad's' words.

"And just how can you be Lance's father?" Asa asked with a glare, "The real Ryan died that night when Lance was kidnapped, he died while trying to find Lance and get him back home."

"I didn't die. I was simply knocked unconscious in midflight and landed in a human area in my dragon animagus form, and you know what human's are like about dragons. So after managing to eat a few damsels in distress and destroying their village, I managed to escape and start my search for Lance again." Ryan said with a grin as he poked Lance in the stomach making the boy laugh, "Seems that you've still got that ticklish spot from when you was a new born baby, my boy. Anyway, I spotted you once you entered the magical world for the first time and tried to get you back but could never find the correct time to do it plus during the summer those damn wards didn't help."

"Why didn't you ever help me out if you couldn't take me then? Like just keep an eye on me from the shadows or something?" Lance asked as he tried to work everything out, "why didn't you come for me? Why didn't you go back to mum?"

Ryan let a sheepish smile show on his face, "If I came back without you hatchling, I was afraid I'd be drained off my blood and cooked alive by your mother, plus I would have never forgiven myself for leaving you alone. And just who are you to say that I didn't watch over you and help you out, hmmm? What about all those times you've forgotten something in your dormitory only to be in the Great Hall and when checking through your bag you find it in there? Or how about those times you've been in danger and didn't notice that nothing attacked you from behind, only the main threat?"

Lance closed his eyes, gathered his thoughts and opened his mouth, "I do remember those things happening, and-"


"What the hell!" Ryan yelled as his dragon wings from his animagus form burst out in shock, shielding his son from whatever had created the noise.

Kera walked into the throne room of Riddle Manor, "I will not sit by and wait for my son to be found, I won't allow him to go missing for so many years again!"

Danysia, Shad, Severus and Lucius shared a pitying look for the person who had kidnapped Lance. They were going to be finding themselves in the path of a pissed off mother vampire.

"What's going on?" Danysia asked with a frown as they came to a stop in the door way that led to the throne room, where Lance was. Looking to see what was going on, Danysia felt his lower jaw drop to the ground.

Kera stared at her husband, the husband she had thought was dead. She couldn't believe it - he was alive after all these years of being dead! "Ryan, you thick skinned idiot! I thought you were dead along with our son! Why I ought to…"

"Honey," Ryan said with a glance at Lance who was watching the two of them with wide eyes, "Don't you think it'd be best that we sorted a few things out…in the privacy of our rooms?"

Kera, spotting her son's gaze, nodded in understanding. "Fine but when we get to Hogwarts where going back to Spirithowl where we will sort this out."

Lance found himself smiling as he was carried in neutral arms by his godfather. He was finally going back to Spirithowl. He was finally going home.

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Lance sat naked in his and his mate's bed, it had been a good couple of year's since he had been at Hogwarts and last night was his coming of age party. Although, he didn't see much of the party as his mates had soon made their claim after waiting all of these years.

Lance couldn't help the laughter as he watched his mother chase his two mates, Asa and Garron, around their rooms with a very sharp kitchen knife while shouting things about taking her baby's innocence.

With a shake of his head, Lance looked up to the shelf that was above his desk, Batty, Drake and Ron sat there, all taking pride of place. As he grew up he found that he couldn't throw them away and he had decided that he would give them to his kids.

Lance gave a happy sigh as he lent back in the bed, rubbing his stomach and giving another happy sigh. The Weasleys and Hermione, now a Weasley herself, were coming over to talk about the future soon, he supposed that he had better get out of bed.

As Lance slowly got out of the bed, he rested a hand on his stomach and looked to the living room where his father now sat on the sofa smirking while his mother and her kitchen knife continued to chase Asa and Garron around.

The only problem that Lance had now was how to break the news of a new member of their dysfunctional family arriving in a year or so. He only hoped that he could do it without his mother killing his mates.

And this really is the end, nothing more or nothing less to add on to Lance's happy ending.