"I Lost My Mojo"

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters; they belong to the one and only Eric Kripke. I am simply borrowing them for this story FYE. Also, the title was inspired from the Austin Powers trilogy.

Summary: Castiel loses his "angel mojo" and it's up to Sam and Dean to show him the ropes of being human.

Chapter 1: Awakened

Castiel awoke to the sounds of seagulls and waves of water. His head was cloudy from being transported hundreds of miles by a blinding light. The air around him smelled of fish and salt.

"Hey pal, are you okay?" Castiel heard the voice of a very concerned man. The man saw the many cuts and bruises on Castiel forehead and noticed a large amount of blood stained on his shirt. "Someone get a blanket and alert the coast guard. This man needs a hospital."

Castiel was very confused and felt a pain in his head that he had never felt before in his 5 million years of existing. Castiel noticed that his vision darkened and he was out.

Castiel later woke up in the hospital to the sound of various machines and voices. He jolted upright in his hospital bed and took in his surroundings.

"Easy there, cowboy," Castiel looked to see where the cheery voice had come from and was face to face with one of the most beautiful creature he ever seen.

"Where am I? What happened?" Castiel asked the kind nurse.

"You're at Righteous Springs Memorial Hospital. You were picked up by local fisherman. Apparently, you just appeared out of nowhere on their boat," replied the nurse. "Can you tell me your name?"

"It's Castiel." He told the nurse.

"What's your last name sweetheart?" The nurse replied sweetly.

"I don't have one." Castiel said groggily.

"The ocean water must have affected your memory." The nurse said quietly. "I will tell the doctor that you are awake and he'll be right in to see you." The nurse exited the room with Castiel taking in his surroundings by himself.

I have to get to Dean. Castiel thought to himself and he tried to spread his invisible wings to transport to Dean's location to find out that he could no longer fly.

It's happened, I am now mortal.

Chapter 2: Calling Dean

The doctor came in and made the diagnosis that Castiel had a minor concussion and was to remain in the hospital overnight for observation.

"Wait, I can't be hear overnight. I have to get to Dean Winchester." Castiel told the doctor with outrage in his voice.

"Who's Dean Winchester? A family member?" The doctor questioned Castiel.

"No, he's my friend and we got separated on the water." Castiel quickly came up with the partial lie.

"Is there a number where he can be reached?" The doctor asked.

"No." Castiel lied. He did not want the hospital to call Dean and tell them that his protector was in the hospital and utterly useless. He felt that he should be the one to tell him.

With no further questions, the doctor left the room.

Castiel picked up the telephone on his bedside table and dialed the all too familiar number to get a hold of Dean.

"Hello," came the familiar deep voice that belonged to the eldest of the Winchester brothers.

"Dean, it's me." Castiel spoke into the receiver.

"Cas. Where the hell are you?" Dean said back.

"I'm at a hospital." Cas told Dean.

"We're at Bobby's, so just pop yourself on over."

"I can't just pop myself over. In fact I can't pop myself anywhere anymore." Cas replied.

"Oh so you're mortal now." Dean stated the obvious.

"Yeah." Cas grimaced. "Look Dean, I'm going to need some money for a plane to get over to you."

"Yeah, no problem. Bobby's going to send you the money." Dean told the former angel reassuringly.

"Dean, I seriously underestimated you. I thought that you were going to say yes to Michael and you didn't. I am truly sorry." Cas apologized sincerely.

"Don't worry about it, Cas. Just get here as soon as you can." With that being said, Dean hung up.

Cas looked around his room planning and escape route. He saw that there was a window that opened to the outside and he was only 5 feet from the ground. Cas gathered his suit and his infamous trench coat and while still wearing nothing but his hospital gown, he jumped out the window.

Chapter 3: Off to Bobby's House We Go

Once Cas had escaped from the hospital, he found a bush to duck behind to change into his dress clothes and trench coat. Cas then walked down the street to look for any store that might have a western union to pick up the money that Bobby had wired to him.

How do humans do this on a daily basis? Cas had questioned to himself.

He kept walking until he came across a store that had the Western Union sign posted on the glass window and entered the store.

He got help from the clerk to pick up the money. Once he picked up the cash, he noticed a scratchy sensation in his throat that he had never noticed before.

"What's this weird feeling in my throat?" Cas asked the clerk.

The clerk looked at him like he was crazy but replied, "Um, I think you're thirsty. Here, have some water." The clerk handed Cas a bottle of clear liquid.

Cas looked at the bottle with confusion. "What do I do with it?"

"You unscrew the cap and put it to your lips and swallow the water as it goes into your mouth." The clerk said to Cas as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Cas did as the clerk suggested but downed the water way too fast and ended up coughing up most of it.

The clerk laughed and said, "you have to have to sip it."

Cas did as instructed and thanked the clerk for his generosity and went to wait at the bus stop for the airport.

Once the bus had come, Cas had stepped onto the large sized vehicle and received help from the driver at putting the money in the collector. Cas sat patiently until the bus came to his stop.

Cas stepped off the bus and proceeded to the airport where he purchased a ticket to South Dakota. Once the plane landed, Cas stepped off and caught a cab to Bobby's.

Cas walked up the steps and knocked on the door loudly. The door swung open and there standing in the doorway was the short muscular man with short spiky hair and green eyes that belonged to none other than Dean Winchester.